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  • BOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Albertos > Smoothie King

  • Ugh, god. Absolutely not. Alberto’s is infinitely better than any Smoothie King, based on the signage alone. I shudder at the obnoxious red lettering of SK.

  • Alberto’s sold the best slice on the block. Not sayin’ much, but still. . . .

  • The original Alberto’s in Dupont was great, but this one was vile. V.I.L.E.

    As in Vegetarians In Leotards Eatthere.

    • The Dupont location was closed due to a fire, and the Adams Morgan location opened up in the meantime. Wonder what caused this one to go down the tubes. I guess it couldn’t hang with the big boys, err, slices.

  • UGH, Smoothie King is way over priced and not as good as Robek’s!

  • Ahh, nothing like a late night 64oz smoothie to chase down all that Miller Lite.

    Oh God, I almost had diarrhea just writing that.

  • Good news in my view. 18th St would benefit from having a healthier option, even if it’s just smoothies.

  • this place will fail.

    What would work is a commercial bathroom / vomitorium where you can freshen up after a night of partying. A barf & bath if you will.

  • Not a fan. (jealous reading Cava Meze at 14th and T). there’s a fight for Adam’s Morgan’s soul being played out. It looks like the Mickey Mouse-ification of 18th Street will continue…

    • Adams Morgan hasn’t had a soul since the mid 1990s.

    • What? Smoothie King = Mickey Mouse-ification? And you’re jealous that an eatery with a location in Bethesda was rumored to be moving into 14th?

      If you want Meze there’s a place across the street on 18th called Meze that serves Meze. Eat there tonight and strike a win in the “fight for Adams Morgan’s soul”.

      • not Cava Meze in particular, but something edgier (or at least a new concept) than Smoothie King. Meze would be stellar if they actually trained their staff. Also, very pricey for what you get.

  • Aaaargh. I’ve been living in Adams Morgan since 2002, and the whole time I’ve been wishing for a smoothie place there. (I guess Snap — comparatively recently opened — does smoothies, but that’s not its main focus.)

    Now that I’m moving to Park View, lo and behold a smoothie place is coming to Adams Morgan! Grr.

    Smoothie King does have obnoxious signage… but it makes pretty good smoothies.

  • Back in the day when Albertos was on P street by 14th and you had to knock on the front door to pick up your pizza at night because of the neighborhood it was the best pizza in DC. The last time I ordered their deep dish it was disgusting, literally inedible slop.

  • Why exactly is this a bad development? Because their sign is unattractive? Alberto’s was not good, as evidenced by the fact that it went out of business. The upshot is that Smoothie King is neither a crappy bar, a late night drunk food stop, a shisha lounge, or a dilapidated empty store front, so as far as I’m concerned it improves the street for that reason alone.

    • You forgot that it’s not a 48-flavors-of-daquris-served-by-women-in-bikinis bar either.

      Remember, that was an actual business plan for 18th Street several years ago.

      I, too, am glad to see something like Smoothie King go into 18th Street. Maybe not the perfect addition, but better than *a lot* of alternatives.

  • The staff had the worst attitudes at this one and the pizza stayed out too long. The one in Dupont is best, proves that bad staff can kill biz. It wasn’t the Pizza.

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