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  • passion flower — love these!

  • beautiful! i’m not sure i’ve ever seen one of those.

  • Passion fruit – we had them in Miami. Do they survive winter here?

    • andy

      This is very likely Passiflora incarnata and I believe it is native both in the DC area and in Florida. It will certainly survive the winter, though it will die back.

      I bought a P. incarnata at the Friends of the National Arboretum plant sale a couple years ago. They are pretty tough and can get weedy as they spread via root suckers. Last year, the neighbor’s kid pulled out the vine entirely and I thought it was toast.

      But it came back in multiple locations this year due to the root system. The lawn guy hacked it back thinking it was a weed (just before it flowered, of course) but I’m sure it will come back even stronger next year.

      A number of passiflora species will overwinter in the DC area just fine.

      Passiflora incarnata and lutea are natives, I believe, and passiflora foetida has been found in Maryland.

      Others you can keep in a pot on a trellis or whatnot and bring back out in the spring.

  • There’s also a bunch at house on the corner of Penn & Potomac Ave SE right by Potomac Ave metro. Love these flowers!

  • austindc

    Woah! I thought plants like that only grew in Dr. Seuss books!

  • anon. gardener

    these crazy flowers bring back great childhood memories. there is a mostly purple variety that is native to the south. we call them maypops, and you can eat the little fruits they form. I would think it’d be a little too cold for them to overwinter here though. maybe if you had a sunny protected corner?

  • They also grow on the south facing side of Newton St across from Stoddard. They overwinter every year without a problem, and no significant protection that I have notices.

  • also called May Pops. Different than the tropical passion fruit that grows in Hawaii, Australia, etc.

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