Filter Coffeehouse to Open Second Location in Foggy Bottom Near World Bank

“Dear PoP,

I heard Filter Coffeehouse was expanding to Foggy Bottom by the World Bank. It would be a great addition to that area that is currently somewhat of a coffee desert.”

Back in March ’10 Filter Coffeehouse opened up in Dupont Circle at 1726 20th St, NW. Since that time Filter always comes up when we talk about good coffee options around town. So the folks in Foggy Bottom should be pretty psyched. I spoke with some of the folks at Filter Mon. afternoon and they confirmed a 2nd location would be opening after a significant build-out somewhere around 19th and I St, NW. It should take around 4-6 months to open. Stay tuned.

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  • This is the best news ever!! Filter has the best coffee in the city. Very exciting they are taking their great product to other parts of DC.

  • Cat’s outta the bag. Go Rasheed! Go Filter!

  • Hopefully this will make it easier to get seating at the original location. If that happens odds are I will never leave.

  • filter is fine, never really blew me away. but all I really drink is black coffee or espresso, so maybe their specialty is more in the latte dept?

    always nice to bring a non-starbucks/caribou option into that area, but I’ll probably just walk the extra block and keep on going to swing’s.

    • Correction. Filter may have great lattes but the also have coffee so good that a cream and sugar person like me drinks it straight black, competition is good, but filter is at the head of the class in DC

  • Good.

    The “employees” at the World Bank seem to spend most of their time drinking coffee at Swing’s and eating lunch at Breadline. Maybe this will get them to go somewhere new and leave Swing’s for the rest of us.

    • I’m sure WB employees have helped keep Swings and breadline around. I don’t think the “rest of us” would manage to keep those place in business…

    • The employees at WB are more likely to be found eating in their excellent cafeteria(s) and drinking cheap espresso drinks (way cheaper than outside spots btw) from the numerous outlets positioned throughout their buildings or across the street at IMF

  • There is a Starbucks directly across the street from the World Bank, but these days I suppose a block with only one coffee shop does constitute a “coffee desert”.

    • Hope you have an umbrella handy. You’re about to get hit by a sh_tstorm from all the Starbucks haters out there.

    • There are literally FOUR Starbucks within a single block of this location, including International Square. There’s one on Penn at 20th, H at 18th, the I St. and E and 20th (ok – that’s 2 blocks)

      Not to mention that multitude of other chains nearby. Hardly a coffee desert. Maybe an independent coffee desert.

      And anyone who knows WB staff they’ll only congregate in outdoor spots with espresso not served in paper cups and permissible smoking. Swings is not a big destination, but Cup’a Cup’a on G and 19th is very popular.

  • Dear Filter,

    Foggy Bottom is not Dupont. Hurried professional-types will want a quick pour and not linger for many minutes in anticipation of your “pour over” coffee. Please plan accordingly.

    P.S. Love you.

  • Nice. I am a fan of this place.

  • The first location was a brothel for years. Can’t believe it took SO long to shut it down.

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