Executive Chef, Adam Stein, Resigns From Queen Vic

On Friday I got word that Queen Vic executive Chef Adam Stein had resigned due to creative differences and differences in managerial style. Stein had created an adventurous menu that can be seen here. There were a lot of fans when we judged them back in June ’11. It’ll be interesting to see if the menu changes or stays the same. Queen Vic is located at 1206 H Street NE.

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  • If they lose the real roast spuds from the sunday roast, they lose a customer.

  • Considering how uppity he got when responding to criticism of the prices on the menu, I’m not surprised things didn’t work out. I personally thought the prices were fairly reasonable for DC standards. Something that everyone in the industry learns sooner or later is that you should just keep your mouth shut on internet comment boards.

    • So true!! He said: “. If consumers find a burger on a menu that is over $10 to be too expensive, they should wonder about what they are usually eating and where it comes from.”

      I’ll be sure to let Michael Landrum know that you think his ground beef is radioactive. See ya!

  • This is really upsetting. I’m a Queen Vic regular and for a reason. The food is amazing. If they cut the bone marrow I’m chaining myself to the door until they put it back.

    Think I’m kidding? Try me!

  • I wouldn’t worry about it too much, rumor is that they already have a replacement chef, and I highly doubt Ryan/Roneeka/etc would let the food side of the Vic’s equation slip. They seem to have a clear vision for what they want the restaurant to be and are committed to making it happen. The menu may change but likely not for the worse.

  • ??? Landrum’s burgers are $8 with nothing on them, no fries, nothing. His other option is a 5 oz burger. I’ve eaten at The Queen Vic many times and think the price for a lamb and grassfed beef burger with a bun that they bake in house to be a good value. Plus, it comes with fries! Who knows, I guess we have to see what the new chef comes up with.

    • Cool. But missing the point. He said a burger under 10 bucks. Not a cheeseburger and not a burger with fries, but a burger.

      The point is, you can find a burger for less than 10 bucks that is both good and not made out cows from the UK circa 1988…

  • The Exec. Chef, Adam Stein, of the Queen Vic was the ONLY reason to go there. His creativity and execution of the menu were superb. Not sure the pub realized what they had with this young chef, who seemed, at least to me, very self effacing and extremely sincere in wanting this restaurant to succeed. Don’t know what “Randy” means by “uppity.” It’s a freaking pub for God’s sake. The food was many, many times higher quality than most of the other restaurants in all of DC for that matter. What Chef Stein said about a burger less than $10 being questionable is absolutely true. He personally visited the farm where the animals he butchered were raised and ground the meat himself. Let’s see where you can get that for under $10. Unless you are used to eating crap, most folks appreciate and can discern the value there. The Queen Vic lost a wonderful Chef and a nice guy who seemed extremely dedicated. Their loss. I won’t be back.

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