Dukem to Expand into 2nd Floor, Stay Open 24 Hours a Day?

“Dear PoPville,

On August 22nd there will be a hearing regarding Dukem’s petition to be open 24 hours a day. There is a notice of the hearing posted in Dukem’s window on the 12th street side.

Why do they feel they need to be open 24 hours a day? As their neighbors, we are concerned. Dukem makes a lot of noise already, often late into the night. They fry their food outside without controlling the grease or the fumes.

Dukem recently built a room upstairs that will have live music.”

Dukem Ethiopian Restaurant is located at 1118 U St, NW.

We judged them back in March ’11. You can see their menu here.

How do you guys feel about Dukem expanding into the second floor and staying open 24 hours a day?

Would you like to see other restaurants on U Street stay open 24 hours?

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  • Dukem is a fantastic place and deserves to be open 24 hours/day! I’ll be there! yummy!!!

  • Such a low density use of that corner – it really should be replaced by something in the 3-4-5 story range with ground floor retail and some residential units on the upper floors. Not a monster building, just something a little taller to fill in the corner a bit.

  • I don’t think you have any real say in whether any place is open 24/7 or not. It’s not like they’re petitioning to serve alcohol 24/7. For instance, if a fast food place wants to be open 24 hours, they can.

  • Um, what “second floor”?

    • I don’t see a second floor, either. Maybe the restaurant is currently in the basement?? I don’t know, I’ve never eaten there.

  • Who wants to eat Ethiopian at 7am???
    Totally random and might not be what they hoped…

  • People actually move next to noisy, greasy restaurants and complain about the noise and grease? Who knew?

  • where is the kabob place near national? it sounds like a convenient and healthy food option before hitting the open skies!

  • There is no need for Dukem to stay open 24 hours. As a long time resident of the U Street historic district, my advice to Dukem neighbors is to get your act together very quickly, draw up a petition and contact your elected representatives (ANC commissioner). There is also a U Street Neighborhood Association. I don’t believe Dukem has sought its approval yet.

    • Wasn’t the U Street Historic District historically a place with music, dance and booze establishments? My neighbors who have lived in the hood for generations say it was a rowdy place late into the night… not Old Town Alexandria on a Monday.

      I think DC should have 24 hour establishments on commercial strips.

      Personally, I chose to buy a place in Bloomingdale cause I wanted to be able to walk to the action but not live within it or hear it late into the night.

      • Precisely the breed of fuddy dud that’d make for a fine Soylent Green wafer…Indeed, resident granny panties, why in the world would the capital of the goddamned western hemisphere have a couple of late night options other than 7-11? I got two words at a syllable apiece for your kind, and let me recommend you hop on the nearest supersonic jet to the Republic of Kudzu, with or without a helmet.

    • I don’t see how it’s possible for you to dictate to any small business owner what’s best for their business to succeed. That is, unless you’ve put your hard-earned money into the venture.

    • Amen — so many bars and restaurants are willing to invest in expensive additions, patios, sound systems to maximize their hours of operation — just about anything other than sound remediation, privacy barriers, or better ventillation to take ownership of their inherent externalities. I generaly wouldn’t care that places want to operate late if they weren’t such universally shitty neighbors on top of it. Dukem sounds pretty typical on that front.

      That doesn’t make me a NIMBY or a fuddydud. I don’t live near Dukem but I sympathize with those who do.

    • saf

      The ANC already approved this, I believe. Check the minutes from last month.

    • grumble..grumble..grumble..

  • Wow. NIMBYers on U street. Now I have seen everything.

  • This is ridiculous. I moved to U Street expecting it to be a nice, quiet community where I could raise my family. Now there are bars, clubs, and restaurants open at all hours of the night. This neighborhood has really changed, and not for the better.

  • I live a couple blocks away and if they want to stay open 24/7 I say let ’em. I think the only issue might be if they want the outside area open 24/7, not sure if that is the best idea in the world. Yes, it is a busy area but at some point it needs to calm down a little so people can sleep, no?

    Also, where is this 2nd floor they built? I walk by there everyday and I have never seen construction and/or a 2nd story. That is just weird.

    Anyway, if there is 1 thing that area needs is late night delivery. It is impossible to get anything delivered after 10.

  • The second floor is entered by the left side of the bar. If you’re looking at Dukem from Ust, the new addition is sort of to the left of Dukem. But it’s there, kinda 90’s club looking on the inside but should be a nice addition.

  • I support the application. The city needs more 24 hour operations; it makes the city safer with increased traffic and offers good late night eats!

    • I agree, and I always found it odd that a city as big as DC doesn’t have more late-night options. I think my little college town had more restaurants and coffee shops open past midnight.

  • What does it look like when a restaurant doesn’t control its grease??

  • If this is allowed to happen U Street will become the next U Street!!!!!

  • I’m all for it!

  • Someone enlighten me. How does 24/7 operations make the city safer? Seems like it might make things safer for those who are out at 4 am, but for most people I just don’t see it.

    I’m sorry, but that arguement just sounds like a GOP talking point on taxes stiffling economic growth. Care to share any evidence?

    • It makes the area safer at 4am for the same reason the area’s safer at 4pm. There are more people out doing legal things like getting a bite to eat or running a restaurant, which means there are more witnesses calling the police if crime occurs, which means people might think twice before robbing or stabbing someone.

      • … or more s*@# just happens to go down at 4am than at 4pm regardless of how many people want to stuff their face after a night of drinking

  • I live around the corner from it, go to bed at 9 and totally support this staying open 24 hours a day although why people want to stay up past 10 is beyond me!

    • I also live around the corner (since 1996, in fact). As long as Dukem doesn’t have music blaring at 4am I could care less what they do, honestly. Dukem has never been a pain in the ass neighbor, unlike loud Bohemian Caverns & alley-blockers Italian Pizza Kitchen, Madjet, & various condo-builders. Not sure I’d be for them undertaking a huge construction project (there’s already one a few doors down ATM), but if they just want to use what’s already above the store part I don’t see a problem.

  • This is very interesting… A 24 hour Ethiopian restaurant. You won’t catch me eating there. When will they have an opportunity to give the restaurant and kitchen a thorough cleaning.

  • I agree with Grumbles. I live across from Dukem and find that the patrons of The Islanders are more offensive. Just yesterday, my roommate and I were out on our balcony, 4 floors up and halfway down the street, and we could hear the entire LOUD conversation two black men were having with each other while sitting next to each other. That place attracts a much rowdier crowd than Dukem.

  • Safety vs. fun: the perennial slugfest, and we all know who the goobers are rooting for. Yeah, way too lazy here to hunt down any evidence but how about you Google ‘panic room’ and ‘Barcelona’ and tell me if anything pops up…In the meantime lose the flak jacket and the water wings and relax. As long as someone at Dukem’s got the Heimlich down we’re all going to be fine…

  • Dukem’s quality has really gone down lately. So disappointing.

  • YES! I’ve always included 24 hour Ethiopian on my wish list of things that would make this town even more awesome. I work in the service industry on U St. and work late hours, often until 2 or 3 am. It’s frustrating to not have food options other than McDonalds or the sketchy and poorly stocked Giant on O St. I’m already a fan of Dukem’s food and would be even more enamored if they were open late at night.

  • one reason they want to stay open is to show the Ethiopian soccer games which happen about 3:30am our time.

  • This would be fantastic!

    More 24 hour places open on U Street!

  • With the exception of probably 6 houses, no one on 12th St between T and V St has lived there longer than Duken has been opened. SUCK IT UP! You moved into the area that is KNOWN for its nightlife. Perhaps you’ll think twice when trying to move into a “hip” part of a CITY.

  • Too bad Dukem’s gone oh-so-slightly downhill, but last time I went(1-2 yrs ago) it was still reasonable. They used to have occasional nights where they were ‘on’ and the food was excellent, but that was mid 2000’s. If you want an example of a restaurant that has gone so far down it’s at the level of pig trough swill, check out Meskerem on 18th…

    While the overreactions of people towards those not wanting the possibility of more noise etc. are extremely childish, I too think it’s a great option to have some real food past 11/12 at night. DC is incredibly useless after 11, so it may be a very good development indeed.

  • I don’t think anything on U street needs to be open 24 hours. I live in the neighborhood and we already have drunk people in the wee hours of the morning urinating in our yards, tossing litter on our sidewalks (lots of beer bottles, etc., and banging up car bumpers as they try to depart. Any establishment open late night is going to contribute to this trend of discourteous visitors.

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