Drunk Driver Hit and Run Last Night

“Dear PoP,

Last night at around 3 AM a drunk driver hit the dumpster in front of 1449 Harvard St NW. The impact moved the dumpster (which weighs several thousand pounds) almost six feet forward, where it then hit the BMW parked in front. The driver was in a black Cadillac Escalade, which had several empty beer cans on the front seat. He left the SUV on the scene and then fled. The police arrived shortly thereafter and are trying to locate the driver.”

That’s insane. And terrifying to think how bad this really could’ve been.

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  • My assumption is that the SUV is stolen because it would make no sense to leave it on the scene like that (but then again, drunk drivers rarely think things through). VIN numbers and licens plates are easily traceable.

    I do feel terrible for the BMW owner. No one anticpates parking their car at night only to wake up to this in the morning.

    I hope the catch the perp!

  • that dumpster is on wheels. and it probably weighs right around what an escalade weighs, so this is not that crazy of an impact.

    sucks for the beemer owner though.

  • Sounds like Kwame Brown is in trouble with SUVs again…

  • Sadly, those photos and the story would make for a fine addition to the Columbia Heights group on Flickr.

  • Actually Ray J (Kim K’s ex) is in town. Sounds like it could be his whip.

  • There was also a seriously smashed up station wagon on 13th St NW by Harvard. Not sure if it was the same perp but I felt awful for whoever came out to find the back end of their car completely demolished. Hope they catch the guy who did this.

  • def seems like a drunken joyride (ie stolen) gone wrong, sucks for everyone involved. but I’m still thankful this idiot decided to do their thing on a quiet wednesday. if this was a weekend night I think this could only have ended with tragedy.

    hope the driver has some gnarly bruises and a wicked hangover. and a criminal record very soon.

  • out of curiosity, how does the poster know there were empty beer cans in the front seat?

  • Large SUVs (Escalades, Expeditions, Suburbans, Hummers, etc) should be outlawed in DC. Seriously. Most people don’t know how to drive those things when they’re sober. And the streets are just too danged narrow and crowded.

  • How do we change this story so the BMW owner is at fault?

  • I know there are many, many black escalades in DC but I have seen one with rims parked on the 900 block of Spring Rd NW many times. Maybe it’s a match?

  • Are we sure this wasn’t the dastardly work of one of those lawless bicyclists? It’s just the sort of complete wanton destruction they are known for.

  • Last year (I want say in the fall sometime) there was a string of smashed in cars on Harvard just west of Georgia. About a half block long, looked like something big ping-ponged back and forth across the street sideswiping vehicles. Some of the cars were totally caved in on one side, had to be a half dozen at least, two were certainly totaled. I guess Harvard is a common direct line DUI escape route from AdMo to Michigan/N Cap and beyond.

  • I live right next door to where this happened. The front of the BMW was smashed considerably too as was the back bumper of the minivan parked in front. Glad I wasn’t walking Ernie when all this went down!

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