Dear PoPville – Valet Parking on Mass. Ave During Rush Hour!?!

“Dear PoPville,

Can it really be legal for valet parking to set up in an area where the parking sign says “no parking / no standing anytime”? As a kicker, his stand is set up on a bike rack.

That’s Mass ave NW heading NW between 4th and 5th st NW during rush hour. Definitely not helpful that someone stopped there.

Google street view shows the parking sign / bike rack very clearly.”

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  • When you’re Buddha Bar, you’re too cool for the law

  • Well i am too cool for school.

  • Who’s going to stop them? The police officers who park in the same spot during rush hour so that they can go to Subway?

    • That’s no ordinary Subway…it’s a Subway CAFE. I’d park illegally too in order to get an espresso with my footlong Italian cold cut combo.

    • ah

      In theory DCRA permits valet parking. I don’t get at all why they allow valet parking where rush hour parking limits apply.

      It’s also a problem at 7th and Indiana Ave., where the valets start impeding traffic well before 6.

  • Eurotrash always get what they want.

  • THANK YOU for posting this! This drives us crazy too. Wonder what ANC6 thinks about it?

  • This happens on U street too, its unacceptable that they don’t let people park near to corner spots to wait for parking spaces with crowded streets, it makes people double park creating total congestion. They’re trying to turn neighborhoods into Adams Morgan. How about more public parking garages DC damnit???!!!

    • Or more safer, reliable bus and train service and safer sidewalks

    • Or how about you take metro, bus, bike, or cab instead of driving to a congested urban neighborhood? Especially when you’re going there to drink (as most people going to Buddha Bar or anywhere on U St are planning to do)?

      • assumptions upon assumptions…

        • Assuming that people go to a bar to drink? Yeah, huge leap there. Try again anonymous.

          • assuming they live somewhere where metro, bus, bike or cabs are reasonable modes of transportation.. not everyone lives within the city limits and some of them like to come into DC for a night out. your turn, dt

          • i’m sure if you lived in Reston, you’d bike in, eh? or cab? because that’s totally reasonable

          • Buddha Bar serves food, dt…. albeit terrible food, but they serve food and not everyone drinks. Despite DC being touted as the city with the most alcoholics..

          • I’m not assuming that everyone can take alternate modes of transport, I’m assuming that many, probably most, can. You seriously think everybody on U Street is coming in from Reston?? You must be joking. For those in the real suburbs, there are also many, many suburban metro stations with parking lots. We don’t need parking garages thrown up all over town for the convenience of people that aren’t even DC residents. Sorry if I think that a city should cater to, you know, people that actually live there.

      • Why in the heck would I do that? You can’t get extra points for hitting pedestrians and bicyclists in a Metro Train or Bus?!?

    • There is a huge public parking garage underneath Buddha Bar, where the valets park all those cars. The entrance is on I Street.

  • First World problem.

    • but there was a “!?!” !

      This is SERIOUS!!!

    • ah

      Seeing as we live in the first world, why not address it? I’m sure there’s a third world board for serious issues like hunger and peace you can find.

    • I hate to pick nits, but technically there is no ‘First World’ anymore. There hasn’t been one since the fall of the Soviet Union. The original meaning of the term dates to the Cold War era, when:

      First World countries = US/NATO allied countries

      Second World countries = USSR/Warsaw Pact allied countries

      Third World countries = countries associated with neither NATO nor the Warsaw Pact. A good example would be Albania in the 1980s, when they were neither a US nor USSR ally. Of course, these days people use the term ‘Third World’ as slang for a non-affluent country.

    • first world sarcasm

  • According to 24 DCMR 1613.2:

    Upon providing fifteen (15) days written notice to the Permittee, the Department may suspend or revoke a Valet Parking permit for any of the following reasons:

    (a) The Valet Parking operation adversely impacts vehicular or pedestrian traffic;

  • Does DCPD enforce any rush hour parking restrictions except for along Constitution Ave? This seems totally illegitimate, regardless of the presence of Buddha Bar, Subway CAFE, etc…

    My morning commute is CT Ave southbound and at least 3 days a week there’s a delivery van/bus/taxi/mule cart parked in a travel lane picking up people at the Churchill Hotel (CT and California St).

    My evening commute is CT Ave northbound and pretty much every evening there’s a fleet of buses dropping off kids for Bucca di Beppo at CT/Florida Ave.

    I’ve never seen anyone try to get these vehicles to move on.

    • They are towing on 13th and 14th nearly every day for rush hour violations.

    • You should call 311 when you see this. I did that one day for a car parked on 16th everyday for several days on my way to work. Never saw the car there again.

    • Mule cart!

      Those same vehicles in front of the Churchill always impedes the 42 bus turning left onto Connecticut from Columbia. Extra-infuriating because the Churchill has a small semi-circular driveway right there which never gets used.

      • Yes, I’m on the same bus!!!! AARGH!

        I will say, tho, that while I wish the driveway would be used, the hotel’s awning is really low, making it impossible for anything except a taxi or car to go in there.

  • All along 18th street (between E and Massachussetts), every day at rush hour, there are FEDEX, UPS, and US SMail trucks, sometimes no both sides, bringing the thru lanes from 4 to 1 in some places. Traffic backs up blocks and blocks. One day I saw a cop parked behind one of them. He was eating lunch. Revenue tip for DC: install a parking officer on 18th between M and COnnecticut (in front of Nando’s) from 4-6 every day. BAM. $500 a day easy.
    ps. whats up with “youre posting comments too quickly” that always pops up randomly?

    • then what happens to the people who paid for FedEx delivery before 10am? a whole new post with a whole new set of complaints…

      • Are you advocating to allow businesses to break the DC law?

        • oh stop.. i’m just saying that it’s either or… and FedEx, UPS, and USPS mail trucks aren’t going to get insane tickets because they are blocking lanes during rush hour. it’s just not going to happen. especially just because you want to get home faster… get over it.

          • Just because they won’t get tickets doesn’t mean they shouldn’t.

          • Actually you get over it. You are advocating for companies to willy nilly break the law.

            You are righht, it is not miraculously “just not gonna happen”.

            Ticket them. every time.
            Make it happen.

  • You all live in a major city…get over it…Buddah bar pays sales tax and it’s employees pay income tax…it’s called commerce…it’s happens even in Russia where most of you socialist sound like you prefer to live

    • Stuck in the past? Russia is not socialist. The USSR was (sorta) but Russia is all kleptocracy… I mean capitalist democracy.

      Major cities, like DC, have these things called laws. When major cities, like DC, fail to enforce them, or enforces them very selectively always in favor of businesses over people, citizens notice. People (who also pay taxes) question the ineffectiveness of their governments and the assumption that commerce can ignore all laws it chooses to. Citizens request improved service by government. That is the epitomy of good citizen and effective democracy.

      In Soviet russia, it would get over you.

    • And having a valet parking stand there makes it harder to get workers to to/from their jobs, deliver goods, transport people to other locations where they might spend money, etc. It’s not socialist to want clearer roads during rush hour; it’s human!

  • Why in the heck would I do that? You can’t get extra points for hitting pedestrians and bicyclists in a Metro Train or Bus?!?

  • Of course it’s legal! No one’s required to follow any of the parking or traffic laws. Go to V Street between 16th and 17th and count the number of police cars double parked (and the number of empty parking spots) requiring people to drive in the bike lane to get by.

  • Why isnt anyone complaining about the much bigger issue of Mass at the new convention center hotel. People are allowed to park on the west side of the street in the southbound lane. Effectively making Mass a one lane street most of the day there. I think that is a much bigger issue than an hour or two of valet loading. And really how many cars are going to Buddha bar anyway. With all the new residents around that area cars need to slow down in that part of mass anyway. Kill two birds with one stone is what I say! Viva la kleptocracy!

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