Dear PoPville – Renovations at 11th & O St NW

“Dear PoPville,

Long time listener, first time caller … I live in the wonderful area between Logan Circle and Shaw – technically, the Shaw Historic District if you count all of the signs denoting my ‘hood as such.

I have been wondering for ages what’s going on with the renovations of the dilapidated rowhouses on 11th and O Sts. The address listed with all the demo permits is 1137 11th St NW, and the company listed is Triangle Communications Associates, at 1456 T St NW. I can’t find out too much information about the company online, so I’m hoping you may have some scuttlebutt to report.

Do you know anything that’s happening here? I almost hate to write in because if it’s a good condo/apt renovation, I want first dibs as a neighbor! No one likes sharing Super Awesome Apartment Secrets but the renovations are starting to look pretty good I have to find out.

Unfortunately I don’t have any “before” photos, but the first floor used to be a scary/dingy convenience store. I’ve never seen any of the rowhouses occupied.”

Anyone know the story here? Condos? Rentals?

I’ll be sure to update when they go on the market.

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  • Lookin’ a million times better. There is a commercial part to the corner unit, PoP covered briefly in the past. I’m curious mostly as to this development.

  • The buildings (1331-1337 11th St NW) are owned by Dale Management and Development, LLC (owned by David Dale). David introduced himself to the neighborhood several months ago, as well as his concept for this rehabilitation project: mostly apartments, but also commercial for the lower level corner space (about 1400 sq ft). David — again, months ago — noted he was open to ideas but speaking with an organic market, a non-chain coffee shop, or a bar in the style of Bar Pilar and its ilk.

  • What the side of the building used to look like:,+Washington+D.C.,+DC&hl=en&ll=38.908575,-77.026284&spn=0.006587,0.009645&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=54.269804,79.013672&z=17&layer=c&cbll=38.908574,-77.026698&panoid=vOYbe2CninphSDk03K-oZA&cbp=12,198.15,,0,-9.55

    What the front of the building used to look like:,+Washington+D.C.,+DC&hl=en&ll=38.9084,-77.027035&spn=0.006629,0.009645&sll=38.908575,-77.026702&sspn=0.006629,0.009645&z=17&layer=c&cbll=38.908492,-77.02704&panoid=fq0-_7Z0SFUxurDefsyp6A&cbp=12,113.38,,0,-16.96

  • RenewShaw noted this yesterday and mentioned scuttlebutt of a restaurant…

  • Thanks! I’d been wondering about these, too… I’d dearly love to see something — pretty much anything — take up that commercial spot…

    Does anyone know if Lofty will stay around? I’ve quite liked meeting lost tourists & helping them find it… already scored me a couple couches to sleep on when traveling abroad 🙂

  • I walk by these everyday and they’ve certainly cleaned up since the Annex Market was closed. I do hope that the owner is doing these renovations responsibly though. So far, it looks like they are just slapping paint over brick and wood that really needs proper sanding, caulking, stripping, etc. They also just painted over those ugly metal barricades over the first floor windows/doors on the corner that I thought would be the first thing to take off. Was kind of hoping that these beautiful old properties would get a professional makeover. Again, they’re at least not filled with liter and weeds so kudos for cleaning the site up.

  • As a resident of the neighborhood, I can tell you that that convenience store was the only place in the city you could buy “bus tockens.” 🙂 I’ll almost miss it.

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