Dear PoPville – Recommendations for Victorian Bay Window Reconstruction

“Dear PoPville,

We had some damage this past week to our front bay (it’s a square bay on a 1908 Victorian row home) with the earthquake/hurricane combo. We are looking for recommendations for a mason to do above ground masonry work, including some re-pointing to our bay. In addition, we need a recommendation for someone to help with interior drywall and light structural elements as well.

Any recommendations your readers can give will be much appreciated—we are curious if anyone has done any work on their front bays or even a full bay reconstruction!”

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  • We got estimates a couple of years back from Edgar’s Masonry and Renaissance Development for repointing of our Victorian bay-front. We used Renaissance, but I’d go with Edgar’s if we had to do more masonry work. Neither is going to be cheap, though.

  • I got estimates for repointing from Terry Sellheim (who had been recommended by my real estate agent), Renaissance, and I think one other company.

    Sellheim’s estimate was a good bit lower than the other two, and I thought his guy did good work.

  • Edgar repointed the rear of our house and we were happy with the work & the price was competitive. We plan on having him repointing the front in the fall.

    • Can I ask how much it usually cost to repoint the front of a rowhouse? Standard two story. Thanks.

      • We paid roughly $10k about 2.5 years ago for a two-story bayfront, like the blue house that was the GDON near U St a couple of days ago. There was another post on this a while back and $10k seemed to be the going rate for a full-facade repointing by Renaissance, Edgar’s, or Pointing Plus.

        Renaissance, at least, might give you 10% off if you have the work done during the winter, which is when they’re slow.

  • i was just searching this site for repointing this morning! i’ve called 3 companies recommend here for estimates. Edgars, Renaissance, and Brickyards.

  • We were really happy with Pointing Plus, who repointed the back of our house last spring.

  • Pointing Plus did a great job on the back of our rowhouse (3 story dogleg). It was around $15,000 I believe. Getting this done right is not cheap, but I don’t think you want a low bidder taking a shot at it.

    • In doing the research it appears that you’ll need to repoint every 100 years…so my 1908 house is on schedule…I would imagine those Edgars, Renaissance and Pointing Plus can work for the next ten years and then most of the rowhouses are due for a repointing.

  • I have pointing problems withe the parapet on my facade. Anyone ever price out the cost of spot work by one of these masonry companies (as opposed to repointing an entire facade)?

  • Edgar’s is wrapping up a month of work on our house in Columbia Heights this week. We’ve been thrilled with his work so far. We got estimates from edgar’s, Renaissance, and Bricklands. Pointing Plus took 6 weeks to reply to my inquiry, so we didn’t get an estimate from them. Edgars was the lowest, about 15k (grew to 18k) for the rear 4 stories with dogleg. We picked Edgars not because he was the lowest, but because of the incredible reviews on PoP. He’s lived up to them.

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