Dear PoPville – Laundry in Columbia Heights? + Laundromat at 11th and Rhode Island Ave, NW to Reopen in 2-3 weeks

11th and Rhode Island St, NW

“Dear PoPville,

I’ve been using the Good Buy Laundromat at 11th and Lamont for a little over two years. I’ve generally had good experiences there, but since the management changed several months ago, the wash prices have nearly tripled (from as low as $0.75 to $2 or more per load). At the same time, all of the top-load machines have been unplugged and labeled “out of order” — presumably because their coin slots can only accommodate four quarters. On top of all of that, the place is only open until 7 p.m. during certain times of year.

Can anyone recommend a laundromat in the area that is either cheaper or open later? The place on Park between 13th and 14th seems to have some of the same issues. Alternatively, does anyone want to invite me over to use their washing machine?”

Back in April ’11 we learned that the one at 11th and Rhode Island Ave, NW had closed. When I walked by last weekend, it was completely gutted. Some workmen said that it should reopen as a new laundromat in the next 2-3 weeks. Though that’s obviously not particularly close to Columbia Heights and I’m not sure how much it will cost. I’d recommend looking into the Cardozo-Shaw Laundromat at 2710 11th St, NW. Does anyone know how much that one costs? Know of other low cost options?

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  • saf

    There’s one right next to the Derby. And at least one on Mt Pleasant St.

  • Bummer for 11th and RI Ave. That corner is a huge lot with a big wasteland of surface parking around it. It looks like it used to be a service station with car wash bays. With the resurgence of nearby Logan Circle, I’d think this would be prime real estate for redevelopment.

  • this would be a great location for a waffle shoppe like establishment

  • Make friends with someone in an apartment building nearby with a laundry room. Used to be able to sneak in, but now most are locked so you need a key. Traveling in India I used to wash my clothes while I took a shower. Just soap them up, stomp around on them and rinse.

    • PLEASE do not do this. I swear I think people in my building are doing this. We only have 5 washers/dryers in the building and it is already impossible to get a load in unless you do it in the middle of the night. there is no way these people in my building can have THAT MUCH laundry so I am starting to believe people from other buildings are using ours.

  • Mt. Pleasant and Adams Morgan (near the Harris Teeter)

  • The laundromat on Mt. Pleasant street next to Marx cafe has a lot of machines of varying sizes, and they always seem to work. And quickly. And they are open late. May even be 24 hours but I’m not 100%. And you can have a beer at Marx or Tonic while you’re waiting for your clothes to dry.

  • The Cardozo-Shaw laundromat is $1.75 for washers and $.25 for 7 minutes on the dryers. The good thing is there’s always someone there monitoring the machines so you never have to worry about broken ones or people leaving their stuff in a machine long after it’s done. And the t.v. actually works. It’s also not as hot in there as the one on Lamont.

  • Isn’t there one on 11th between Franklin and Girard. Its right next to the alley.

  • Sorry, I meant FAIRMONT and Girard.

  • I go one step further–Wash & Fold. I use the one on Mt Pleasant St next to the Dollar Star. It’s so much more convenient for me and I love it!

    • I’ve thought about this too. How much do you pay for it?

      • Usually a little over a buck per pound. When I used them when I lived in NYC, I would usually pay around $15 per week for laundry. It was nice dropping off a bag of dirty laundry in the morning and picking up a bag of neatly-folded clean laundry at night – they even match up your socks!

        Trouble is, they use some weird-ass industrial laundry detergent that makes your clothes smell, probably don’t sort by temperature or color, and don’t use bleach or fabric softener. If you have washers and dryers in your building, you’re better off using those. Dry overnight or time it so that a load is washing or drying while you’re out running errands if you don’t have time.

  • does anyone else think its weird that there is a new sign on the door of the lamont/11th laundromat that says (paraphrasing) “only clothes washed here can be dried here, clothes washed other places not allowed” why would they care?? they are still making money on the dryer charges!

    • I guess it’s because they hiked up the wash costs but not the dryer costs? I don’t really get that either, especially since every place seems to charge $.25/7 minutes.

      • maybe because they don’t really know where your clothes came from. maybe you washed them in the river for all they know and are going to gunk up the dryers with river water…. i mean i have no idea, just throwing it out there though.

      • I have seen this in just about every laundromat I’ve ever used, and don’t know why. If you find out, please let us know.

    • ask them.

      my bet? to ensure that they are clean.

  • I am a huge fan of “24hrs Laundromat” at 3058 Mt. Pleasant St NW (2 or 3 storefronts from Mayflower Chinese). It’s clean, reliable, and everyone is friendly. The machines are well-kept. Loads are inexpensive compared to other places too.

  • there is laundromat on GA ave between Park and Newton

  • I use the one on Park (between 13th and 14th and directly across from Holmead) next to El Rinconcito. Never had issues there.

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