Dear PoPville – Getting a New Car Stereo

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“Dear PoPville,

The CD player just crapped out in my car so I’m interested in having a new one installed at Best Buy. I’m wondering if any readers have had car stereos installed at the Columbia Heights Best Buy. I’m specifically wondering about the Geek Squad car stereo service at Columbia Heights (or Tenleytown if anyone’s had a stereo installed there). I already know what the store itself is like.

I thought maybe I’m not the only person that was surprised to find that they do installations in the garage below DC USA. I couldn’t find any online reviews about Geek Squad installing stereos at the Columbia Heights (or Tenleytown) Best Buys.”

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  • I don’t know about best buy.

    For 2 different vehicles I’ve bought online from Crutchfield (Charlottesville, VA business) then had it installed here:

    Discount Auto Sound Inc
    5410 Georgia Avenue Northwest, Washington D.C., DC
    (202) 291-3877 ‎

    These guys are reasonable and quick and did a very clean job both times.

    • I bought a Crutchfield system and had Best Buy (Springfield location) install it. They were cheap and quick. Crutchfield has some good guides if you want to install it yourself, but I knew it would take me forever to get around to attempting it.

      • They’re the best. I’ve been buying from them since I was a teenage with two 12 inch woofers in my trunk

    • When you used Discount, was it drop-off or while you wait? In other words, how long did it take?

      • If I remember right I think he said it would take about an hour each time. This was for new head unit and 4 speakers. But I dropped off and came back both times.

    • When you used Discount, was it drop-off or while you wait? In other words, how long did it take?

  • A few years ago my car was broken into and stereo was stolen. I had my new deck installed at the Best Buy in Columbia Heights. I’m not electronic geek, but I can say they were very nice and I didn’t have any problems.

  • I had my car stereo replaced at the best buy in columbia heights. it was perfectly fine, inexpensive, and pretty fast. the guy forgot to attach the deck to the antenna, but he fixed this in about 2 minutes once i pointed out the problem.

  • +100 for Crutchfield. Excellent prices and selection, super fast shipping, and unbelievable customer support. They’ll tell you what will fit your car and will sell or give you a kit to do it yourself. If you have trouble you can call from the car and they’ll help you find the right wires, screws etc.

  • what’s a CD player?

  • I second Crutchfield. They provide good equipment at a good price, and also the guides to install yourself (if you want)

  • geek squad is such a rip off.

    these guys are local, in chinatown, and will install any system you buy from them or elsewhere (I did internet research and bought mine online).

    Their website sucks and it’s a hole in the wall type of place, but it’s family owned/operated and they know what they’re doing. I recommend.

  • Crutchfield does not have good prices.

  • Radio CPR!!!!!!!!!!

    • Are they still on the air? I listened nearly every night when I lived in Mt. P, but they were a lot harder to tune in when I moved.

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