Dear PoPville – Electronics recycling?

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“Dear PoPville,

Do you or any of your readers know where old electronics can be dropped off in DC for recycling.”

Anyone know if the Ft. Totten transfer station takes electronics? Are there any charities around town that take old electronics?

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  • Best buy will take about anything.. computers you need to remove the HD first.

    Staples will take items, but you have to pay a small fee.

  • Yes, Ft. Totten transfer takes electronics the first Saturday of every month, between 8am-3pm.

    • Ft Totten: 1st Sat of the month is also a good time to take other stuff like paint/toxics or getting your shredding done or dropping off other assorted bulk trash.

      It is a quick process, but get there early rather than later b/c the line of cars starts to get long.

    • I think that Ft. Totten has also started hours on the Thursday before they are open. It is a great service really easy to use.

      • I think the Thursday hours were set up to accommodate residents who can’t make it on Saturday due to religious beliefs. So I don’t think they’re as fully staffed on Thursday. They’ve asked people who can go on the normal first Saturday to continue to do so.

        But I agree. Nice service. Took some stuff there a few months ago.

    • I don’t know if the rules are different for first saturdays but, generally you can’t use the transfer station if you live in a condo or multi-unit building.

      • I thought that rule was just for normal residential recycling. The city only picks up from single family homes or small apartment buildings (three or four units or smaller). I don’t think that applies to electronics drop offs. At least they didn’t check my address or anything when I dropped off some stuff a few months ago.

  • austindc

    Good call! We brought some crap to Best Buy in our grocery cart, and they took most of it. I think they even gave us some $10 gift cards for some TVs we brought in.

    Whatever you do, don’t forget to wipe those hard drives clean!

  • There’s an organization that refurbishes old computers and gives them to low-income kids. The name is eluding me but it’s off Georgia Ave.

    • You’re talking about First Time Computers – one of my fav charities. They’ve moved though – they’re in Brookland now:

      • randomduck

        Too bad that this org won’t take Macs, as Macs have a longer service life than most PCs.

        • Macs have a longer service life? Says who?

          Macs and PCs have the same hardware parts, so the physical parts in the machines themselves should wear out at the same rate.

          The differences between Macs and PCs lie in the the operating system, and a few Mac-specific BIOS instructions.

          Are you saying that Mac OS has better longevity than Windows ? I can see an argument for Mac OS backwards compatibility since OS X has been around since 2001.

  • DC Bulk pick-up now takes electronics There are also organizations like Byte Back

  • Goodwill is always looking for donations. Google them. I’m sure there’s a donation site in DC.

  • Is Google not working today?

  • Whole Foods does this periodically too, I think.

  • just the other week apple stores started accepting everything (previously they’d only take apple stuff/recycle your pc if you were buying a mac).

  • First Time Computers? They’re great. Check out their donation info here:

  • To find recycling centers for whatever you have to get rid of:

  • Just leave them in your car. I left a pair of shoes in my car once, they got the shit recycled out of them.

  • andy

    there’s a construction dumpster behind my house. just come by and leave it in there. everybody else in the neighborhood does.

  • Actually, Goodwill actually accepts any computer related stuff in any condition. They’ve partnered with Dell Reconnect. Check out the donation page. Fort Totten takes “e-waste” and hazardous waste the 1st Saturday of the month.

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