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  • didn’t you JUST get married?

    • Prince Of Petworth

      hahaha, but in case folks are unfamiliar with how this works – any post that starts “Dear PoPville” comes from a reader.

  • That picture is amazing!

    He gets the car and she gets the house.

  • It’s quite easy. The DC Superior Court has a great self help center located on the JM level for pro se litigants. They also offer a Divorce Clinic (providing info to consumers). Here’s the link for the Self Help Center: http://www.dccourts.gov/dccourts/superior/family/selfhelp.jsp

    Oh- sorry to hear about the divorce. Hope things work out for the two of you.

  • What a depressing question for a beautiful summer Friday!

  • I devorce thee, I divorce thee, I divorce thee

  • Been there, done that. You have to be separated for 6 months before DC will allow you to divorce (strange rule but in some places its an entire year). It sounds like you have an uncontested divorce which are the quickest ones to get through. I used an attorney (a bad one who I will not recommend) but I probably didn’t need to use an attorney since it was uncontested. Since I was the party that filed for the divorce, I had to appear in DC court (my ex-husband did not have to attend), stand in front of a judge, state my name and that I hadn’t had any “relations” w/ mu husband for at least 6 months. Then divorce was granted. Good luck. Its a hard process but at least for me, it was worth it in the end.

    • I should clarify, I didn’t mean that filing for the divorce was the hard process, I meant that emotionally it sucks!

  • Sorry to hear about it. If there are no disputes and the divorce is mutual, and you have not been living as husband and wife for the past six months, it should be very easy. See JJH’s comment above. Note that even if you still live under the same roof, you can still be considered not living as husband and wife, if among other things, you haven’t had marital relations.

    • How, exactly, does one prove that one isn’t having “marital relations”?

      Does sex count as “marital relations” if you aren’t in love? God help you if you decided to be divorcees-with-benefits

      • All they care about is the period of separation (6 months mutual and voluntary, 1 year otherwise). Back when I was doing this kind of work I never asked my clients about marital relations during the divorce hearing. In all those years I never had a judge ask to clarify what separation meant.

        Montgomery County, on the other hand….

  • Put your fingers in your ears, close your eyes, and chant, “I can’t see you!” over and over again.

    Note: when you open your eyes your spouse might be gone, but so might all of your belongings.

  • There’s a self-help clinic in the family court that offers tons of info and resources. Also, the DC bar has a free divorce clinic that offers a good overview of what to expect. see here: http://www.dccourts.gov/dccourts/superior/family/selfhelp.jsp.

    I got divorced in the district recently. I don’t know how it works if the court has to decide on your dispute but I would try to avoid that if I were you. we used a mediator to sort out our financial dispute and presented the court with an agreement the mediator drafted for us (signed by both of us). The judge approved it and we were out of there in a matter of minutes. I would definitely recommend a mediator over a divorce lawyer for a cheaper and less combative divorce.

    Good luck!

  • Question more relevant to me is…how do you prevent divorce in DC? My wife and I are kinda struggling from time to time and that awful “D” word pops up now and again during our battles. Don’t want to spiral out of control especially since kids are involved.

    • Unfortunately, you can’t — at least not through the legal process. In the early ’90s DC abolished fault-based divorce, so now either party to the marriage has an absolute right to one provided that the separation period has elapsed.

      So the best thing to do is counseling, counseling, counseling. If that fails, there are plenty of good lawyers in DC who specialize in non-scorched earth litigation. Usually best for the kids.

      Good luck. Most marriages have rocky periods, hopefully you make it through this one.

    • Definitely seek professional counseling. Even if its not meant to work out, it’s still a good way to figure that out for sure with a neutral third party involved.

      Speaking from experience here.

      • And I’ll add that if your wife isn’t agreeable to attending couples counseling, seek counseling solo. It’ll help.

    • Remember that words can sometimes take on a life of their own so don’t throw the awful “D” word around.

      I hope that two work through your issues.

  • “she says the joke is on me
    I say the joke is on her
    I said i have no opinion about that
    well we’ll just have to wait and confer”
    —- paul simon

  • And turns out it was simple. I went down to Moultrie filed the papers, paid the fee and got a court date. Now I have to serve him with the papers, and file with the court that I did that, but that’s not hard as this split is mutual and amicable. Easy peasy.

  • Any idea what happens if the spouse will not sign the papers they’re served with or can not be found? Pre-nup, no kids, no property so not worried about anything else. Finding them & getting papers signed may be a challenge. Certainly been well over a year since any kind of “relations”, don’t live together anymore. Anyone have any experience with this?

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