Dear PoPville – Best Cobbler in DC?

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“Dear PoPville,

I’m looking to see if your followers may be able to help me find the best cobbler in DC. I like my shoes. I like to take care of my shoes and need someone remarkable in the DC area. I used to go to Shoe Service in NYC and would love to find something comprable here in DC.

Any thoughts?”

Has anyone visited the new spot on the 700 block of T St, NW? There are also a lot of fans of Philip’s Shoe Repair in Petworth. Who do you guys recommend?

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  • Corrective Shoe Repair on 21st and P.

  • Good question! I wear out shoes faster than I can buy them, but I haven’t been able to find someone who can repair them for a reasonable price. A lot of repair you can do yourself– straps can be hand-sewn and soles can be reattached with Shoe Goo– but I have trouble replacing heel tips, which are usually the first thing to go. The last place I went to wanted to charge me $40, almost as much as the shoes had cost brand new. Incidentally, if you happen to be traveling to India be sure to take your broken shoes because there are people there who will fix them for next to nothing!

    • The tailor/watch repair/shoe repair place at 18th and I above subway does an excellent job repairing heel tips, and it’s $12/pair. I would go there more, but they have very limited hours and aren’t open on weekends. Still, I think that’s a much more reasonable going rate.

      • The place in the basement of L and Connecticut is $5/heel, if I remember correctly. Done while you wait. They seem to hold up well (sometimes better than the original).

  • is it wrong that my mind immediately went to cobbler like with berries. i was confused reading headline and then the letter. i was excited to hear about the best berry cobbler. I must need lunch

  • NE corner of 16th and U, NW – not only does he do shoes I just picked my awesome repaired handbag. Love it.

    • I’ve used this place too with good results.

    • Can you give some examples of what he charges?

    • George is good, but I find Duke (14th and U in Reeves Center) to be cheaper for things that I want. For instance, a pair of plastic heel and toe taps (to keep them from wearing down) is $5, whereas George charged twice as much.

    • This is the only guy I’ve gone to for years. Used to be at the corner of 13th and U. Excellent work, worth every penny.

      • I’m talking about the guy at 16th and U, next door to the firehouse.

        • Duke – is incredibly nice. He once got to store and opened up early for me to get a pair of shoes I needed before a trip (way above and beyond and his idea). But on the downside, Duke is also getting to be on the older side. He once drew a giant line in black permanent marker across the toe of my roommates shoe and acted like there was nothing wrong. So, yea, my feelings are mixed. I’ve also tried the place by the Ace Hardware on 17th street – more expensive but a great job.

          • Duke is at 14th and U. George is at 16th and U. But agreed on Duke’s age…he also doesn’t hear very well. Nevertheless, he can nail in some taps!

        • I heard great things about George and wanted to go to him, but the one time I tried to go he was closed. I needed a pair of shoes repaired in less than a week, so not knowing of Duke, I went to the dry cleaner across the street which had a sign in the window advertising shoe repair. Big mistake. They told me the shoes would be ready on Monday (the day I needed them), but when I came to pick them up, the same person who said Monday and handed me a slip circled “Pick up Monday,” told me their shoe guy never came in on Mondays and my shoes were not there.

          So essentially, I went from having to spend $25 to get a pair of heels replaced on pair of otherwise fine dress shoes to having to buy a new pair of shoes that day, and later still having to pay to get my old (albeit newly repaired) shoes back.

  • I’ve tried a half dozen places in with poor results. The best place to go is Fortunas on Woodmont Ave in Bethesda. Even Bloomingdales contracts with them for customer repairs of shoes and purses. Real experts and reasonable prices.

  • The new place on the 700 block of “T” … the name is Divine Shine … they are incredible. I am incredibly hard on shoes and they have basically built them back from scratch with excellent results. Michelle is wonderful and the prices are great!

  • I go to Peter Bug’s (though I think that’s an old picture) at 13th and E SE. Last trip cost $10 to re-heel and clean a pair of dress high heels.

  • saf

    Philip. He’s great!

  • It may seem far but I’ve been going to Expert Shoe & Luggage Repair Shop for over 15 years. They are near Chevy Chase Circle at 3808 Northampton Street NW.

  • I highly recommend in Petworth:

    Philip’s Shoe Repair

    808 Upshur Street Northwest, Washington D.C., DC
    (202) 726-5762 ‎

    He’s been there for over 40 years and his skills are remarkable.

    • Ditto. Phillips is awesome. He has repaired shoes that I thought for sure were toast. He has also done little things to make my 4 inch heels more comfortable. Super reasonable.

  • There is a cobbler at Sky Valet in Georgetown, but they do high-end shoes, and are not in any way cheap. By all accounts they do excellent work however.

    The guy at 16th and U is very good too, I’d take my cheaper shoes there.

  • Philip’s. I have problem feet (wide forefoot, narrow heel, nothing fits off-the-rack except flip flops) and took a pair of shoes to Philip’s. They stretched them twice and took in the slingback and told me I could bring them back to have them stretched again if I want, at no charge. The total for all of that was $20.

  • Philip’s on Upshur. The best in town (even Mayor Fenty gave it his endorsement!)

  • Philip’s Shoe Repair/Petworth – ditto!
    Best shoe/leather repair in town…He’s fabulous and honest! A miracle worker – will make your shoes/purses/bags like new – amazing!
    Have been going to him for over 20 years….

  • They guy who is in with the dry cleaner and watch repair at 18th and Eye St NW above the Subway and across the street from Farragut West. He can fix ANYTHING and his repairs last!

  • I know its not in DC, but Old Town Shoe and Luggage Repair is the shit. I am the costume manager at Ford’s Theatre and all the theatres use Don Rodrigo and his crew. He can build you shoes, stretch shoes, make shoes a different color, change the heel. He’s amazing. They are at 726 King Street in Alexandria.

  • I do *not* recommend the guy on the west side of 14th street, in the building just north of the Thai restaurant. He nailed new plastic heel nubs onto my high heels, didn’t trim the edges correctly, and with the way the nails were put in, the plastic cracked on the second wearing. And it was $27. The next cobbler I took thought the job was so bad that I must have tried doing it myself.

  • Agreed. The spot at 21st and P is incredible.

  • I strongly do not recommend the place in Union Station, downstairs next to the Metro entrance. They are awful awful awful. They used to be good, but had a change in ownership a few years ago.

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