Dear PoP – New Mural on Barracks Row

“Dear PoP,

A couple of weeks ago I walked by as they were painting a new mural on 8th St SE, i.e. Barracks Row. It is on lower Barracks Row towards the highway. I’m not sure what the building is, something to do with a band I think, there is not really good signage. The finished mural is pretty cool. I attached a pic. Thought you might like it.”

Awesome! Looking forward to checking it out. (Thanks to all who sent emails about this.)

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  • I’m having a hard time with the mural because the perspective throws me off. It’s not a real scene (characters notwithstanding… I mean the street, view of the monuments, with the rowhouses.) When I first saw it I spent a few minutes trying to mentally place myself there until I realized that there’s no such view in DC. For some reason that bothers me, maybe because I’m just kind of visual, into maps and geography and the city layout and all that.

    That said, the colors are amazing 🙂

  • andy

    Why is Cobra Commander playing a trumpet?

  • They kind of look like gummi bears playing go-go

  • what? they forgot greenman!!

  • Is the golden guy on the right playing a kazoo or shooting someone with a pea shooter?

  • Is this by the same artist who did the presidents mural on the side of Mama Ayesha’s? It looks similar in style.

    It’s also like some weird acid trip where Ray Charles was resurrected and joined the Blue Man Group.

  • The middle three row houses in that row look like they came from the unit block of Seaton Place, NW

  • The artist is Byron Peck who also did the Mondrian inspired murals beneath the underpass at 6th SE. Not sure about whether he did the one on Mama Ayesha’s.

    The wall that it’s on (the original writer wasn’t sure) is the side of Building 20 which is part of the US Marine Corps facility. That building is home to the dorms for the marines stationed at Marine Barracks Washington.

    The mural was commissioned by Barracks Row Main Street and funded by a grant from DDOT.



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