Dear PoP – Renovated Convenience store on the corner of NJ Ave NW and Q St NW

“Dear PoP,

I walk past it on my way home and had been noticing small signs of change over the last several several months (new sign, new paint, a banner promising sandwiches, interior renovations, finally another new sign). Last night I went in and talked to the guy behind the cash register. He says they’re going to be selling Ethiopian food for carryout. I am very excited!

It also looks like they will continue to offer convenience store wares (chips, soft drinks, overpriced canned goods).”

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  • Ethiopian Food??? Excited??? you have got to be kidding me.

    • +100000

      Especially if it’s half assed, which if it’s also a convenience store, doesn’t sound promising. Yes, Windows does that, but Windows does not serve Ethiopian food which requires real cooking and is not conducive to take-out.

  • As take-out? On my way home from work? Yes.

  • Anything is better than it was before … then again, I would like to see the “mart” aspect go away. I would love to see the rest of this developed into a beer/coffee cafe. If only I had the cash. Sigh.

  • They should bulldoze the entire triangle lot there and develop something that is more than just a hangout for kids shooting dice and selling drugs.

  • only in dc would someone be excited by something like this

  • Have any of these people heard of market analysis before investing everything they have into an idea like this???

  • I’ve often wondered about the “market analysis” places do. I suspect they do what they know, and many live too much in a bubble to understand the changing demographics around them. Coffee is a big deal in Ethiopia! Open a coffee shop with WiFi!

  • I posted this site once before on PoP when a poster asked about “bar ideas”. The lot would be perfect for this type of cafe:; especially considering all of the young families and bicyclists in the area. Imagine a coffee shop on NJ Ave for the morning commutes … and a nice place to knock off on the way home. Too bad there are far too many “places of worship” surrounding the parcel … would be an issue for zoning.

  • I haven’t been in there recently. Is the cashier still behind a bullet-proof window?

    • Yes. I was just in there this weekend to check things out.. -Cashier was very nice, but behind a think layer of bullet-proof glass.

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