Dear PoP – Jam Down Cafe Possibly Closing at 3303 Georgia Ave, NW in September

“Dear PoP,

I only recently discovered Jam Down Cafe on Georgia Ave & Lamont. It’s a Jamaican restaurant/juicebar that serves the greatest juice in the world (mango+guanabana+ginger anyone?) and the couple who own and run it, Mika and Phil, are incredibly friendly and hardworking. Unfortunately, they might have to close soon due to the economic troubles plaguing just about everybody, but they’re trying to make it to September. They’ve put so much love and time into the place, and the food is seriously delicious. Wanted to alert your readers to this great spot to see if we can try to convince them to stick around, they’re part of what makes the neighborhood great!”

Jam Down opened up back in Aug. ’09. You can see their menu here.

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  • Dear Mr. and Mrs. Jamdown,

    Despite losing money hand over fist, I implore you to stay open. Kindly continue to hemmorrhage cash and run up debt so you can continue to serve me tasty juice.

    Mr. Poon.

    • I agree with Mr. Poon except referencing your cheesy goodness that is your Mac & Cheese.

      Plus Mika and Phil are LEGIT owners, friendly as shite and always working hard at their place of business.

  • Based on the sole fact that there are 5 other Jamaican restaurants in the immediate vicinity to this one, it might be a good idea to consider calling it quits, maybe do Pho instead, there are no Pho restaurants in that area.

  • “El” Salvadorans???

  • I went in there today and while i was waiting for my beef patties and passion punch, the lady behind the counter helping me took a phone call and exclaimed with great passion to myself and one of her male coworkers that there is great news… I can only hope it is for their sake, despite this happening before this post was published. best of luck JamDown

  • Come to Cleveland Park JamDown, save us from the great neighborhood of mediocrity. and I’ll visit you every week.

  • I have to say that I was not impressed with the service or food. I love me some Jerk and Curry chicken so was really excited when this place opened.

    I must say that mika is very nice and warm, but the food and juice were not that great. I live a few blocks from Jamdown and walk past it to go to the joint on the corner of Sherman and Georgia every time.

    I guess I could give it another shot, but would not even notice if they shut down

  • too many jamaican places in the ‘hood and Sweet Mango is the TRUTH!

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