Dear PoP – Funny or Actually A Really Good Idea?

Photo by PoPville flickr user Brandon Kopp

A reader writes,

“Could something like this be the solution to the issues with dog owners who don’t clean up after their pets? ha”

From Reuters:

A city in northern Taiwan is trying the Midas touch to persuade reluctant residents to clean up after their canines: offering a chance to win gold bars to anyone handing in bags of doggy deposits.

Starting from August 1, dog owners and other residents of New Taipei City, bordering the capital Taipei, can hand in waste to government cleaning teams in exchange for tickets to a lucky draw. The prizes: three gold ingots worth T$60,000 ($2,100), T$18,000 and T$12,000.

I seriously think this would be hugely successful in DC!

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  • The people who don’t clean up after their dogs are, by and large, the same people who think a lottery ticket is a sound investment.

    So yes, it’s probably a good idea.

  • Except for the fact that Gray or Kwame would rig it for their buddies to win.

  • A line of people (whether they own a dog or not) out the door and down the block with all manner of poop (dog, cat, people) in a bag.

    Then, as soon as the bribery ends, we all go back to our bad and inconsiderate habits.

  • They’re also rewarding people for photographing dog owners not cleaning up after their pets. I love that part. A little community self-policing is always great. And if they’re smart they’ll post the pictures publicly. Nothing like a good old fashioned public shaming to help keep people in line.

  • And this is the same reason why we need a bottle and can deposit in DC. Make the trash worth picking up and folks will pick it up.

    • Wait a minute … I just drew a horrible mental connection and now fear that if this went into place in DC, we’d all be inflicted with the sight of guys digging through trash cans for dog crap (not just aluminum and glass). Don’t do it!!

  • Or instead, how about taking out some of our youth offenders and making them pick it up for a good straight week?

  • Looks like someone isn’t too happy about having his poop stolen!

  • Maybe PoP will start posting pictures of neighborhood offenders in the act of walking away from their dog’s pile of poop?

  • while we’re on the subject, I’d like to say a big “f you” to the woman walking her black dog down S street yesterday evening who let it piss into a paper bag filled with books on the sidewalk and then cooed at her animal “did you make a basket?” on behalf of the neighborhood, you suck.

  • I’ve also heard of apartment buildings that do DNA testing and fine the owner who is found guilty. Too bad you can’t do that on a larger scale.

  • I actually don’t even encounter that much pet poop in DC. Is it that big of a problem?

    • Depends on where you live.

      My neighborhood is full of it. :p

    • I never see any either (I’m in Capitol Hill).

    • Definitely depends on the neighborhood but it for sure is a problem where I live. My daily jog to the gym in Dupont is via Florida ave next to Malcom X park, and that no man’s land wall between 16th and Ontario is FULL of dog poo! It’s like running and dodging land mines. It’s disgusting.

  • And next we’ll hear of people getting robbed for their dog poop bags.

  • “My pet sh$%s gold bricks!” is now right up there with “My sh*@ don’t stink”. They must of taken a page from Donkey Skin.

  • Do you get more tickets for bigger poops? I think it should be proportional to the weight, size and viscosity.

  • This lottery idea worked well for taiwan and other countries. A lot of businesses were doing a lot of all cash business, and not ringing up receipts; therefore bypassing taxes on that incoming revenue.

    The government came up with a genius idea of putting lottery numbers on business receipts; that way, when a customer goes into a store, they demand a receipt for the shot to win the lottery. THe lottery award money is much lower than the additional tax revenue pouring through the door.

  • I think people who don’t have dogs at all should get tickets. You know, for being good neighbors all the time: no poop hidden in the grass, no piss-smelling treeboxes, no 4am barking, no inadvertent crotch-sniffing, etc.

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