Dear PoP – Former bemuralled 9th & Q Horses Ass Award finally getting some love!

“Dear PoP,

On my walk to work this morning, I saw new fencing going up around the formerly bemuraled horses ass nominee at 9th & Q & Rhode Island streets in Shaw.

DCRA shows a new permit pulled for interior demolition in preparation for renovations. The long vacant property was sold in November, and a permit was pulled in March for door and window replacement, but this is the first major activity I’ve seen. As a neighbor, I’ve been waiting a long long time to see this!

With O Street Market apparently (and seemingly perpetually) on the cusp of breaking ground, Addison Square reportedly announcing something in the next two months, the home that you featured on the SW corner of 9th & Q being rehabilitated and a half dozen other homes within a block of here under serious renovations, there is a lot of activity in the neighborhood.”

Great news! These are gonna (hopefully) be some great before and after photos. Stay tuned.

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  • First Shiloh sells off a property or two, then Douglas comes the closest we’ve seen in a decade to developing the wonderbread factory and now a Sendar property gets developed. If Warrenton’s rotting mess at 7th and Q ever moves forward I’ll have a heart attack in disbelief.

  • Anyone know if this property has mixed commercial zoning? It looks like the first floor used to be some sort of storefront. Hopefully that doesn’t mean it just turns into another liquor store.

    Next up, the 9th/O horse’s ass please!

  • I drive by this place a lot and can’t help but thinking it would make for a cool bar/pub… the kind of neighborhood place that this blog has previously had discussions on.

    Of course, maybe the density isn’t there yet to support that type of place (but after O ST Market/Addison Square??)

  • What is the latest with Addison Square? People seem to have some news.

    • Addison Square supposedly has an announcement to make in the next 60 days. One of our ANC members indicated it was good news on financing, so finger’s crossed.

  • Rhode Island side is going first-floor commerical. The rest is going to be turned into condos. I live next door at 817 Q and am elated — Michael Sussman and his partner Roger Leventer did the Dunbar and a host of other nice properties around town. They’ve been very responsive about issues around and in their properties and about keeping me informed about permits, demolition, construction plans.

    • Good news, but I’m disappointed that the whole first floor won’t be commercial.

    • Thanks for the additional detail. I’m just a little bit further down Q, and I can’t wait to see what these properties look like all fixed up.

  • I’m so excited about this notable corner property’s imminent transformation!

  • Was this a Shiloh property? Does anyone know the status of thei other Shiloh owned properties on 9th next to the church. I believe Shiloh was cited during the Fenty administration for those derelict properties.

    • no, shiloh wasn’t cited for anything. and no this was not a shiloh property.

    • Sendar property. There are two former shiloh properties (abandonded/falling apart for 30-40 years) right down the street at the corner of 8th & Q that the ‘church’ finally sold. They are being rehabbed.

  • If I’m not mistaken, the way that this property was zoned dictates the amount of developed space can be commercial. This was part of the reason why Sendar wasn’t able to sell it for his astronomical asking price.

    Now if we can get somebody to buy the property at 9th and S…

  • I’m not really a fan of the condos on the SE corner of 9th and Q. The windows show way too much of the ground floor (do I really need to see what kind of milk the guy is taking out of his refrigerator?), and the tenants leave wine bottles and cigarettes strewn across their front lawn. Hopefully, as the corner gets nicer, they’ll try to class it up a bit.

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