DC Reynolds Back Patio – Looking Good

Thanks to Jeremy from DC Reynolds for sharing:

“Dapper my Rhodesian Ridgeback can’t wait for some 4 legged friends to join him on his patio this fall.

We even have a creative “excuse” for why the flag will show upside-down on google maps. The upside down flag is an official sign of distress and as DC residents we are proclaiming our sign of distress for being taxed without proper representation.

Or we just didn’t think about google maps when we were building the patio haha.

The patio is made of about 1200 12″x12″ brick pavers.”

DC Reynolds will be located at 3628 Georgia Ave, NW near Looking Glass Lounge and Blue Banana.

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  • Pretty cool.
    Will you flip the patio pavers if we get the vote or become a state? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Love the Ridgeback. One of my favorite dogs.

    • NO WAY! that patio kicked our butts! It’s staying just the way it is, unless we sublet the area next door to us then all bets are off.

  • Nice!

    When is D.C. Reynolds likely to open?

  • What’s the story behind the name?

  • You could also say you’re from the Southern Hemisphere and you’re protesting against all these North-oriented maps. Not very DC-centric, though.

  • saf

    Now I feel the need to re-do my patio.

  • I’ll definitely bring over my 4-legged friend to check this place out! So excited for this to open, I feel like we’ve been waiting so long.

  • OK now I’m excited. This patio already looks a gazillion times better than the one at The Looking Glass. When is this place opening?

  • The story behind the name – There used to be a bar in Fairfax called TT Reynolds that was there forever. The city of Fairfax screwed them so they had to close. Some of the original owners dreamed of opening a bar in DC, hence the name D.C. Reynolds. That’s the quick and easy version.

  • Based on the comment about the upside down flag, I’ll avoid this dump like the plague.

  • Georgia avenue starting to build some critical mass?

    All we need now is a name like ‘atlas district’ and we’re set. I’m not advocating actually using the name (I don’t know anybody who says ‘atlas district’) but having one seems to help.

  • Yay! Another option for Petworth. We need new places that are more H Street in nature like the Argonaut, or like Ale Mary’s in Fells Point. Domku has such a chilly owner and high prices, and Looking Glass is not super family friendly. There are a lot of former hipster/young families in Petworth now so don’t forget to have clean highchairs, guys, and chicken nuggets, tator tots and apple sauce and milk on the menu for the early evening/weekend crowd. There are a ton of us who would like to visit, we gotta get out of the house sometimes. See you at the jazz night at 8th & Taylor!

    • saf

      Please tell me you aren’t serious.

      Posts like these really make me think that it’s time to move on.

    • Applesauce?!

    • you and your child are the reason i refuse to frequent any place that would cater to families. go to mcdonalds or some chain restaurant where there are screaming children aplenty.

      • Geez, what’s wrong with having family friendly places that aren’t McDonalds? There are plenty of places that don’t cater to families so there are already lots of choices for you. Why can’t we have a few nice places to go as well. As local PW said, there are tons of us looking for places like that.

        • There are “plenty of places that don’t cater to families” in D.C…. but not in Park View.

          I understand where you’re coming from, but I also understand why people without kids aren’t keen on going to places that cater to families.

      • in defense of families… I’m a single girl and can’t stand a screaming kid in a bar, but I hear the parents who just need to GET OUT of the house sometimes… it’s up to them to make sure they’re little ones aren’t menaces torturing others in the establishment… what happened to being told to “stick it” if you got out of the box in public? That way of rearing kids needs a comeback..

      • You sound like a huge prick. Do you feel overrun by the handful of children in DC?

        I don’t have kids (I probably like them even less than you do), but I would like to see more family-friendly establishments around town. The city is busting at the seams with places for childless 20 and 30-somethings.

        • I’m sorry it came out quite prickish (I had just gotten run off the road by some asshole who thought I wasn’t in a lane. I was in a clearly lined, nicely marked lane. wtf?@!?!) so I was just pissed.

          Okay so here’s the thing. I understand parents need to get out. I also am totally amenable to those “family hours” that some bars have as long as the hours are clearly posted for people without kids… I just think that some parents get carried away with expecting every restaurant to cater to their offspring, as posted above. A bar is a bar is a bar…

          I also missed the “early evening/weekend” crowd bit. Got it. The thing that really really bothers me are children at brunch. If you can control your kid, fine. But children at brunch seriously irk me.

          Didn’t mean to sound like such a d-bag ๐Ÿ™ sorry guys.

          • How do you feel about dogs? ๐Ÿ™‚

          • haha I actually love dogs! don’t have one, but love em. Also think that some dog owners want the public to cater to their dogs a little too much, same as some parents, but not all dog owners (or child owners) are the devil. Man, re-reading my first post makes me cringe. I am officialy an a-hole.

            PSA (mostly a personal PSA) – don’t post on a PoP comment about children or dogs immediately after a road-rage inducing incident :/

          • I love dogs but they have no place on restaurant patios…it’s illegal! You are not entitled

        • The suburbs have plenty of places like that, AND good schools.

    • We have tried to build DC Reynolds to accommodate everyone. We have 2 floors (albeit small) and will encourage families to dine upstairs or outside (when weather permits) as the main floor will have more of a “bar feel”. We will have children’s food approved by our resident 5 year old. He has a preference for tacos, cheese (non stinky), and pot pies. I hope you will find us to be very warm and receptive. Feel free to follow us on Facebook to get a better sense of our style and more pictures.

  • bfinpetworth

    I hope this place caters to a bit more mature crowd than the blue banana. I don’t like to scream over drinks in order to be heard over the blaring music.

  • So, to clarify, will the patio area be dog-friendly for well behaved pups and their owners?

  • To clarify, we will host doggie happy-hours regularly. Unfortunately, allowing pets full-time is a bit much for us to handle – not every pooch is as well-behaved as should be reasonably expected, and can create an uncomfortable situation for the non-dog-loving patrons who want to enjoy the patio as well. We are going to do everything in our power to give you all a great place to have food and drinks in a comfortable environment (with music played at a reasonable volume), and encourage all of your suggestions – we will try our best to respond to everyone. Our email addresses are on our facebook page!


  • is that rustik’s owner’s dog? )

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