Daily Craps Game Advertised?

That’s to PoPville twitter follower @SonnyBunch for sending the above photo from what looks like 14th St, NW in Columbia Heights. He writes simply:

“So, this is pretty brazen.”

Anyone else every see fliers posted for crap games?

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  • whats the address

  • Haha, isn’t it craps, with an s? Or is this some *other* type of game?!

  • This is clearly someone annoyed with a “daily crap game” trying to call attention to it – not anyone recruiting for an actual game. Not a bad strategy.

  • “come one, come all….but NO CHICKS!”

  • Y’all are confused. This is a crap game, not a craps game. The strategy is completely different, and it involves flinging excrement, not tossing dice.

    Y’all really are from Iowa or someplace, aren’t ya?

  • This is interesting. The rumors about the double homicide near the Exxon were that it involved a craps game. If it is still going on and being tolerated after the murders then it says a lot about the commitment of the DC government to addressing crime in the area. It is definitely 14th street north of Tivoli south of spring.

  • I live on the block where those people were shot…and while they WERE killed during a craps game, the shooter was exacting revenge for some previous altercation that one of the victims was involved with, not a dispute over the craps. I saw on the news that they have ID’d the shooter but haven’t caught him yet. And of COURSE the suspect has a prior record as long as my arm (including the ‘accidental’ shooting death of a 16 yr old girl) and yet he was not in prison. Sigh. Way to go D.C. justice system.

    But I am pleased to note, there has not been any gambling on the street since then. I guess people are thinking twice about it now. Now if we could only shut down the crack house accross the street we’d really be making progress…

    • I think you’re right that the dice game was unrelated to the homicides. It just so happened the guys who were the targets were playing dice. They could have been break dancing, or possibly the merengue, and they still all would have been shot. Of what crackhouse do you speak? Please elaborate. Across from the shooting site?


      • This is a joke. Looks like the guy had two legit gun charges (one that resulted in a death, accidental or not) and did only 3 years. He seems not to have even been charged for the first one. I wonder what would happen if we started putting hard time on these gun charges?

      • related or not… guys played craps on the sidewalk every night till 4,5 in the morning. Every night they’d get wasted. Almost every other night there were fights. One morning 3 of them were shot, two of them were killed.

      • I don’t know which crack house Anonymous is specifically referring to, but 902 Quincy certainly fits the bill.

  • this is kind of awesome…. htey accept credit cards..

  • I just hope it’s in their grandmother’s basement so they can keep the Newport butts, empty beer cans and Hennessy bottles off my yard.
    That’s bullshit.

  • What’s the spread on craps becoming the next hipster game of choice?

  • The games are located on Meridian Place between 14th and 16th. Our tenants have called the cops multiple times, but they’ve only responded once and simply told us to put up “No Loitering” signs (which are already there).

    I called the cops on Thursday night because there was a group of about 15 men playing dice on my front steps, so I couldn’t enter the building. They were openly drinking and smoking pot and yelling loudly. I called 911, but no officer ever showed up. I had to walk up the fire escape in the back.

    Our building has had 2 break-ins and thefts lately. Sometimes I see the leftover beer bottles and blunt roaches laying out on the sidewalk in the morning.

    • That’s ridiculous. You need to email your councilmember. I had a nightly dice game spring up on the porch of the house next door to mine after the renters left and the place was empty. I emailed Jim Graham and he got the police and the owner of the property involved. You shouldn’t have to put up with this.

    • on a slightly unrelated note, Philadelphia has a new youth curfew, i saw one of the city leaders talking about it on tv and chastising parents who let their kids out late at night. i cant imagine that happening in DC. come on dc enforce broken windows laws. i bet most of the guys playing craps have warrants or out on parole.

      • Plus, gambling is illegal. The police need to actually get tought and start locking these guys up. After a high-profile tought enforcement period, the games will stop.

        If we just keep calling the cops and all they does is ask them to stop, then, well, this is what we get.

      • why would you assume that? craps is gambling (yes, that’s illegal) but it’s really no different than blackjack or any other gambling game that doesn’t require a table… just because you pick up a little cash playing some craps doesn’t mean you’re a thug or an ex-con… it’s shady, yes, but don’t go around assuming things about people you don’t know. I’ll gladly take you up on your “bet”

        • people that drink and smoke weed on the side walk while playing craps have definitely served time in jail. u are naive to think otherwise.

          • i don’t think so. i’ve never played craps, but i’ve definitely smoked weed on a corner and i’ve never been to jail. me and every other kid who went to the DC private school from which i graduated. i am also not naive… that is a BROAD statement. please don’t get me started on my uncle who had a partial scholarship to college in the 60s and gambled for the rest (this includes craps). he has never been to jail and is being at the TOP of his profession. He’s also not naive. Please don’t make general assumptions, there are exceptions to EVERY “rule”.

          • and before anyone says antything about the grammatical error below (wait for it)and equates that to private schooling, it was an oversight due to editing….

      • A Philadelphia-style youth curfew will never, EVER happen in DC, because here it would be seen as some kind of horrible, racist civil rights violation.

      • saf

        We’ve had a curfew for years.


        That’s the link to the MPD page on the curfew.

    • Go to your monthly PSA meeting and raise hell in person.

      Cops hate facing the public.

  • Why can’t DC police send an undercover in there and round these mofo’s up?

  • I bet Ashy Larry set this up.

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