Columbia Rd, NW damage – Could’ve Been A Lot Worse – Looks Like We Got Really Lucky

Another reader writes:

“Large bricks off the structure housing pitazzi on Columbia RD in Adams
Morgan. High pedestrian area. Even the cops acknowledged this could’ve killed a passerby.”

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  • They’re saying DCUSA having issues. Best buy roof sagging.

  • Pop u need the 5-0 police scanner app. Richmond is actually on the feed too.

  • if stuff is falling clearly there are issue with the building or where bricks were left, not the earthquake….the itty bitty earthquake it was.

  • In adams morgan (unlike DC 9 and Room 11), the buildings throw bricks at you.

  • It’s interesting how the quake can affect buildings/areas so differently, particularly for a quake that could be felt up and down the East coast. We could feel shaking and vibrations in our offices at Dupont Circle, but I didn’t see much movement. No pictures fell off the walls and a book that was standing on display didn’t even fall over. The street outside looks clear of any debris and sandwich board signs were still standing.

    In the meantime, I seeing photos like the above from less than a mile away.

  • My friend said as he was walking, he heard some massive crashing inside a house on Webster St near Grant Circle. Wonder what fell (a poured concrete bathroom floor and clawfoot tub in an old wood house)? Hope no one is inside needing help(!).

    Glad we put steel inside our concrete structures. My office building downtown was swaying and lunging big time. Nice to get out of work early without concrete or a brick on my head.

    Planet Earth Rocks!

  • The quake definitely did not feel or look “itty-bitty” outside in AM right near Meridien Hill Park (and near CH). It was like I was standing on a little floating dock when rocking from really big waves. And the buildings around were also looked like they wre on floating docks — they were moving crazily. I truly thought there had been a large explosion (based on sight alone, no sound) in one of two large buildings next to me and kept looking back and forth to see which was the one that was going to collapse.

    A neighbor who was a half mile down the hill near Dupont felt nothing!

  • Heard on the news this morning that the pool at DCUSA’s Washington Sports Club sloshed and overflowed, causing some water damage to the Target below.

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