Columbia Heights Day Cancelled

Photo by PoPville flickr user Mr. T in DC

Dang. This sucks!!!

Thanks to all for sending emails:

“It saddens us to say, due to circumstances beyond our control, the 5th Annual Columbia Heights Day Festival is cancelled. Many of the companies and services that we rely on to present the festival are unable to perform their contracted duties for us, due to the potential of extreme weather. We sincerely apologize for the last minute notification, but our decision to cancel the festival is based on information provided to us this morning.

We are in the process of reaching out to all festival participants to make them aware of the event cancellation. Over the coming days, we will be answering specific questions from individual people and organizations regarding this situation. Until then, we thank you in advance for your patience as we sort through the logistics; please stayed tuned to our Facebook and Webpage for updates.

Thank you everyone to who came yesterday or who helped leading up to the festival. 🙂 I will be in touch with all of you about the festival next year.

It would be great if everyone could get the word out about the festival being cancelled. We don’t want people showing up. Please tweet, facebook etc about it.”

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  • Horrible news. I expected to eat my weight in pupusas this weekend.

  • Wow.

  • noooooo……..

  • andy

    I am available to consume any/all pies produced for Columbia Heights Day and/or state fair festivities that may unfortunately go unconsumed. Just putting that out there.

  • Does this mean the DC state fair is cancelled, too? We entered the pie contest. Just wondering.

  • Bummer! and I wanted to enter my Dutch Apple Pie in the DC State Fair competition again. No chance of just postponing it?

  • notlawd

    Oh no! I was really looking forward to this. Too bad they could not reschedule at least 🙁

  • Of all community days, Columbia Heights is the worst. I feel as if it is nothing more than a zip car/corporate sponsor day with random pies made by people who have never been to a real fair.

  • em

    From DC State Fair’s FB Page: “Well this is embarrassing. We just got word from the Columbia Heights Day organizers that Columbia Height Day is cancelled. This is the ONLY reason we wouldn’t go through with the fair – it’s out of our hands. Please spread the word – we hope everyone stays safe tomorrow!”

  • Boooo! I was so looking forward to some Pleasant Pops and fun times!

  • austindc

    I’ll get you for this Irene!!!

  • This stinks.

    The weather isn’t opposed to come until Sat night into Sunday, there should have been plenty of time for fun before then.

  • I told you guys it wasn’t hurricane or shine. And furthermore, Anonymous, hurricane is not something you play games with. It is true that the hurricane shouldn’t arrive til Sat. night, however, the process of finishing the festi and cleaning up would fall right in a sensitive spot, especially for vendors who then have to make a trip home afterwards. It sucks, but given the circumstances its the only appropriate course of action.

    • What oneal said.

      Seriously, who knows when or how hard this thing will hit us? And maybe we’ll just have a heavy rain storm so then everyone can complain about wimpy Washingtonians again.

      But given the current predictions, mixed with the general unpredictability of any weather situation, I’d be shocked if some outdoor family-friendly event went forward, oblivious to the risks. DC has cancelled the MLK memorial ceremonies, Maryland has already declared a state of emergency and is evacuating the Ocean City/Bethany beach areas, and there’s talk of NYC shutting down its subway system.

      On the up side, now you’ll be free Saturday to enjoy the DC ritual of last-minute frenzied shopping at your local grocery store!!

  • Hey Judge PoP- What about the photo contest. Will we find out who the winners would have been?

  • Can one still get a “Columbia Heights Day 2011” t-shirt? Of course, it may be a reminder of how badly mother nature was treating us around this time, but still, I want one.

    • Yes, t-shirts are still available! Stop by the Wonderland tomorrow to get one. Also, stay tuned for some more news.

  • How about a big thanks to all the CH day organizers who, after putting so much work into this event already, are now having to deal with extra logistical problems of cancellation, as well as disappointment?

    And pies are pretty portable – what about switching it to the farmer’s market in the plaza? Some picnic blankets in Meridian Hill park? The patio at Wonderland?

    Let’s keep calm and carry on people.

  • Thanks for all the kind words this morning. We’re bummed, too. However, we have something cookin’ for tomorrow that we think you’ll enjoy. More to come.

  • It’s official. Visit the bars on 11th Street this Saturday for an alternate Columbia Heights Day. Specials, surprises, t-shirts and more! Includes: Wonderland, Room 11, Red Rocks and Meridian Pint.

  • The Potomac Bombs, a string band out of Columbia Heights, are moving their set from the festival to Acre 121 at 4 pm! Food and drink specials, come check it out. More info and some original songs at

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