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  • The Adams Morgan shop has some some excellent work for me fixing and keying 100-year old mortise locks. Nice folks.

    • Do you mean that they are able to create keys to fit old locks or do they just repair existing key-door sets?

      I would be so psyched to have them create keys to replace those keys that might have been lost decades ago, but I have no idea if it is possible.

  • Is this the place that used to be on the other side of the street in Adams Morgan, where Urban Sustainable is now? Or was that a different lock place?

    • It is indeed, textdoc.

      Before locating across the street, Central Safe and Lock was at 1787 Columbia Road where Urban Sustainable is now.

      Albert Lopatin passed away in 2009 after running Alan Lock and Key for nearly 50 years at that same address which he owned. (He was a lifelong friend and I miss him.)

      The Lopatin family leases the ground floor to Urban Sustainable and long time tenant Morris Management above.

      Central Safe and Lock are long established Washington locksmiths, good men that know their trade well. They are very well stocked and prepared for work on new and old door hardware.

  • Yes Central Safe and Lock moved to their new location on Columbia Road more than a year ago…you are a little slow on the uptake there ole PoP…how come?

    • Yeah, and the seventh street location has been open for like two years, since they moved from Ninth Street. They’re they only place I ever get keys made. They do everything, they’re friendly, and the keys almost always work the first time, unlike Home Depot.

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