Central African Republic’s new embassy Opens in Adams Morgan

“Dear PoP,

Excited to see that the row house that was purchased this summer after only a few weeks on the market is now the Central African Republic’s new embassy. I’m happy to have new neighbors. The place is at 2704 Ontario Rd NW, near the intersection with Columbia Rd.”

Very cool! 2704 Ontario Rd, NW sold for $800,000 on 5/17/11.

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  • Much preferred the parties i attended here to it being an embassy, but good for the owner for making a good profit.

  • Had no idea where that was. Had to look up the CAR.

    They apparently spent a quarter of a percent of their entire nations yearly budget buying that row home ( I mean embassy)

    • You seriously had to look up a country named “The Central African Republic”? Let me guess, you also ran to IMDB to look up the plot line of “Snakes on a Plane”.

    • They anticipate questions about their country, see large cartoonish map of their country hanging on the porch. I lived in what had been the Zimbabwe consulate on Reservoir Road – the whole back yard was a wild farm of unrecognizable exotic vines.

  • Is this for real?

  • You like them now, but wait till they figure out how easy it is to abuse their diplomatic immunity, consequence-free.

  • I lived across the street from the Benin Embassy some years ago. Let’s just say that the embassy personnel of impoverished kleptocracies make for interesting neighbors.
    By the way, you will now lose some of what little street parking you have available, because the State Department will commandeer several spaces in front of the embassy for its exclusive use. Parking Enforcement views these embassy spaces as gold mines, and you will be showered in tickets if you try to park there.

    • “impoverished kleptocracies” LOLZ. I’m sure they will take great care of the house… it could be worse, you could live next to one of the super-ugly militarized US embassies overseas.

      • thats one of the problem with the new embassies, they aren’t actually near anything. Just like with new government buildings in the US, that setbacks required are so large the only practical place to put them are on the edge of town.

    • I don’t think parking is permitted on that side of the street anyway.

      Years ago when I lived in Dupont Circle, there was an embassy on Mass between 17th and 18th (I forget which one) that had reserved parking until 6:30pm, but embassy personnel would routinely put cones out and try not to let anyone park there later at night. I’d always just get out of my car, throw the cones on the sidewalk and and park there anyway. The guards would yell at me, but I’d point to the sign and tell them to call the cops if they didn’t like it. I never got a ticket for parking there.

      • Parking isn’t allowed on that side of the street… but maybe the embassy is going to commandeer parking on the opposite side of the street. I hope not.

        • Just wait and see, they’ll park wherever the hell they want to, and will never be ticketed, because the District knows they’ll never be able to collect on them.

        • They’ll probably get at least 2 “reserved” spots on the other side of the street.

          The real bitch is if the space is also a residence (i.e., embassy personnel live on the upper floors). In that case the spots are reserved 24/7 instead of just business hours.

          I’ve personally been tempted to “liberate” a bunch of these embassy spaces by taking down the signs in the middle of the night. I’m sure it’s illegal in many different ways, but an organized group could probably get a lot of signs down before the DCPD actually did anything about it.

      • uzbeki embassy

  • There goes the neighborhood!

  • Oh good god, this is gonna be awful. Embassies should stay on MASS Ave, CT Ave, 16th St.. but Ontario Rd!?!

    How is this legal to put an embassy in the middle of a residential neighborhood. HBow could the State Dept allow this?

    • It could be an ambassadorial residence, not an actual embassy. The US could also be trying to buy land to build a new embassy there and for the sake of reciprocity allowed this to be bought becuase they couldn’t afford anything int he locations you mentioned.

      • Any property is “allowed to be bought” when someone has the money to buy it.

        • Buying a property and establishing extraterritoriality aren’t exactly the same thing.

        • I believe there are actually zoning restrictions on where embassies can go in DC. Since this is close to the Columbia Road commercial strip, I’d imagine the zoning allows embassy use.

      • And the security required for either?
        And the impact on the residents?

        Receiprocity is not even possible. This is CAR, not Switzerland… the US even now, could afford to build anywhere in CAR.

        This is awful.

        I feel for the folks who own on Ontario.

        • ToCareNotTo
          Reciprocity certainly could be an issue. Just because the US can afford to buy land doesn’t mean they have to sell it to us.

        • You live in DC. This is why we have DC: to host foreign embassies.

          Ignorant Americans.

    • This is a tiny, dirt-poor African nation who frankly cannot afford much more than a glorified group house.

    • what? who are you? there are embassies scattered all over over this city, not just on embassy row. take a walk for christ’s sake. what strange outrage you have for no apparent reason.

  • That is one ghetto embassy. You’d think they could sell enough conflict minerals or whatever to buy a nice pad in Kalorama…unless their realtor told them this was Kalorama.

  • was this the same country that abandoned their last embassy and left a totally dilapidated bldg?

    p.s. looking forward to their house parties!

  • I live across the street from this building.
    The state dept’s web site and google list their official embassy address as 1618 22nd Street NW, Washington, DC 20008, telephone: (202) 483–7800 / 7801.
    This is a residence:
    Ambassador: Stanislas Moussa-Kembe: Embassy: 2704 Ontario Road NW, Washington, DC 20009: Telephone: [1] (202) 483-7800

    • Typically something officially called an embassy is the residence of the ambassador. If it were just offices, it would be called a chancery. May seem like a nit-picky point, but diplomatic speak is full of nitpicky points.

      • Nit-picky though you may consider yourself, you’re definitely wrong. An embassy is the proper term for a permanent diplomatic mission, headed by an ambassador, to another country, though it’s most commonly used to mean the main building (or compound) housing the mission’s offices. A chancery is the building in which an ambassador has his or her offices, but other functions of the mission/embassy (most notably consular services) may be performed there or in other locations. A chancery may or may not also house the ambassador’s residence – which, regardless of location, the State Department refers to as the Chief of Mission’s residence.

        (And Redfin shows a May 2011 sale for the embassy building on 16th.)

  • At least it’s not the Central African Empire.

  • CAR barely has a government – can’t believe they have an embassy (no matter how small)

  • oh wow, I hope they don’t have their consulate there too…the traffic in and out of that place will be a nightmare.

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