Can You Sell Verizon from your Front Lawn?

Photo by PoPville flickr user Obvy09

I just caught this unusual sight in the PoPville flickr pool. Obvy writes:

“Can anyone sell FIOS from their front yard?”

It’s a good question – anyone else ever sales like this before?

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  • bfinpetworth

    That is hilarious.

  • 1. Set up Verizon store in front yard.

    2. ???

    3. Profit.

  • people sell drugs from their front yard all the time.

  • True. Yes they do

  • Clearly you can, as the photo demonstrates someone doing it.

  • Probably not in the way it is setup. Most people do not know this but the city actually owns all the property in front of the building restriction line — which is most cases is the front yard. Just the same way the city can ticket you for parking in your own front yard.

    • Is this the same person that keeps posting this fact? Are you kidding by continuously pointing it out or are you serious? Just wondering. Maybe I got trolled.

  • In the Gray-era of DC, why the hell not? LOL

  • Depends on where you live Pips. In Cap Hill its pretty common that the City does own your entire yard but in other neighborhoods not necessarily and a lot depends on the depth of your yard. I checked my own building and property lines to see if I could squeeze a patio in without going through a public space permit..coulnd’t make it work buy a few feet though.
    Anyhow, this is true in the burbs too..but its usually 10 feet of “easement” into your front yard should the city need to dig for utilities, sidewalks or other things for the common good without having to compensate you for the loss. Now this whole Verizon thing in the front yard is different story…

    • Yup, out here in Gaithersburg we own our lawns all the way up to the street. As you’ve pointed out, there is a utility easement of some 15 feet from the curb, but the city doesn’t own that.

      District law sounds really wacky regarding the ownership of lawns. I don’t know this aspect of the law at all, but if the District owns your lawn, aren’t they responsible for the upkeep thereof?

      By the way, out here in G’burg we had quite a few problems with Verizon. They came and installed the FIOS cable in the easement by our street, and in doing so managed to cut the TV cable running to my house. They did the same for SIX other neighbors in my neighborhood. Of course, Verizon can’t fix a Comcast cable, so we were without TV/internet for several days until the problem was fixed. Comcast came out and spliced the cable in about 10 minutes.

      It seems that in MoCo, Verizon subcontracts all of the work for FIOS installation. They used one company to distribute information leaflets regarding the FIOS installation, and of course that company didn’t distribute the leaflets.

      So, a second company came and marked the existing lines in the easement, but still managed to cut our TV cable.

      A third company had the job of landscape repair at the installation sites. The entire thing was a disaster. There is no accountability whatsoever.

      The worst part was that we don’t even use/want FIOS but we still lost internet for 5 days. I hate Verizon with a passion.

      To get back on track, isn’t it illegal to run a business at a residential property without a permit?

  • This seems fishy, but not because of the tent. If a similar size tent was erected for a party then nobody would question it.

    My guess would be that if you are selling something from your front yard, be it products or services, then you need a permit. Perhaps this individual has one.

  • independent contractor with a home occupancy permit could easily do such a thing.

  • We used to do this in the front lawn of our fraternity house, but I’ve never seen it in DC til now.

  • No this is illegal by DCRA standards.

  • austindc

    Wait, isn’t there a commercial from a competing company where they make fun of verizon by insinuating that they camp out on your lawn and start digging up your yard to install fios?

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