Cafe Eagle Becomes Mexican Restaurant at 1414 9th St. NW

1414 9th St, NW, former Vegetate space

“Dear PoP,

Today my girlfriend and I checked out a Mexican restaurant called Cafe Eagle at 1414 9th St. NW. I found you posted about that address a year ago, but it looks like it has shifted from an Eritrean/Ethiopian restaurant to a Mexican one. It looks like they’re still putting things together (the only menu is a sign board that’s leaning against a wall), but they are selling food. Our tacos and tamales cost 2 dollars each and were great. The waiter told us the restaurant opened on Friday. Just thought I’d give you a head’s up and encourage others to go there for some great Mexican.”

Anyone else try them out yet?

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    • yes does anyone know anything about this? last i read, they were changing locations?

    • +1 I miss that place so much. Last rumors I heard were more than a year ago — that they were considering some space in Columbia Heights. Not sure what happened there.

  • someone posted a rave about it earlier this morning

  • new and inexpensive? crazytalk.

    sign me up.

  • Can we start a petition to bring back vegetate??

  • Plenty of places to get vegan & veg food (comparably), but places to get legit, very affordable Mexican?? Pretty much zilch. If vegetate was so amazing, why hasn’t it reappeared anywhere?

    • Seriously? Have you been anywhere in Columbia Heights or Mt. P for mexican? As far as good, nice, quality veg food in DC, sure there are some places to go (mainly ethiopian, indian, etc. along with a few other okay veg places) but no great upscale veg food options. Try some of the veg places in NYC and Philly and get back to me. (And for the record, I love DC and wish the folks at Horizons/Vedge in Philly would open a place down here to give the DC veg restaurants some good competition so they up their game.)

      • If you’re ever in Chicago, check out Green Zebra. It was the best upscale veg restaurant I’ve ever been to (though never been to The Greens or Millennium in SF).

      • Yes, I’ve explored Mexican options in Mt. P and Columbia Heights. Great for Salvadorian, not so good for Mexican. Taqueria DF isn’t bad, but beyond that? Pica? Ha- no.

        Regardless, that area of 9th St. isn’t exactly prime territory for serving vegetarians. Probably would flourish in a different area though.

    • 1. Vegetate? Seriously? That place was awful – just awful! Horrible food, spotty service and rude, rude, rude employees. Good riddance to that place, there’s a reason it hasn’t come back.

      2. Affordable Mex: Los Cuates or La Loma. There are a few more as well…

  • I second the comments that vegetate wasn’t very great. I had high expectations, but the food was bland and overpriced. the service was bad. even the silverware felt cheap. Too bad…it would’ve been great to have a neighborhood veg restaurant. Welcome, cheap, authentic mexican on 9th street!

  • for good mexican or even Tex-mex style mexican (red banquettes, amazing enchiladas, etc) you have to go to riverdale, md.

    vegetate sucked — this from a lifelong vegetarian.

    the real tragedy is that they allowed Shaw Tavern to close. That place amazing and they never got their liquor license.

  • I went in yesterday and had a taco al pastor and 2 chicken mole tamales (all for $4). They gave me the grilled green onion with the taco, radishes and cucumbers to top it too. And little baggies of salsa and mole (I took it to go because they didn’t have the air on and it was stifling in there). So nice!

    I’m from CA and I’ve lived in Mexico; this isn’t the best Mexican food I’ve ever had, but it’s tasty and cheap, and I’m happy they’re in my neighborhood. They’ll have to do a better signage job than the prior Cafe Eagle if they want to survive, though.

  • Ethiopians making Mexican food? Seriously?

    The problem with DC (and the rest of the country) is that people don’t seem to place value on knowing where their food is coming from. Instead they’ll applaud a $2 taco which is laced with fat, factory farmed meat and out of season produce shipped in from God knows where.

    It’s actually quite sad.

  • Went to the new Mexican restaurant on 9th Street this weekend. I don’t know what people are complaining about, because the food was TERRIFIC and very cheap. Very authentic Mexican food. The place is not much to look at and they’re still getting their act together in terms of the menu, etc., but have dinner at this place. It is very good and the staff is very friendly. I am thrilled to have a good Mexican restaurant in Shaw!!

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