Brief Update on New Tryst/Diner Coming to 11th and Monroe St, NW in Columbia Heights

Since we had a brief update on the taqueria coming to 11th and Lamont St, NW earlier in the week I’ve gotten a number of emails asking for updates on the new Tryst/Diner spot coming to 11th and Monroe St, NW. Last we heard there were fears that up to 1/4 of a thousand patrons would ruin the quality of life on 11th Street. Those fears were not shared with the ABC board – they have been awarded their liquor license and while they obviously won’t be serving 24/7 the plans are still to remain open 24/7.

They are waiting on full building permits which they expect to get any day now after which full construction will start. If they are able to start construction in September then we should see an opening in mid-January.

While permit’s were filed under the name Margot’s Chair a final name has not yet been selected.

As soon as more info becomes available I’ll be sure to share it.

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  • That’s great to hear. I biked by just yesterday and tok a peak inside. I saw nothing, and thought maybe this was another tease.

    So… they will be open 24/7? That’s pretty ambitious. I wonder why? Will they really have so many customers between 2am – 7am?

    • Yes, I think they will!

    • I’m sure they will. My little college town had a few coffee shops that were open really late, one until 5am, and they were always packed. Surprisingly few of us were students– most were artists and people who simply kept odd hours. A really diverse crowd. It’s been surprising and disappointing to me that a city as large as DC doesn’t have a 24 hour coffeeshop, aside from that Starbucks in Chinatown.

  • won’t anyone think of the neighborhoods mystique?????

  • I’m so excited but I don’t love the name “Margot’s Chair”

  • Awe but I want it now!

    I am glad to see movement on this. I live just around the corner making this place the closest bar/restaurant to me once it opens. To the new owner-You guys will be getting a lot of my money!

  • Awesome! I can’t wait. We definitely need more 24 hour spots around here and if the quality of food is on par with Tryst, this will be a welcome addition to the neighborhood.

    Change the name though!

  • great scene monday morning as some of the crews working on the building (on what specifically, I don’t know) had the awkward task of working around the group of guys who usually hang in the park (now under construction and blocked off) who had set up lawn chairs for a hang out spot in front of one of the building’s doors on the 11th street side. the guys have moved and now have the chairs set up on the NE corner of 11th and monroe. fantastic.

    • I thought the construction would drive the whinos away but I was wrong. There will have to be a lot more gentrification to clean up that park.

    • There’s an easy fix to that. It’s called a sprinkler with an automatic timer.

  • Ha, that’s great! What I don’t get is the dudes that set up lawn chairs on the sidewalk outside the Cadillacs and such. You must have a home given that you drive that type of car? So go there, not in front of my house!!

  • Thanks for the update and really excited about the addition to the neighborhood. Despite what some people say it should fit in nicely and cap off the emerging 11th street strip!

  • Can’t wait! Just don’t love the name Margot’s Chair… It’s a little too reminiscent of Miriam’s Kitchen and Martha’s Table, which are both amazing organizations but not necessarily a place I would want to plop down my laptop while ordering a piece of cheesecake and a vanilla latte.

  • Wow, January is soon! I was assuming this was a several-years-down-the-road kind of thing. I’m excited!

  • Margot’s Chair will not be the name, it is a just a temporary name (from what I understand) for purposes of the licensing process … Meridian Pint did something similar if I recall. So no worries there.

    Six months from now, 11th Street (as good as it is already) is going to be incredible, if the park, Jackie’s, and this place all proceed as planned … all three should at least be close to opening, if not completed, by then, and certainly within a year I imagine. The only spots left that I can think of on that stretch are the two places next to Columbia Heights Coffee, one of which may EVENTUALLY become a restaurant, and the other of which seems to be in permanent limbo (the one next to Acuario). Hopefully construction can resume on that infinitely-delayed tan apartment building on Park and 11th as well. That has gone through more starts-and-stops than any project, ever, over the past five years …

    When you add all of the above to the dog park, the Tubman field, Bloombars, the pet store, Redrocks, Room 11, Meridian, Wonderland, and the mexican / el salvadorean places on that stretch, it is hard to think of a more interesting / diverse local entertainment district in D.C. Even H Street, as cool as it is, is lacking in the green gathering spaces on 11th …

  • I’m hoping for the name Mike Easter’s Chair.

  • Opening up a business seems uneccesarily complicated

  • can’t wait, please hurry! and maybe encourage some of your other friends/associates to develop a place on upper 14th

  • PoP has been on a roll lately with these updates, scooping the media and others consistently.

    He’s en fuego! haha

  • Sounds cool, but 24/7 would be terrible for the neighborhood. I would certainly never buy one of those luxury condos above a 24 hour diner.

  • Can’t wait

    I tried twice this week to find a diner / cafe type place to eat and get coffee after 8pm in the area…. I ended up at the Diner after trying Qualia, Sticky Fingers, The cafe in the Tivoli, Tynan, Columbia Heights Coffee, the coffee shop on Mt.Pleasant St…. All closed…

    This place will make a lot of money

    • +1,000,000
      I went to Baked and Wired all the way in Gtown just to have a latte at 730 last night. Given the water front last night was spectacular, and I do like that coffee house, but to have to go that far is sad. I cannot wait!!

    • florida avenue grill is open till 9:00 pm. ihop is open late. maybe those weren’t what you were looking for?

    • Yes. There are a lot of people (myself included) who often want to go out late to someplace that’s not a bar. Especially if it’s the sort of place where I can read or knit or get some work done.

    • And on the other side of it, it’ll be nice to have a place that’s not just a coffee shop to have breakfast at before 10:00. I predict lots of kids there from 8-10 am on the weekends.

  • There has been ZERO movement on Jackie’s for some time. Take a walk past it when you can – still no construction that I can tell…

    EDIT: OK, SERIOUSLY, what is UP with the “you are posting comments too quickly. slow down” crud? I mean, I can’t even post one comment without that coming up? PoP, you’re hosting service or scripts or whatever are totally out of whack.

  • Does anyone know the real estate holding company leasing apartments in that building?

  • Speaking of the development on the northern end of the 11th st corridor… does anyone know what’s happening with the building at the corner of Park RD & Sherman AVE?

    • saf

      Plans keep falling through.

      OK, money keeps falling through, then plans fall apart.

    • Dangit! DC’s insanely slow regulatory process strikes again. I am constantly amazed by the number of people who, even in a bad economy, want to invest in this city, but are stymied / thwarted by the ten zillion permits and inspections that take apparently years to obtain / complete …

  • Adrian / SAF, I assume you are referring to the interesting former school building? There is, FINALLY, movement on the apartment building on the other corner of Park and Sherman (next to the purple row house), it’s been a dilapidated vacant property for years, so good to see it finally getting fixed up and hopefully put to good use …

  • Actually, I was referring to the building next to the purple row house. I live a few houses down from it so I’ve noticed renewed life. Seems a fresh brick facade is being added. You stated it’s an apartment building… will it still be one when they are done or will it be condos/mixed use?

  • Condos, when I spoke with the workers a couple of weeks ago

  • austindc

    I am going to go on a pancake fast until this place opens. Then I am going to go there, eat all the pancakes, and make a scene.

    Assuming they will sell pancakes.

    So excited!

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