Boundary Stone “Definitely” Opening in Autumn ’11 in Bloomingdale (Sneak Peek of Menu)

Last Saturday, Bloomingdale hosted their Third Annual Art Walk (which was awesome) and I ran into the owners of Boundary Stone. We last noted that construction had started at their space at 116 Rhode Island Avenue, NW. I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek at the space (and while it’s not quite photo ready) you can really see it starting to come together. One photo I begged to take – and finally wore them down – is the great tin ceiling:

Another super super cool feature is that they got their electrician to hook up the big Sylvan sign out front. They have a switch in the bar so whenever you see the Sylvan sign lit you’ll know the bar is open.

Speaking of when the bar is open – while I couldn’t get an exact date – I was able to get “definitely in Autumn 2011”.

And more good news – here’s a sneak peek at part of the menu:

Boundary Stone Menu

Sound good?

And for beers they’ll have cans and drafts. You’ll be able to get a $3 can of Bud, a $7 20 oz Guinness and lots of others including from the 21st Amendment Brewery, DC Brau, Brooklyn Lager and many many more. Not to mention all of the whiskeys they’ll have…

Stay tuned.

In the meantime you can stay updated by following them on twitter @BoundaryStoneDC and checking their facebook page here.

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  • The pics don’t do it justice – they are definitely weeks from at least a soft opening. They know what they’re doing (from a construction standpoint) and have succeeded in creating an impressively functional space out of the curious layout.

    As someone who’s been active in the community for years, places like this, Rustik, BBear and Shaws were mere daydreams until recently. Can’t wait for this! 😉

  • What’s the significance of the word Sylvan? Just a random sign?

    • It’s the name of the old movie theater that was here.

    • I believe this was the Sylvan theater so it’s just part of the building, but a cool sign. Can’t wait for this to open. Only been in the neighborhood for 6 years, but the changes make it seem like a lifetime ago.

  • i’m looking forward to this place. menu looks good. updated classic bar food. i have no doubt the beer and whiskey will be good.

    i hope this place does well.
    thanks for opening in bloomingdale.

  • This is exciting! Looks like a great menu and they’ve certainly had the time, courtesy of red tape, to get the details all figured out as they waited for things to fall into place.

    Thanks PoP for talking your way into snapping a picture and getting some other insight.

    Just one question, did you happen to ask them what theyre going to do with the outdoor space to the side of their building? They boarded it up for a while and it looked like they may be doing outdoor seating.

  • Wow the menu looks great and the beer list sounds really good as well!

    I can’t wait for this place to open!

  • That sign is an awesome idea! Can’t wait todaqy.

    • HA! I saw it lit up last week and thought I was hallucinating as I had too much to drink ha-ha. It was working in perfect condition and I thought surely that is not possible………… now I know!

      All we need now is for a good Italian pub to open on the other end of that theater and Bloomingdale will be on the MAP!

  • Super stoked for these boys to open up, and that sign lighting up is freaking awesome!

  • It’s really cool to see that sign all lit up like a beacon. I’ve always been fascinated by what are obviously old neighborhood movie houses that have been turned into various commercial venues (dry cleaners, CVS stores, etc.) I’m from New Orleans, a child of the 50’s and 60’s, but I was fortunate to be able to go to many of those neighborhood movie houses before they were either turned into something else or, regretfully, razed. Many younger folk don’t even know what they’re looking at when they see an old structure like that. Ya gotta look for a ticket booth (maybe), or even an old marquee.

    • There’s still a theater like that in Old Greenbelt. Great theater, that screens mostly indie and foreign films.

  • Holy cow I’m so excited for this I can’t even explain; I moved to Bloomingdale in 08/02 (back when Windows was a market with all items behind the bulletproof plastic — you had to point to what you wanted), so just kind of assumed we’d never get such a wonderful establishment.

  • That neighborhood is turning into the kind of place where you can probably ask for $795,000 for a 3 BR, 3.5 Bathroom place just down the street.

  • Sounds like there is more proof they will open than just an adverb. That’s definitely good.

  • Is there anything going on with the big building at the corner of 1st and Seaton (the one that sometimes has furniture for sale on the weekends).

    I always drive by there and think how awesome that space would be for a brewpub (not saying the neighborhood could support it yet, but maybe).

  • Very cool news. Congrats, Bloomindalers.

  • are those $3 Buds 12 or 16 oz cans?

  • Looking good!

    Congrats B-dale, well deserved.

  • Another question, at one point I think they were saying they might put in a partial second floor to increase seating capacity, did you see any signs of that being done?

  • Their logo has a strong resemblance to the Twisted Sister logo. I’m wondering if Dee Snider will be there for the grand opening party.

    Either way, it’s great to have another bar in town that embraces ’80s heavy metal culture.

  • These guys seem to get it. Looks very cool so far. Love the name. And the sign rocks.

  • I am excited to have this in our neighborhood. I hope they serve Heineken.

    • It’s not going to be a strip club

    • Really? Heineken? You know there are about 40 places within a block of here you can get a mini-keg of heineken and sit on your stoop and enjoy it at any time of the day, right?

      • Yeah, when I go to bars, I only order beers that aren’t sold in stores.

      • Don’t want to sit on my stoop and enjoy heineken. I want to enjoy it in a bar. While a lot of people drink Mad Shark Dog Flying Raging Mutt Number 69, Heineken is crisp and cool and exactly what I drink. Rustik doesn’t carry it, but I hope Boundary Stone will.

  • I, too, was very excited to see the Sylan sign lit up as the Art Walk block party concluded last Saturday. I wondered aloud to the folks I was standing with whether I’d seen it lit in the 6 years I’ve been in the `hood. Fantastic! Big part of the neighborhood identity. We really need the BCA, N Cap Main Street and the ANC to be prepared to support (ie. $$) its continued illumination so that this small business doesn’t have to bear the costs exclusively. Hopefully it can be lit nightly and not just when the business is open (as POP was informed) Cheers to the Boundary Stone guys for being so thoughtful!

    • PS. To ‘ditto’ others comments about the positive impact that this business will bring to that corner/area. Long way from when the prosties (nee prostitutes) that worked that area as recent as `05 – `06. Cheers (again) to the Boundary Stone!

      • PSS. Last point: THANK YOU for working ‘Bloomingdale’ into the working title of your business. Awesome and much needed branding. Way to rep our `hood! Hopefully all of the businesses around that intersection will follow suit.

  • I know the Sylvan was an old theater, but I have a hard time picturing it. Was the inside chopped up at a later point to make the various stores or is there a larger open section still in there somewhere?

    I’m glad they’re going to light up the Sylvan sign, although I’m not sure why that’s a Boundary Stone thing and not something for all the businesses in there.

    I’m thrilled about this place and, assuming the food is good, have no doubt it’ll be a success, like Rustik.

  • I am so stoked about this place. Live down the street and will be in here often. Love Rustik but I always feel price gouged and so I never actually go.

    • Nothing says “price gouging” like a 10 dollar entree and a 7 dollar beer. You realize Boundary Stone has a similar price structure, right?

  • Can’t wait! Rustik BTW has really decent food at reasonable prices–my friends traipse over from other hoods so we can eat outside, grab a kale salad and a pint–and still pay less than for a salad at Chop’t and a diet coke costs downtown. Well, yeah there’s the tip…but they deserve it! Honestly, Diton and the Rustik gang have done so much over the past year to contribute to all in the neighborhood–their work on Saturday’s street party and pig roast was amazing and a gift to all who came. Definitely deserve “The Above and Beyond” award for that one.

    Back to Boundary Stone, it’s gonna be well-loved.

    You can’t underestimate the re-lighting of the Sylvan sign as an urban signifier for our neighborhood…fantastic!

    In regards to the empty retail space (and crappy landlord problems that apparently keep them empty–sorry Yoga District)–what other retail do we a. need, and b. could be sustainable? Ditto about the huge yellow building–it’s fab–I know there is no kitchen–but what else could go there?

  • Not to hijack the thread but does anyone know if EC 12 is kaput?

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