Bobby’s Burger Palace Opens Today at 2121 K Street, NW

After much anticipation Bobby’s Burger Palace opens today at 2121 K Street, NW. You can see their menu here and in PDF below:


So any volunteers to do a burger taste off between Shake Shack and Bobby’s? If so just take some photos of your burgers and send me your thoughts at princeofpetworth(at)gmail

Update 12:10pm check out the line sent in by a reader:

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  • burger place? i was hoping for frozen yogurt.

  • It’s about f**king time SOMEONE served a burger with potato chips on it.

  • I was so excited about BBP opening, but no veggie burger?! Shake Shack and Good Stuff have awesome mushroom burgers stuffed with cheese, in additional to many restaurants making their own delicious veggie burgers.

    • then don’t go there you crybaby.

      • another vegetarian here. obviously i won’t go if there’s not a vegetarian option. and i’m not crying about it. but from a business perspective, not offering a vegetarian option means that they lose the business of my meat-eating family and friends when we’re deciding where to go eat.

        • The truth is your family and friends have to miss out because you express your politics thru your diet….SMH

          • “Have to miss out”? It’s just a burger– not exactly a life-changing experience. And it’s really no different than having to miss out on other great restaurants because some dining companions are too damn picky and unadventurous. I’m not a vegetarian but I do think restaurants are shooting themselves in the foot when they don’t offer something meatless.

          • why such anger, meatisgood? vegetarians’ choice to not eat meat only affects us positively. chill.

          • Meatisgood feels threatened by vegetarians

        • i was watching gordon ramsays show about the best restaurants in britain. he would have his guests come in and they would rate a restaurant. it’s funny how so many were absolutely appalled when a restaurant didn’t have a vegetarian option. and he chastised them too. even places in small towns. they simply demanded better.

          it’s 2011, and it’s a fact of life that our diets are changing and there are many many vegetarians, or people that would like that option. for places in the capitol of the USA to not have that is totally behind the times.

          that said, it’s a business owners choice to chose to be outdated.
          it’s just funny that britain is more culinarilly progressive than the us.

          • Well, Britain has a lot of Indians, who tend to have vegetarian diets.

          • and, like it or not, many people generally don’t eat meat and don’t want to eat meat but still don’t call themselves vegetarian. the number is growing so it’s simply stupid to not have solid vegetarian items on a menu.

      • It’s always amusing how threatened meat eaters are by vegetarians.

        • agreed. according to wiki, 10% of americans “follow a vegetarian-inclined diet” and I’ll bet even more are trying to get there. funny, that’s roughly the same percent of atheists in america. and it reminds me of religious people being threatened by atheism. totally irrational.

    • It’s funny to me that SS and GS have veggie offerings with more saturated fat and calories than their meat burgers. I avoid all of them

  • Thank god, been having trouble finding a burger in this town. Now if someone would just open a crap pizza place and a pot belly deli, we’ll be all set.

  • I’m not going there until he quits bangin’ Ari Gold’s wife.

  • Since they both have signature burgers – Thunder Burger and BBP taste test.

  • Don’t eat there…he stands on the cutting boards. Claims it’s for flavor, victory and #winning.

  • Come on, Bobby! Why no vegetarian burger?

    • Because they taste nasty!!!!! Burgers = Meat = Good!

      • your insecurity is amusing

        • I am not a vegetarian. However, I have enjoyed many vege dishes in my day. But it seems like certain types of restaurants should be meat only. Like a Steakhouse or a BBQ joint or a burger place. Do vegetarians ask for a soybean steak or tofu burgers or ribs? Should a restaurant serve a specific clientele or risk quality by trying to be all things to all people?

          • one of the best veggie burgers i’ve ever had was a steak house. houstons maybe?
            it was fresh, house made, and super.

            so yeah, i did. i went in thinking i’d get a potato and a side salad.

          • the problem with that, is that many vegetarians (or simply people who prefer to not eat meat) have colleagues, friends, family, spouses who all want to go to these places. so these places are losing out on business by fetishizing meat instead of just making damn good food, veg or not.

      • burgers really aren’t very good. I’ll eat meat with the rest of them, but ground beef ain’t doing it for me. give me a rack of lamb or something else worth eating, but I’ll never understand why people pay for a burger. no wonder so many burger joints are opening up since it’s highway robbery to charge over $4 for ground beef. idiots.

  • I think Ari will shut this place down himself.

  • Is the line that long because they’re giving away something for free, or are people really such sheep?

    Wait, I already know the real answer to that.

    • I went around 2, saw the line was a half hour long, and left to get a vegetarian meal (and cookie was VEGAN). Does that make me a different kind of sheep or a different kind of animal altogether?

  • Is Obama behind this ridic proliferation of burger places in this city? He seems to eat at them on a regular basis. Let’s diversify the lunch options…a good deli would be a start

  • Well, they have a rewards program. Now just add 4Square promos and the sheeple will trample each other to get more burgers.

    I want a good deli so bad.

  • wtf is “crunchified?”

  • I’m sure it’s good and I’m glad to see a new place opening up which provides the type of jobs the city needs.

  • wow, i clicked on the Comments to find out what people thought of the hamburgers, not a diatribe on diets. Calm down folks!

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