Annie’s Ace Hardware Coming to 1240 Upshur Street, NW

Photo courtesy of Annie’s Hardware

Thanks to all who wrote about the Park View blog’s big news in this morning’s rant or revel post. Annie was kind enough to share some photos and her press release:

“Ace Hardware is coming to Petworth! Work has begun to open Annie’s Ace Hardware at 1240 Upshur St., NW.

Scheduled to open its doors in November, the store will bring its helpful customer service and quality home improvement products to area homeowners and DIYers in the rapidly developing neighborhood of Petworth in Northwest Washington, DC. Annie’s Ace Hardware will provide solutions to everyday home improvement needs through an extensive selection of products in categories including paint and lawn and garden. In addition, the on- staff “helpful hardware folks” will ease the shopping experience by offering one-on-one expert advice and

This is the first Ace store opened by owner Anne Stom. The store will span 7,000 square-feet and stock 15,000 products and have access to more than 80,000 products from the Ace warehouse. Stom, a longtime Washington, DC, resident, has lived near the Petworth neighborhood for six years. “I am very excited to be part of the ongoing commercial development of this part of the District,” she said. “Our vision for Annie’s Ace Hardware includes being a strong supporter of our community.”

The new store will be near the newly renovated Petworth branch of the D.C. Public Library as well as the Yes! Natural Food store on Georgia Avenue. Annie’s Ace Hardware will be a half-mile from the Georgia Avenue/Petworth Metro on the Green and Yellow lines, and near the 60, 62, 63, 70, 71, and 79 Metrobus lines. Capital Bikeshare has also recently announced plans for a Bikeshare station at Georgia Avenue and Upshur Street, scheduled for installation this fall. Stom said there will also be two Zipcar spaces available at the store and bicycle racks.

“This isn’t a suburban store,” Stom said. “That means our model needs to be different in terms of transportation options, as well as our product mix.” For example, she explained, lawn equipment will be geared toward the smaller yards of the nearby row houses. “We will also look at home renovation products that are appropriate for houses built in the early 20th century.”

Annie’s Ace Hardware will carry the Benjamin Moore paint line, Craftsman tools, and will have a lawn and garden section. “We’ll have all the basic hardware products that people expect from an Ace hardware store, but we’ll also be revising and updating our merchandise as we get feedback from customers,” Stom said. The property, the former Rainbow Auto Body Shop, is being renovated to house Annie’s Ace Hardware. “We anticipate installing shelving and stocking products starting in October, and opening in early November.”

If you’ll excuse me, I’ll be taking the rest of the afternoon off to weep with joy.

Photo courtesy of Annie’s Hardware

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  • Also weeping. Will be SO glad to avoid the RI Ave Home Despot.

  • Jumping for joy. Will you be stocking any lumber at this location?

    If you could stock 2×4’s, 2×3’s, 4×4’s and 1/2 plywood, in addition to the basics, your store will be taking over for 90 percent of my Home Depot bill. Without lumber, I still have to go to Home Depot, so I might as well just buy everthing there. Here’s hoping!

  • Just in time for my fall painting project!

  • Good for you, Petworth!

  • This news has totally made my week. I’m going to celebrate all labor day weekend. In all seriousness, I bought a house here in Petworth knowing I was going to have to renovate it over time. I thought the Home Depot 15-20 minutes away was going to be convenient. But honestly, it feels so terribly out of the way. I have no reason to go out that way but for the Home Depot, so I basically put off going until my shopping list is so long the trip just can’t wait anymore. Not to mention I can NEVER find help there. And when I do, the knowledge is spotty. This really is exciting news.

  • I saw the Facebook page a few weeks ago and have been ecstatic ever since. I never thought I would get to a point in my life where a hardware store made me jump for joy!

    Goodbye, Home Depot.

  • Dear Home Depot,

    It’s not you, it’s me…

  • After a couple of weeks of trying to do any major project by way the high prices, spotty selection, and comical inventory management of an Ace hardware, you will all quickly find yourselves again prostrate at the feet of the Home Despot. I don’t love the big orange monster, but I did a bunch of work on a place where Ace was 10 minutes away and HD was 20, and it was always worth the extra time to know they would have what I needed and I wouldn’t get fleeced. Neighborhood hardware stores are great when you need one item and there’s a 90% chance they’ll have it and another store a mile away, but when you need 10 things to get something done and there’s a 90% probability on all of them it just becomes an exercise in frustration.

    Also, I don’t know how you guys are getting from 14th and Upshur to RI ave, but unless you take N. Cap or the metro you’re passing within a mile of at least 3 hardware stores plus a target that has half of what any hardware store has.

    • I’ve found the opposite. The tiny little Brookland Ace Hardware is much more likely to have what I need that the enormous Home Depot. At HD, I always wind up settling for something that’s not exactly what I wanted.

      I’m very excited to know Annie’s is coming, and 7000 sq ft is a pretty good sized store.

    • And I don’t think anyone is expecting it to be a Home Depot anyway. We’re expecting it to be an Ace Hardware.

    • Target has ONE AISLE of “hardware store type” things.

      • Not really true. Go check out any other Ace location — most of the store is home goods, not hammers and quarter round. I’m not saying you can go into target and get everything you need to build a bookshelf from scratch, but if you need a toilet plunger, a hammer, picture hooks, and a measuring tape, they have you covered no problem.

    • The Ace Hardware in Tenleytown has great and enthusiastic customer service. The selection isn’t huge, but it is well thought out. And the psychic value of visiting this place instead of a HD is huge.

  • We live three blocks away. You might as well have told us we were getting a fireworks, candy, and puppy dogs store. Can’t wait.

  • This made my week. As a DIYer, this is awesome. Now only if there was a place near Petworth to buy rough cut lumber.

  • gotryit

    Welcome to the neighborhood – totally psyched. Plus, this will be a great addition to Georgia Ave.

    Any chance it’ll have a bike shop in it like the hardware store in foggy bottom?

    • Not sure if we will have the space to have bike shop but will carry some bike repair items. Would also really like to have City Bikes do some bike clinics at the store but haven’t approached them yet. thanks for your suggestions

  • Best news of this month.
    Good bye home depot and your non helpful staff.

    I have found the Ace Hardware store near wholefoods on p st a very pleasant experience w helpful staff and enough for most of my needs.

  • Getting a little choked up about the garden section. I can’t wait!

  • You just made my day. We live 2 blocks from here. So awesome.

  • WOW to everyone…thanks for the warm response. I am doing all that I can to get this store open quickly. Stay tuned.

  • Add me to the list of happy campers. Go Annie go!

  • Absolutely fantastically awesome.

  • Woo hoo! So excited about this!!! Welcome Annie!

  • Boom goes the dynamite

  • Pleeeeease don’t let anyone from City Bikes get involved in your business in any way, those people are incompetent. Try the Bicycle Space guys first, they stink at the business side but at least they know bikes.

    • Coordinate with the Bike House instead– they run their nonprofit, donation-based clinic in the cramped space behind Qualia on Saturdays. It would be great to get them more space or maybe add a Sunday session.

  • Great addition to Tivoli North!

  • This is fantastic news! The addition of this to our neighborhood helps wipe away some of my despondence about the lack of the expected businesses at Park Place.

    Seriously, I may cry too. A well stocked hardware store in walking distance is amazing.

  • This is amazing news! I just drove around Tuesday looking for liquid nails b/c i didn’t want to drive to the Home Depot. I live two blocks away. The Ace on 17th St in Dupont, while expensive, is the perfect neighborhood store.
    This is also perfect for the gardeners at Twin Oaks just down the street. I hope the have a nice garden section.

  • Great idea! Thanks for the tip.

  • This is amazing. Seriously, I get excited about any new retail coming to the neighborhood, but a potentially viable alternative to the Home Depot That Never Has Carts Nor Customer Service is making me practically giddy!

  • rototiller, aerator rental or other larger lawn and garden equipment would be great too.

  • thanks for the tip about on BIke House. I will definitely check in with them. Annie

    P.S. Keep suggestions on products coming!

  • Go Annie Go!!!

    Can’t wait for Grand Opening!

  • Annie, if you’re wanting product ideas – I’m renovating in green style (as my handle suggests). I know its difficult to fit green products in often (and cheaply), but if you have a chance, please do so. Or at the least can you label sections/items, such as low VoC paint?

    Thanks – and no matter what, this is very exciting news. I live 5 blocks away, and will be there often!

  • notlawd

    Best news I heard all day. I have never been to an ACE Hardware, but I would give about anything to not have to go back to that Home Depot ever again. I am also really looking forward to the garden section. Does ACE carry small appliances and other home decor items like Lowes?

  • Dear Annie,
    Please stock organic/non-toxic weed killer (like EcoSmart) and hornet spray (also plant oil-based), and large bags of pine kitty litter, and I will be a frequent customer!

  • Tivoli north? What’s that? Kitty litter at a hardware store? Interesting. Kudos for the hardware store. I second the suggestion of garden equipment rental.

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