Alcohol Infused Whip Cream

Every now and then I get some totally random emails. This flier came in one. Is this one of the best or worst ideas you’ve seen in a while?

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  • Well gosh, alcohol and pretty much anything seems like a good idea prima facie but this stuff is undoubtedly the lowest grade grain alcohol so why not use good alcohol and regular whipped cream? I’m so torn.

  • God help me if I ever purchase that and my toddler learns to open the fridge. NIGHTMARE.

  • best new party favor. worst way to get a hangover.

  • Delicious! I keep a can in my office desk for morning coffee.

  • It’s gross:

    “Later that evening we opened the can and each tried some, with a gentleman allowing his lady to taste first. And being a lady – a sophisticated, elegant, intelligent lady – she sprayed some directly into her mouth, declaring (and I quote): “This sh!t is not good, it tastes like shaving cream!” I had to disagree, but only slightly. Let me explain: I have been shaving my face for more than a few years. And I have accidentally tasted actual shaving cream on an unfortunate occasion or two. To me, the whipped cream tasted more like raw grain alcohol – bitter, metallic, and undeniably boozy – coupled with a faint, unsweetened vanilla aftertaste; shaving cream tastes better. The flavor combination made me wince and stick out my tongue. If this had been a cartoon, a large “BLECH!” speech bubble would have hovered over my head.”

  • i can only imagine one decent use for this.

  • Is it a nitrous or carbon dioxide propellant?

    Because those will be some drunk Phish fans.


    ahhhhhh!!!! I don’t get annoyed by little things often, but for some reason I CAN’T TAKE IT!



  • They sell a version of alcoholic whipped cream at Pearson’s in Glover Park. I’ve been meaning to try it and maybe tonight will be the night!

  • Whipped cream is nitrous propelled. Nitrous is fat soluble. CO2 would have a nasty bite and wouldn’t be anywhere near as smooth and creamy.

  • I have tried it before (thought it would be funny to bring to a house party). I got the chocolate kind. It was gone in 10 minutes and not a single person complained. Full disclosure: Gargoyles were also going on at the time which should give you a decent indicator about the type of house party.

  • Seems like the “add to your bottom line” is a funny way to tout whipped cream and booze. It would sure add to mine, I’m sure.

  • About half the time that I make homemade whipped cream (which isn’t very often) I include some bourbon in the mix. Easy to do and I’m sure it tastes better than this stuff!

  • Tried the Caramel flavor… Infused pure grain alcohol had me blacked in like 45.

  • What happens if you just inhale the nitrous? Alcohol infusion in that too? Can one actually inhale alcohol? (of course anyone can inhale anything – I mean feel the effect.)

    • you never heard of huffing gas?
      or making fondue?
      or saunas and vodka?

    • yeah you can vaporize alcohol and it goes directly into your bloodstream, getting instantly mashed. apparently very little hangover due to no impurities in your booze or something.

      but then you don’t get to taste delicious drinks and enjoy the process of stupification with close friends, so I’m torn.

      read up:

  • That stuff is absolutely disgusting, oink is right, shaving cream DOES taste better.

  • Can’t be any worse than cool whipped-flavored vodka.

    • Whipped cream flavored vodka (Pinnacle) is AMAZING! I mix it with coconut or mixed berry seltzer and it’s delicious!!!!

  • Uggg.. this just made my hangover reappear.

  • The AV Club did a taste test with this stuff – and from my experience I agree. You can buy this at the liquor store at 18th and Columbia.

    Recommended reading before you buy:,40035/

  • I tasted some on my ice cream at a bbq last year, recognized the booze and had to spit it out, because I was pregnant but hadn’t told anyone yet. A friend was a little mad to see me scrap it all off my bowl onto the floor. Apart from that fiasco, I like the idea.
    Now what’s that about making fondue, praytell?

  • Bought 3 cases of this to use as hostess gifts. Beats the heck out of the standard bottle of wine.

  • Unlike some of you, I actually acted on my juvenile curiosity and bought a can of this at AB Liquor on Columbia Rd. While I thought it was a good idea at the time, I ended up pretty disappointed with the execution. They say not to refrigerate it, but in any event, the whipped cream comes out VERY LIQUIDY/RUNNY. And I forget what we paid for it, but it was not that cheap. We ended up pitching the can.

  • I’ve been making this stuff for years with my refillable whipped cream dispenser from isi.

  • The idea of making whipped cream in this way is a new idea for me. Next time i will definitely try it.

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