Woodley Park Updates: Pizza Place Closes on Calvert – Umi Japanese Looking Good on Connecticut

It was a slow death but the pizza place at 2311 Calvert St, NW has finally closed leaving the whole building vacant.

Fortunately around the corner in the former IPOH space at 2625 Connecticut Ave. NW, Umi Japanese Restaurant put up some proper signage and is starting to look good inside:

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  • Maybe a decent restaurant can open in that two story vacancy. I also heard Jandara was leaving. No loss there. Woodley is begging for an inspired neighborhood restaurant. There are plenty of OK places but the caliber falls shy of Cleveland Park Which has Dino/Palena/Ardeo/Medium Rare/Ripple.

  • recently ate at Italian Pizza Kitchen. thought the menu was a tad strange, but was pleasantly surprised with the pizza. service still needs work/training. nice to finally see more affordable, fun, and actually good-to-eat-at places move into WP.

  • Ha, I ate the pizza there all the time when I was drunk. I think I was their only customer.

    • This was the House of Philly, right? I used to order from them years ago when they were one of the only places that would deliver to columbia heights. Their mozzarella sticks were actually damn good.

  • Hey PoP, what’s going on with that building? It seems like the landlord is forcing businesses out (at least Sherry’s and the rug store). Any scuttlebutt on why?

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Well there was speculation that the CVS was gonna move from around the corner to this location so it could expand a bit. Then we heard some scuttlebutt that a Steak n’ Egg was looking in Woodley Park. But haven’t heard anything concrete since. Am keeping a close eye though

  • CVS is taking the corner and the space the rug store and Sherry’s were in.

  • not Sleeper Cell Pizza!

    • I thought I was the only one that called it that! In the 14 months I lived over there…I never saw a single customer in that place.

  • Woodley has never been a culinary destination, and probably never will be. With the two VERY large hotels nearby (Omni Shoreham and Marriott Wardman Park), there is a natural clientel for whatever opens in the area, good, bad, or mediocre.

  • You knew that pizza place was doomed the moment Italian Pizza Kitchen opened.

  • Personally I think that pizza place was a front. Never saw anyone in there.

  • Hopefully Umi will be better quality than the sushi place around the corner (can’t remember the name). My friend and I had dinner and a bottle of wine there a few weeks ago after yoga and we both coincidentally felt neasous and stomach-sick the next day 🙁

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