Update on 1636 North Capitol St. NW Pop Up

July 2011

“Dear PoP,

You had a post about a horrific looking pop-up on north capitol (1636 North Capitol St. NW). I wanted to let you guys know that the developer has seemed to actually have done a decent job in matching the new & old facade. I’ve included a photo I took.”

Wow. That’s pretty impressive. What do you guys think?

May 2011

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  • i am surprised by this. it looks way better than i expected.
    any truth to the rumor about a wine bar moving in?

  • “Too early to judge. Wait until it’s all tricked out with trim and mouldings. For now, the windows line up with the ones on the second floor, and the roomy OSB panel above the main header gives me hope for a thoughtful decorative gesture or two.”

    /pats self on back

  • still dumb looking, even if it’s not the dumbest looking.

  • Impressed. Best pop up ever? possibly. This may not even be a pop up, maybe just an extension!

  • One word: BORF!

  • With the new rooftop patios I the upper floors aren’t actually apartments. Would be great to have a restaurant or bar up there. I’d imagine they could get a lot more money month with a commercial rather than residential use.

  • blester01

    Awful. Just a regurgitation of the lower floor.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Looks promising.

  • Impressed!

  • North Capitol is the new H St! Too soon?

    • i bet in 10 years n. cap will be as hopping as h is now.

      but not much sooner. : (

      • Of course, if you’re single in 10 years… 🙂

        They are adding about a bajillion new condos in the area. Maybe it’ll be more like U.

      • I think more like 5 to 6. 1st St NW, a block west, actually has a couple places already and getting a few more soon.

        • there are 3 projects i can think of that will activate streetlife on north cap. this space, the firehouse, and a space on the 1400 block. nothing else that i know of is moving forward. jamal is sitting on his lots and letting his properties decay. nothing at all is happening across the street from the old borf building. the thoron project on the 1300 block is not happening. the joe mamo lot is not happening.
          5 years seems very optimistic to me.
          what else is going on that you know about?

          • How bout the ice factory on the 100 block of FL NE and the 600 unit building going up on Harry Thomas 2 blocks away?

  • Much better than I expected, but still bad.

    • +1 Just wait `til they slap the aluminum siding up along the sides and rear of the pop-up.

      Mmmmmmm…..aluminum siding….so suburban yet with half the fat. Yummy!

  • Its hard when critics can’t be critical….

  • Wow! Normally I hate any and all pop ups, but I have to admit this looks pretty good.

  • brookland_rez

    Looks good, but it’s still out of proportion compared to the neighboring buildings. Overall win though, looks a lot better than I thought it would be.

  • isn’t that 1644? at least it was when it was the bobby fisher memorial building.

  • isn’t that 1644? at least it was when it was the bobby fisher memorial building.

  • A pop-up by decapitating all ornament from the building. At least the building was handsome its first 100 years.

  • Bad. I’m glad they replaced the cornice, but the circular accents are part of the entablature and should have been moved along with the cornice, not repeated. Now it looks like exactly what it is, an awful piggy-back popup. Nice try, but from a classical architectural viewpoint they got it horribly wrong.

    • Are you trying to say that the standards of classical architecture are still something to measure buildings by?

      I’m just glad they didn’t add a modernist cube with a mansard roof bespangled with enormous paladin windows.

  • I like it. It was junky and vacant before.

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