Big Police Presence Near Shaw Metro Around 5pm Mon. Afternoon?

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A reader writes in at 4:59pm:

I was walking my dog along Rhode Island a few minutes ago when I heard quite a few police sirens near the Shaw metro stop. Curiosity got the best of me so I walked over towards the commotion. There were easily a dozen police cars (and a van) with even more showing up. I saw dozens of people coming out of the station as well as quite a few kids and elderly people milling around the Lincoln-Westmoreland. Since there was really nothing going on, I started to walk towards my house. After a few seconds though, a police car drove down the sidewalk towards me [on 8th St, NW b/w R and S], stopped, and the cop told me to leave the area immediately because there was “about to be some shootings”. I have no idea what happened since I got out of there right away but that comment from the cop just struck me as quite odd.

Anyone see what’s going on?

I’m waiting to hear back from MPD.

UPDATE 5:39pm, MPD writes:

“Third District Officers interrupted and were able to prevent an assault at the 7-11 store (7th and Rhode Island Avenue, NW). A knife was recovered and an arrest was made. However, the victim in the case fled and a short time later a group was located fighting nearby, as officers converged the group fled. It has not been confirmed that the two incidents are related, however, The Third District (MPD) has deployed officers to the area and requests publics assistance by calling 911 if they see suspicious activity.”

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  • Lincoln-Westmoreland is the epicenter of all nefarious activities for about 8 blocks in every direction – terrorizing almost all of Shaw. No wonder Shaw is so slow to rebuild and improve compared to all the neighborhoods around them. And they want to build Lincoln-Westmoreland #2 right at the metro – good grief what a disaster.

    • Calling “black people who run government sanctioned drug operations complete with child assassins out of taxpayer funded public housing” roaches is just mean. And to think, the powers that be want even more of these violence magnets near all our metro stations. All thanks to Lyndon Johnson failed policies.

      • Saying a building is a roach motel is quite different than calling the people that live there roaches. LBJ? What century were you born in anyway?

        • It’s called knowing history, kid. More specifically, policy history. Making connections between yesterday’s policies and today’s outcomes is not outside the realm of reason.

          • none of these comments relate to the thing they’re replying too, right?

          • @ Anonymous: I was responding to Clairol, who seemed to think that referencing LBJ when discussing housing projects was outdated or irrelevant. The Great Society legacy is still very much with us. Massive housing projects really are (or should be) a thing of the past, but some of these relics remain, fraught with all the problems with which we are all too familiar.

      • Why do assholes like you always say “black people….” What does it matter what race they are? And I know you’re going to come back with “I’m not a racist, I’m just stating the facts.” But you miss the point. It’s an irrelavant fact. If you were describing a perp on the run, the race would be relevant because it helps identify them. But when you’re generally describing the problem of criminals who live in subsidized housing in DC, then it is irrelevant what race they are – the problem is that there are criminals who live in subsidized housing in DC – whether they are black, white, brown, or purple makes not a whit of difference. Racists like you harden lines between people (between good people of all races, not the criminals) and make it harder to solve problems.

        • There are also a bunch of normal, working, law abiding citizens who are stuck in same buildings (or..*gasp* subsidized housing) as criminals. They don’t want the thugs there either.

  • So bizarre that you could have a roach motel like Lincoln-Westmoreland located a block away from million dollar rowhouses. Just tear that place down and start over.

  • it’s called Shaw?

  • gotryit

    any idea which gangs were involved?

  • Today is free slurpie day. I bet that has something to do with this.

    • I was actually in the 7-11 around 4:30 and at the library around 5:30. Glad I missed this! But that 7-11 was pretty nuts…lots of people yelling and pushing. I wouldn’t count that out as a place where a fight could have started.

  • the cop told me to leave the area immediately because there was “about to be some shootings”.

    WTF? that is a messed up thing to say.

  • It’s a crime that our local politicians, including our ANC, is supporting more subsidized housing concentrated in this exact area.

    It’s Foster House, Lincoln Westmoreland II, Lincoln Westmoreland 1 + expansion (in permitting), Parcel 42 (planned), and the new United House of Prayer building (under construction) all in a row along Rhode Island from 9th Street to 6th street.

    That’s 5 consecutive projects, and it isn’t an old design, it’s happening right now. This is ghetto by design. This is deliberate.

    For every stabbing, every shooting, every beating; our ANC is an accessory and our mayor is an accessory, because they are actively supporting more of the same.

  • Does anyone know what percentage of DC housing is section 8? Also, is there a site (with a map) to go to see all of them?

  • Yeah, I thought it was commonly held among planners that large projects were counter-productive and communities with varied income levels were desireable. How very 1958 to still have these.

  • I saw that too. About 10 cops were hanging on 7th street around 7:00. I thought it was a drug bust.

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