Signs of Potential Movement at 11th and V St, NW Property

Tons of readers have been writing in that the old auto repair shop at 11th and V St, NW. Another reader writes that they hear the project planned will have 35 condos. You can see a portfolio here of Ellisdale Development projects.

I’ll be sure to update with photos when construction progresses.

And nearby at 10th and V St, NW – here’s what the old church is looking like:

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  • The entire neighborhood around the eastern exit to the U St. metro is my favorite neighborhood in DC. I remember when the 930 club first moved to V St. and how sketchy that walk was. Now I walk down V and W just to see all the great modern architecture.

  • I moved into this neighborhood a year ago and I cant believe how much it has changed in one year. Its all very exciting to see so much going on.

  • Are those horses asses the Snorgs finally doing something with that property?

    • That looks pretty good, actually. Better than an empty lot!

    • The building looks all right, but this sounds sneaky: “By raising the level of the front yard, an English basement level was created allowing for additional levels above.”

      So if you’re allowed to build only, say, five stories above ground, you get away with building six stories by artificially raising “grade level” and making the first floor the “basement”??

      • Exactly. Height restrictions are based off the ground level at the entrance so you can squeeze in an extra floor of apts/condos by artificially building up the surrounding earth. I beleive the Woodly Wardman did that in Woodly Park.

  • Fant-freaking-tastic. We landed in one hot neighborhood.

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