Shooting at 14th and Spring Rd, NW – Late Night Robbery at Wonderland (11th and Kenyon St, NW) Arrest Made

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From MPD:

At about 10:40 pm, July 12, 2011, an adult male was walking in the 1400 block of Spring Rd., NW when he was suddenly approached by an armed assailant who demanded money from the complainant. The suspect was armed with a handgun. A struggle ensued, during which, the suspect shot the victim and then fled the scene on foot. The victim is recovering from his wound at a local area hospital.

The suspect was described as a black male, 18 – 22 yrs old with a thin build and short black hair. He was wearing black shorts and had no shirt. He was last seen running northbound on 16th St. from Spring Rd.

Anyone having information regarding this case is asked to call 202-727-9099.

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From MPD:

At approximately 145 am this morning, three masked men with displaying guns entered the Wonderland Bar located at 1101 Kenyon Street, NW and proceeded to rob one of the employees. The three men then left the location in unknown directions. No one was injured during the robbery. Third District units were called and within minutes, members of the Crime Suppression Team were able to apprehended one of the masked men after a brief chase. As a result, they were able to recover a mask as well as one of the weapons used. If any one has any information relating to the other two individuals involved in this robbery or anything relating to the incident itself, please call 202-727-9099

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  • can we skip the fiery debate on socioeconomic status, race, youth, and community activism and talk about something that won’t be repeating ourselves and getting nowhere 1,000 times?

    I propose we use this thread to talk about how cute kitties are when they sleep.

    • True, sticking your head in the sand is always the best option.

      • c’mon. the shit that people write on here when something like this happens does not equal an intelligent discourse — even if people posit halfway intelligent arguments, it’s still the same people writing the exact same things. you been here very long?

        • I bet you’re a real treat.

        • Nobody’s making you read the comments. If people want to discuss these things, even if the arguments get calcified, it might lead to one or two people getting involved. Or it might just be cathartic. If you want to talk about kittens (and really, who does?) there’s always the afternoon pet thing every day on the blog.

          • yes, they are. do you have ANY IDEA how boring my job is right now? what the frig else am I supposed to do all day? (I don’t want serious answers you humorless shitwits) damn y’all need to take comments on the internets with a grain of salt!

          • Jen, if you want a humorous discussion, try the following formula:

            1) Pick a humorous topic. Making light of someone being shot is not the right place for videos of cats. Come to think of it, there’s no right place for posting videos of cats.

            2) Be funny. Strident whining is not funny.

          • And guess what, some intelligent discourse happened further down this stream. Some neighbors met each other, circulated listserv information, and are meeting up to discuss the above incidents, among other things. You know why that happened Jen? Because this blog is for people who live in the city’s neighborhoods and care about them. That’s one of the beautiful uses of the internets.

          • Oh my god. She made a joke based on how a large amount of these threads regarding crime turn out. I don’t understand why people are attacking her over something so trivial. To quote The Heights poster earlier “Nobody’s making you read the comments.”

          • Cat people really do stick together! As I said above, no one makes anyone else read the comments. But using that argument to defend Jen’s assertion that the comments are inane makes no sense. And this thread appears to have been more constructive than most, so maybe she should slow her roll.

          • I would have said it even if I didn’t like cats and I’m not disputing one way or another the constructiveness of this thread. All I’m saying is that for such a trivial off-handed joke the comments received in reply seemed a bit excessive.

            Maybe people on PoP just really hate cats that much lol. <- joke

          • meh, whatevs. I’m heading over to dcist…

        • Jen, take a quick inventory of the crimes you’ve seen posted here. I can think of one committed by a Hispanic male on a bicycle. All others…

          Just saying.

        • ok ok ok
          lets talk about your kitty 😉

    • Way to get out on front of the issue. Do you work in PR? If so, get in touch with me, because my image needs a little polishing.

    • I for one think that kittens are aboslutely adorable when they sleep ^_^

    • Respectfully, Jen, I live right around here and am raising small children in the city. I take your point about there seldom being real action generated from the tirades but I don’t have the luxury of being as glib about it as you.

  • well considering I work there, I don’t want to talk about kittens.

  • Props to the cops for catching one of the thieves. Glad no one was seriously/fatally harmed last night. Summertime in the city…

    • I would consider getting shot to be ‘seriously harmed’. I wouldn’t be glad about it.

      Are people really glad that someone ONLY got shot?

      • Considering how bad it has been lately, yeah, I consider someone NOT dying a small victory for CH.

        • I find it both pathetic and sad that you will accept ‘just a shooting’ as a victory for your neighborhood.

          Gunshot victims not succumbing to their wounds is not a step in the right direction.

          The only difference between this and the recent fatal shootings in the area is bad aim, smaller caliber, or dumb luck. None of these are victories.

          • Its hyperbole, dude. I’m saying that I’m glad no one died last night. Jeez.

          • Headline: Outraged Citizen Outraged That Other Outraged Citizens Are Slightly Less Outraged About Local Shooting

          • No kidding! This is pathetic – and that’s not a paddy wagon it’s supposed to be a mini police station or outpost. Other than that monstrosity parked on 14th I don’ t see any increased presence. When I come up this part of 14th street after dark I rarely see any police or police cars. Where are they?? To think this happens a block over less then a week away — c’mon!! Everybody that is disgusted by this needs to flood MPD and Jim Grahm with phone calls and complaints.

  • jus sayin…if you see a shirtless 18 year old at 11pm, assume he is up to no good.

  • Kudos to police for catching the Wonderland guy. Hopefully he flips on his accomplices. I’d be willing to bet these guys have all have substantial records. In all events, hopefully they will get a REAL sentence (10 plus years in jail seems about right for armed robbery plus illegal possession — I would imagine — of firearms) as opposed to what often seems to be imposed in the DC justice system.

  • Who was the victim in the 14th st shooting?

  • +1 on the kittens. also, ipad2’s. i love mine, how bout you?

    • don’t have one yet. subscribe to any publications that make it worthwhile? I know Living has some really nice features, but that content doesn’t hold my interest long.

  • Seriously? There is a paddy wagon parked not even a block away, and supposed ‘increased police presence’ because of the big shooting this past weekend, again, not even a block away. This is ridiculous.

    • This incident is almost directly under a DC police camera/shot spotter as well. WTF?? Guess those things are useless.

  • COME ON!

    This is horrible. Seriously. Horrible. Four people shot in a week in a 2 block radius? With a police van on the corner?

    I think the worst part of this, the absolute worst part of this, is that lawmakers, law enforcement, councilmen and whoever else will be unable to console the residents of this area. There’s a freaking POLICE VAN two blocks away from here. SERIOUSLY?

    • THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. And this last shooting seemingly had nothing to do with drugs, gambling or anything other than robbery-gone-bad. If you ignore a “problem area” it is only going to get worse. Residents of these streets have been requesting police drive-bys and more patroling for years. There are a clear known handful of drug houses that just need to get busted.

      • This is my biggest issue, which was taken up here after the shooting over the weekend. It seems like drug deals, prostitution, gambling, or other forms of petty crime, are pretty much tolerated in this area. Those crimes lead to the big ones. Why do I know who the drug dealers and hookers are but the police don’t or won’t do anything about it. You need very little to establish probably cause for a vehicle stop/pat down etc. Come-on, let’s start making some arrests of this smaller stuff.

        • have you ever talked to the police? i guarantee they know more than you.

          its not arrests that are the problem. it’s convictions and sentencing. and rehabilitation. and recidivism.

          • You make a good point actually. The issue is that I see the same faces over and over again and I assumed, perhaps, wrongly, that if arrests were being made the people would go way. But I guess that guy who committed 13 robberies and got like two years is a good example of what you are talking about.

          • holmead,

            yeah, that weak sentencing was exactly what i was talking about. how we fix it i have no idea.

        • You have clearly never been to a PSA (police neighborhood) meeting. The cops know exactly what houses and corners people are dealing drugs from. The problem is that in order to get any chance at making an arrest that would lead to a conviction, they need hard evidence of the crime in question occurring.

          To do that, they typically need things like setup drug buys, which arehard to pull off…attributable surveillance, which most people fear for their safety to assist with…drugs on someone’s person, which the dealers are usually smart enough to avoid. get the picture?

          • Again, I really think the saddest part is that no one seems to be able to console these residents. Whether police/lawmakers are doing something or not, shy of moving to a new place, what are residents supposed to do?

          • me

            Maybe some do, but all don’t. I witnessed a drug deal on W St, and then the dealer waved at a cop who was patrolling two doors down. Patrolling, NOT hanging out. The cop smiled and waved back. Although, come to think about it, the guy was just in a uniform- he could have been security, although I wouldn’t know for what, as the gas station at 14th and W doesn’t have security. But the guy had a gun, so he was one of the two. Either way, whether it was a cop or a security person of some sort, they are both supposed to be patrolling the area, not making drug dealers their BFFs.

          • @COME ON!: The residents should GO TO THE MEETINGS and tell the police where problems are and that they won’t stand for them. The police can’t do their job without some help from the community – they can never have eyes out in one block around the clock…that’s where they ask Joe Citizen to contribute.

            If you and your block stand tall against violence and drugs, you can ward it off with the help of the cops and a tightly knit neighborhood watch net.

  • The heat drives the poor crazy with crimelust!

  • I live on the 1400 block of Perry Place NW and heard the police helicopter flying over the neighborhood for about an hour, wondering what was going down. This, the shooting at Parkwood over the weekend, and the drive-by on Spring Place a few weeks ago are all really sucky.

    Can anyone give me info on a Perry/Spring place neighborhood list serve, if it exists? I’ve only been on the block for a few months, but it’s officially time to get my head out of the sand.

  • “Crime Suppression Team”…..what’s wrong with just “police”? I guess everyone needs a gimmicky name to look busy.

  • I love wonderland ballroom….

  • How do you suppress crime that’s already happening?

  • I’m glad I didn’t listen to friends who told me I was crazy to move to “crime ridden NE” rather than stay in CH. Jeez.

  • I say we drive the criminal element away with overwhelming presence. Let’s pack the bars until last call every night to show that we’re not afraid and can’t be intimidated!

  • @Blur – Yes, there is a group. What’s your email address?

  • Just one more thing, Mr. Silverman… There’s something I don’t understand.

    I know I should probably know this and not have to ask you about this, but you know, I’m not the brightest guy on the police force.

    I know from a post on your, whatsit, your “blog” that you planned to be at Wonderland from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on Tuesday night.

    You see, I can read, and then one of these young guys taught me about the Internets and, uh, Internet, right, and I looked up all the nice things you say about local businesses and pets and gardens. And you even got the twitter, like that guy in New York. But I digress.

    I just wondered what you might have been doing around, say, 10:30 to 11:00 o’clock that same night. Not still hanging around Wonderland, where you had been earlier that evening, uh, right sir?

  • Was wonderland still open when the robbery occurred, were customers still around? Was the security still out front? The armed robbery on 14th/spring is crazy. If you don’t have a shirt on, and are wearing shorts, how exactly do you hide a handgun. Terrifying. CAn’t wait to hear what the Grahamstander has to say about this. I am sure it will be something similar to what he always says “Things were getting so much better”– no they weren’t!! god, can we please vote his ass out.

  • I live on the 1400 block of Spring Road, and would love to know if there is any kind of block patrol, neighborhood watch, etc. I’ll ask some of my other neighbors when I get home today, but I think having some more presence on the street – even just a commitment to have more people sitting on their steps or walking around and putting more “eyes on the street” – would be a good place to start. Especially with all the children that live here, we’ve got to make a commitment to keep our neighborhood safe for everyone.

  • does anyone know if the victim on Spring St was an innocent bystander? Random yuppies generally wouldn’t fight back if a gun was pulled on them. trying to figure out how that went down.

  • Seriously, what’s wrong with Columbia Heights?

    • The gentrification is just taking some time. There is still a lot of affordable housing. Once that changes then the people who commit these crimes will have to move somewhere else.

      • I disagree. There is no affordable housing.

        • What? DC has the highest concentration of public housing in the nation!

          The system needs to be changed so
          A) Section 8 is less concentrated and more spread out so that environment positively influences those receipients
          B)There are incentives for people to look to get out of the handout mentality, i.e. limitations on length of receiving aid and more accountability.

          • how can you control the location of section 8? they can pretty much rent wherever they want, no?

      • If the police don’t step it up and clean up this neighborhood the gentrification will stop or slow to a snails pace. Nobody will be rushing to move in and people who have over the past several years will be moving out. Many big investments in the neighborhood have already failed and are discouraging further investments. If the reputation of this neighborhood is relentless shooting with few arrests or police presence people will choose to buy somewhere else.

    • Population density and a spike in pop growth?

  • Im sick and tired of seeing a neighborhood ive lived in my entire life be talked about in this manor…..for all those who are looking for a neighborhood watch group simply put it isnt one…I have made up my mind to run for anc the next election because I know I can make a change and am not scared to fight crime face to face

  • There’s a community meeting being planned for early next week at La Molienda on 14th and Perry. Sign up for the list serve ([email protected]) and they’ll send more info as it becomes available.

  • Im going too!!!!! NOBODY will run my family or any of my neighbors out of this neighborhood where weve decided to live and next week is much to late for a meeting on repeated violence im trying to put something together at my house by Friday

  • not Wonderland!!! Damn, that was my favorite place for a while. I was just there a couple of months ago.

    btw, this is why i never carry cash. ugh

    • dude, they don’t know that you’re not carrying cash and it’ll likely piss ’em off even more if they hold you up and you don’t have anything to give them. carrying at least $20 is a good idea ’cause it’ll get them off your back enough to buy a hit.

      • Jen I agree with this sad but true statement

      • When I moved to Columbia Heights in 05 someone robbed the 7-11 at 14th & Columbia Road after the dude handed over the money the thug shot & killed the guy anyway.It was all over the news it showed the guy standing on the counter armed with a shotgun

  • the only way to solve this is to get rid of all the public housing. have meetings all you want, the fact remains – poor people live in these rent controlled buildings.

    • That made no sense at all….the places where this violence is happening isnt in a public housing devolopment. putting the right people in positions such as anc council etc will change a bunch

    • Don’t some places, e.g., Chicago, scatter around the poor people? Why doesn’t DC do that? Rather than group them all in one building, give each family one unit in random buildings, and hope for a stronger positive influence on the bad elements. I don’t know if it would work, but the current system doesn’t really work either.

      • Why? One answer. Jim Graham.

      • Chicago is not a city anyone should want to try to emulate. For as much as I love it, they have not figured out how to curb violence at all. If I were the type to live in “transitioning” neighborhoods, I’d feel much safer in one of DC’s than in one of Chicago’s.

  • No shirt and holding a gun? Obviously the gun was showing and obviously there are known drug/gang houses in the area. Why are the police not targeting these? especially if everyone in the neighborhood is aware they sure have to be!

  • Maybe there is not enough affordable housing in the area and that is why they needed to rob others? Mr. Graham do you agree sir?

  • Most of the criminals in CH gather in front of various known row houses in that area and all over the neighborhood – not public housing.

  • I’m sorry, but if some asshat with a gun comes up to me at night and demands money, i’d give it to him, no argument. Then I’d wet myself and call the police. I refuse to get shot by some idiot over money.

  • We all can get on here and complain but what are we doing about it…I havent seen my anc person yet with all of this going on this is my neighborhood and I refuse to feel threatened

  • I wanna turn the assailant into chum. You know, a blended slurry of human meat and bone particles. But that’s worse than what the assailant did.

  • This is not the first time Wonderland has been stuck up by 3 ppl with guns…Happened just before Christmas, maybe 3-4 years ago?

    I wonder if someone “went back for seconds”?

    PoP can you resurrect that link? I couldn’t find it with search…

  • Holding up a bar on a Tuesday… who said thieves were soopid.

  • Ironically enough, I was arrested very close to 14th and spring for pissing in an alley at 3am. I was greeted by 3 squad cars and at least 7 officers. I suppose that public urination is a higher priority than attempted murder/robbery. Kudos once again to the brave men of the MPD.

    • This shocks me actually. Did you mouth off?

      • me

        Did you walk where it said not to and then refuse to show your ID? (Sorry, couldn’t help it)

        • No, he just acted like a spoiled, entitled, typical DC resident d**k that thought he could disobey the law and urinate wherever he wanted to. (Sorry, also couldn’t help it.)

    • Surprised that happened given people are walking around with open containers (in black bags of course) and pissing all over in the day time with no apparent fear of being arrested…

      • I was coming home from the Red Derby and both of their bathrooms were occupied. I attempted to go into the El Salvadorian pool hall and use their bathroom and they refused. So I pissed int the alley. I’m no saint, but I did think that having 7+ officers subdue me was a bit much. I didn’t utter a single harsh word to the arresting police.

    • What the hell were you doing peeing in an alley? Are you homeless and checking PoP from the library, because otherwise, I assume you have a home, with a bathroom.

      That’s overkill for public urination, especially with more pressing crimes going on, but I’d like to see more action taken against it.

  • Again, I ask MPD and the press to start reporting on the model/make and source of the guns recovered during arrests.

    Weekly FOIA request — how many violent DYRS wards released into the community? how many organized criminal enterprises are known to police? Information on the guns recovered/used in crimes — source, who is providing these guns to the kids?

  • I just want to say I love the Wonderland staff and I’m very thankful no one was injured!

  • I’m very glad that the guy who was mugged is recovering and does not have life threatening injuries.

    And I’ve seen this topic beaten to death (no pun intended) on PoP, but really people, please don’t fight back against muggers. Your life is worth more than the shit you carry around.

  • Paul Quander is the Deputy Mayor for Public Safety. Has anyone seen this guy publicly or know who he is? Mayor Gray nor anyone in his administration is discussing the crime that seem to be plaguing our city. With the U.S. economy in the toilet and the unemployment rate being high, I expect crime to increase. Law abiding citizens will be at the mercy of criminals roaming D.C. streets.

    • Maybe he was the guy wearing the peanut suit at the Planters park opening…

      • [email protected]; I agree.

  • There has been a noticeable increase in crime within the last 4 weeks particularly in the area encompassed by Spring St., Park Rd, and between 14 th and 13 th streets ranging from car break ins, muggings in broad daylight not just late at night, shootings and prostitution. This leads me to believe we have some new people on the street and I want to know who they are and what’s going to happen to het them to stop. It’ll be a sad day if this takes more murders before the city steps it up. What I’d like to see happen is a switch up of the normal patrol. Perhaps we can get some cops on the beat…

  • Does anyone know what went down on Monday around noonish near Spring/Perry and between 14th and 13th? park police were everywhere and they had the helicopter out circling for about 45 mins.

    • On Monday it looks like a murder suspect was captured around 1:30 by third district cops. This was my assumption that these two events were related. There was a big police sweep going on.

  • We the DC voters, residents, and taxpayers must put pressure on Mayor Gray and his Deputy Mayor of Public Safety. According to President Obama’s administration, unemployment in the United States is at an all time high. We might be facing a depression in our country and crime will get out of control. Send those emails to Vincent Gray.

    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

  • Have you guys heard the lastest news? The D.C. Inspector General says, it was ok for the Charlie Sheen police escort with sirens in the State of Virginia. What is going on in the District of Columbia? We have a dysfunctional Council, mayor, and Inspector General. I welcome a federal appointed ‘Control Board’.

  • I witnessed the MPD response to last nights shooting and it seemed EXTREMELY weak. They had lots of traffic control and approximately 4-5 officers were standing around in the center of the street for several hours doing virtually nothing (I’m sure they were catching up about family talking about current events), but certainly not doing anything noticeably evident to look for evidence or canvassing for statements. I also question the presence of a K-9 unit in a parked vehicle for @ 2 hours not doing anything. If you have a K-9 unit at the scene, shouldn’t they be working the scene, rather than just observing from the car. I was very excited when I saw the K-9 unit pull up. That excitement faded however as the dog was left in the car for hours. From everything I saw, the police were just logging time at the crime scene, not actually trying to work it.

    I do not even remember a helicopter being sent either ( and as we back up to Rock Creek Park we could have used either the Park Police or an MPD helicopter). As helicopters flying overhead is not an uncommon occurrence on my street so I was surprised we didn’t get one when a man was mugged and SHOT and we had 7 or more police cruisers , a firetruck (and I would assume an ambulance) respond.

    Now if there are any MPD officers reading this, please explain to me the crime fighting technique being employed by the officers who stood in the middle of the street talking for hours.

    • Right!! Anytime there is a violent crime without an arrest the police should mobilize a large scale shakedown on the entire neighborhood. I bet the can round up all sorts of thugs and guns on every sweep. They might even recover guns that they can tie to other crimes. This should be the MO!!

  • Why aren’t officers outside the bar when its time to close anyway? And who are these “crime suppression” people? Shouldn’t their name be “crime reaction”? Are they the officers in the crazy police vests without the powder blue shirts? My boyfriend said he saw regular officers actually stop the bad guy and put handcuffs on him, and 15 minutes later all these other “police vest” officers seemed to be negotiating with the regular officer about who would take the guy downtown.
    Great job showing up 20 min after the fact guys. As a female living in a crime-ridden neighborhood, isn’t it bad enough I have to look over my shoulder every time I walk home? Maybe they can work towards their namesake and “supress” criminal activity.

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