Satellite Pizza Coming to 2047 9th St, NW (Behind 9:30 Club)

Back in April I shared some scuttlebutt saying that a pizza pub from the Hilton brothers (Marvin, Gibson etc.) was coming to the little space behind the 9:30 club. Scuttlebutt was true. I’m happy to share a bit more info from a recent liquor license application:

New Tavern. Neighborhood Pizza place. Live Entertainment, Dancing, DJ, Summer Garden. Seating capacity is 99. Summer Garden capacity is 49. Total Occupancy Load is 148.


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  • Sweet action.

  • Memo to the Hilton Brothers: Open your m-f’ing place in Petworth first please, before moving on to this.

    Nothing noticeable has happened at that joint in over a year, while an entire gigantic apartment building has gone from literally not EVEN a hole in the ground to finished.

  • 9th ST is becoming the next Adams Morgan!

  • This place will be a gold mine if the pizza is decent, location alone is incredible (packed pre-show for sure), and there is no half-way edible pizza on U Street as of now. Won’t it be insanely loud in there during shows though?

    Second the thoughts about Georgia Ave. With three massive new apartment buildings all opened / opening within a block of that spot, there are now plenty of new potential customers. And once the Safeway project gets going, that is hundreds of more apartments right across the street. Even if they start construction tomorrow, by the time they open, Georgia Ave. will still be much further along by opening night, and that section of the Georgia Ave. infrastructure improvements is nearly done already. Whenever they open, they will be continuously packed from the get-go.

    • I’m not sure why it would be insanely loud in there during shows. It’s a separate building.

  • Please 9:30 Club…get a sign, please!

  • This is awesome news. The Florida/Vermont/U Triangle is getting very cool. Anyone know what the Montserrat House is (on Florida Ave between 9th and Vermont)? It’s the rowhouse with that mural on it and it looks like some kind of office now.

  • They need to hire some little people like the Irish Pizza Pub. Pizza + beer + midgets = HEAVEN.

  • Satellite Pizza? I bet you have to book reservations there through Orbitz.

  • Wow, this strip is blowing up. Anyone know the progress of the Hilton’s other venture, Brixton Pub? I think it’s located right around the corner from this.

    • It is well underway – long way form finished but construction is active. The building is completely gutted at the moment, so it will probably be open sometime in the winter at earliest I would guess.

      I’m pretty sure at this point there is nothing on the north side of the 900 block of U St that doesn’t have something cool already in it or planned.

  • If this is a Hilton brothers place, the pizza will be $9 a slice.

  • Sweet. Once this lower end of Georgia Ave fills in it’s only a matter of time before Georgia Ave (North & South of Florida) begin to pop!

    Keep the development coming!

  • Wouldn’t the noise from a massive, super-loud sound system, particularly the lower frequencies, bleed into an adjacent building? I would think so, although maybe not. I guess it could be considered a bonus if it does, get the 9:30 experience without paying for a ticket …

  • Arggh, that was in reply to Cherby Ron

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