Remember When People Used to Steal These?

While it’s very rare that I’ll see one in the back of an open jeep like this, I do see big bulky tvs all over the place in nearly every neighborhood I visit. They can usually be found on the curb and folks don’t even bother to leave ‘free’ signs on them anymore. They have simple become garbage. Wild.

I wonder if there was a similar purge after VCRs became obsolete?

Anyone else noticing a lot of tvs tossed on the curb?

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  • Mine big old TV sits in my living room with a converter box and a streaming box. I get great reception, tons of free channels, my netflix, and my hulu. I don’t have cable and I don’t want it. My TV is useable for another 20 years easy. To hell with HD, buying TV and throwing away things that still work.

  • I know this wasn’t the point of the post, but I do see these types of things put out as trash on the curb, but I really wish people would take them to an appropriate recycling center, like the Fort Totten transfer station….

    • +1. Lazy people suck.

      • What about those that have no cars and aren’t lugging a 27″ tube on the bus?

        • Zipcar, taxicab, and bumming a ride from friends are all possible answers. I’m not unsympathetic – I don’t have a car either – but I think we shouldn’t see the curb as the place where our unwanted crap magically disappears. (Especially if the unwanted crap really should be recycled in an appropriate manner.)

        • I bet if they were giving away a free TV (or a free big-thing-that-you-want) that required a car to pick it up, you’d damn sure find a way to drive your tail over there.

    • 100% agree on the drop off at the Ft. Totten transfer station. They only receive electronics once a month, but it’s a breeze. They also take paint, etc. It is the nicest dump you will ever see.

  • DPW will come and pick up the TVs (and other bulk items like air conditioners, mattresses, large pieces of furniture) at no cost – all you have to do is make an appointment. If you see bulk trash items that have obviously been abandoned, just call 311 and have it removed.

  • Hah! I’d be tempted to leave my big-ass, incredibly heavy, 32″ tube TV in someone’s open Jeep…

  • andy

    big old CRT TV in my upstairs spare room. Can’t yet bear to get rid of it but flatscreen is in the living room.

  • I thought this post was about the car rather than the TV. As a former Jeep owner, I can tell you, yes they do still these.

  • We have a converter box and our big old TV refuses to die.

  • people still buy them. we sold ours for about 75 bucks on craig’s list last summer.

  • leaving old tv’s like this on the sidewalk is a dick move – even with a ‘free’ sign. best buy accepts old electronics for recycling.

  • I didn’t think I’d have anyone bite, but I sold mine last fall on Craigslist as well. Even if you can’t get money, try to offer it free on Craigslist or Freecycle so it doesn’t end up in the landfill (at least any sooner than it has to).

  • Back in 2007, my fiancee (girlfriend at the time) inherited her brother’s 150lb 32″ widescreen HDTV, and her dad and I had the honor of hauling that monster up five flights of stairs to her apartment. It subsequently died two weeks later. I more or less dragged the sucker down the steps and into the car for recycling. Gah, that sucked.

    • jim_ed

      Hah. back in 2004 when I was in college my parents neighbor gave me their 15 year old 60″ monster big screen. It must have weighed 400+ lbs. We picked it up, took it up 3 flights of townhouse stairs, and it died a month later. Very uncool

  • Man I WISH somebody would have stolen some of these from me or my friends in the past so that I wouldn’t have to MOVE THEM.

  • we could not pay someone to take ours away – when I moved into my apartment the movers I paid simply refused to move it before we even asked – they suck that much.

    when the original owner of the tv piped up that he broke his toe moving it into the apartment, it did not help.

    will say, though, once it got out it was picked up almost immediately. it was a monster of a technological dinosaur.

  • I’m on the same page as Delano. I don’t watch enough TV to make it worthwhile to pay for on a monthly basis, and the CRT works fine for me.

  • I noticed a big TV on the sidewalk earlier today on 17th south of U St.  

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