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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

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  • Rant: Out-of-town visitors who think it’s too hot to go outside and don’t want to do any of the indoor activities I’ve suggested. It’s been a looooong weekend.

    • Rave: Anon you just described my weekend perfectly. Thanks, you made my first R/R posting so easy!

      Rant: I was sooo annoyed by a cousin who visited this weekend. I had some incredible events/options planned for us and due to the heat she was unwilling to try ANY of them. By Saturday afternoon I ditched her and had a blast with my friends.

      • Right. I mean, at least let me drive us to a nice air conditioned museum. I love my house but sitting inside it listening to people complain about the weather for several days is the pits.

  • Wondering if Jonathan had any hot dates this weekend!

  • me

    Rant: Sister-in-law defriended me on Facebook for some reason.

    Rave: On the other hand, she was a person to post a million unnecessary comments about religion and her kid’s bolidy functions, so maybe I dodged a bullet there.

    I know that FB is kinda stupid anyways, but it just bugs me that if she had a problem with me about something, she just couldn’t, you know, TALK to me about it. We’re supposed to be family, right?

    • I wouldn’t take it personally. I de-friended most of my list a few years ago just for the hell of it.

    • That is so annoying, I totally understand. Last year when my husband and his father got in a major argument, his DAD de-friended him, rather than have an actual conversation. It’s ridiculous and immature. At least you don’t have to see all of her religion-kid poop stuff now? 🙂

    • My Sister-in-Law did the same thing! Defriended all of this side of the family and blocked us from her photo website with no explanation. Considering she has 15 years on me, I would expect her to act like an adult… but I guess family drama is always going to be around.

  • Rave: Had a great night at U-Hall on Saturday night. Fantastic tunes and DJs.

    Rant: Myself. I am not sure if DC is right for me anymore. New York seems to be calling my name in terms of job opportunities in the creative market, however I have close family, friends and a great boyfriend in the DC area. I feel lost.

    • Go to New York. The drive’s really not bad at all so you can visit frequently.

      I had the oppostite problem when I got out of college– there really are no engineering jobs in the city so I moved down to DC.

    • I had the same thing with DC… It just didn’t fit me and my personality, I’m more of a Philly girl (gritty and non-arrogant – DC is arrogant, but it’s not in a bad way, just that everyone has a lot of education and important sounding jobs – Philly is non-arrogant in that people know they’re not the greatest/coolest kids and most people have normal sounding jobs). DC **IS** an absolutely awesome city, but when your boyfriend is living in Philly and you are from Philly, it just kind of makes sense to move back there (I did in Feb, but I can’t seem to shake the PoP addiction).

      I say move to NY – you can get train tickets and use the Amtrak Rewards points (plus get the amtrak credit card and earn mucho points that way) which is what I did in my commute back and forth to Philly. You’re never gonna know until you try it out, and it’ll just be on your mind until you do it. As long as your boyfriend and family are behind your decision, I say go for it!

      On a negative note… if your boyfriend isn’t behind your decision or won’t move with you (if it’s been a long-term relationship), then re-evaluate either the relationship or moving. You should be happy in what you are doing for work.

      • Agree, you don’t want to be 50 and contantly thinking what life would have been like if you had moved to NY. Try it, if you don’t like it then move back.

  • Rave: Great day on the river with hubbie and good friends yesterday!
    Rant: Budget work ALL day…
    Rave: Horse back riding tonight despite the heat!! 😀

    • me

      What are you doing on here, then??? GET BACK TO WORKING ON THAT BUDGET!!! 😉

    • Any advice on where to go? I started riding when I was five years old and miss horses like crazy, but can’t afford the prices at the Rock Creek stable or find another barn that I like within an hour’s drive of DC.

      • Budget Done!
        Cait B- I ride at Reddemeade in Silver Spring. Great trainers and great horses- they have good options of pricing too and you can be a working student and get a discount on your lessons.

        • What type of stable is it/training do they do? How is the quality of the lesson horses?

          • Eventing and dressage- lesson horses are great- from dressage schoolmasters to beginner novice jumpers. They have tons of programs too- showing, young riders, working student, adult camps, etc. They just put up a new website, which is still, unfortunately, under construction, but it’s at reddemeade.com.

        • Thanks, Britt!

  • rant: seeing a guy get robbed by three kids on his way to work at 9:30 this morning….3rd & p st nw

    rave: the heat going away?????? hopefully

  • Not really a rant or a rave, just something to share. This morning on the way to the office, I saw a couple eating chili dogs while they were walking down Mass Ave. Who eats chili dogs for breakfast?!

  • other rant: the other two robberies (of the guys that work in my kitchen) last week

  • Anybody know how the Busboys and Poets thing on legalizing illegal graffiti went? Anybody go? Anyone tag the building?

  • Rant: There seem to be no hobby shops in DC. I wonder if Ace or Home Depot sell plastic model glue.

    Rave: I don’t have to travel out of town this week (except maybe to go to Virginia to find a freakin’ hobby shop)

  • I don’t know yet if this should be a rant or a rave: massive police presence followed by the Crime Solvers Forensics Team in the 3600 block of 13th St early this morning. Nothing on the MPD listservs. Anyone have some info?

    • And on Saturday night, major police presence at 13/FL (Cardozo). At least 6 squad cars, a wagon and a van. Maybe EMS too, couldn’t tell.

      After I turned around to avoid the area, at 14/U a half dozen cops (some plainclothes) chased down the car right behind me on foot and started searching it.

      • I was showing some guests around town Saturday night and they thought U Street was super sketchy. I hadn’t been to that part of town in a while so I wasn’t sure if all the police cars were a normal thing or not.

  • Rant: So sick of my gov’t job right now. Seems like everythign I do is either completely unimportant or gets stopped by bureaucracy. I used to really like my job, so I’m hoping it turns around soon

    • “Seems like everythign I do is either completely unimportant or gets stopped by bureaucracy”

      that’s a great rant, btw

  • Anyone with updates about The Fishbowl (or whatever the new Tryst is supposed to be called) for CH?

  • Rant: I HATE the weather in this town. Well, mostly I hate the summer. Record July last year is going to be surpassed by the record this year. I wish I had a time machine to fast forward to October.

    Rave: I like most of the other things about D.C.

    • I’m usually a fan of summer and had no problems getting through it last year, but these past few days have been brutal. I just can’t handle the triple digit crap.

    • As some dude on the Metro said Saturday night, “This weather is stupid!”

    • Just in case you don’t have access to the internets, the entire eastern seaboard and most of the midwest are just as hot.

      • yeah, but apparently with all your access, you don’t read the internets, because its gonna stay too hot here while the upper Midwest and Northeast cool off.

  • Rave: Got engaged this weekend.
    Rant: Parents are creating a TON of stress about the wedding. We are mixed faith and my parents want to have a religious wedding, her family does not. Really really stressful and taking away from the enjoyment of being engaged. We want to do right by both sets of families, but there is little reasoning to go around.


      sorry to hear about the ceremony stress 🙁 you should say that if they want to pay for it, they can do one ceremony that is religious, and another one that is not! otherwise, if you guys are paying for it, can you do a ceremony that is just sort of religious and make the reception uber-fun? (kind of kidding)

    • It is your wedding, not your parent’s. Do what makes you happy. They’ll eventually get over it.

    • It’s your wedding and it’s the only one you get with her. Do it exactly how you want it to be done.

    • have you talked to your fiance about this? I’m in a serious “mixed faith” relationship and we’ve had occasional perfunctory chats about this. Just wondering whether other people hash it out before taking the plunge.

      • Hash it out. It is really important that you go into marriage knowing – really knowing – what the other person thinks.

        And then, realize you still might not know and everyone can change their minds.

        I had many talks with my ex over religion – and it appeared we had acceptable compromises – especially about future kids. We married, and every one of those compromises was thrown out the window – and I “just had to understand how important this was”.

        We didn’t make it, and while this wasn’t the only reason, it made me fight less.

    • anon. gardener

      I had a similar situation. I was amazed to discover that my entire family assumed that I was going to convert to my fiance’s religion. And that a whole host of anxieties sprang up around that. I thought, after 30+ years, do you people seriously not know me at all? Weddings will bring out all sorts of intense feelings and irrationality- try not to take it personally. We opted to have a judge officiate at a beautiful location that was also the reception spot. Like one of the other posters said, this is your wedding, not your parents’. On the day, you will be happy, and so will everyone else, no matter the drama that preceded. 🙂

    • My mom made an ass of herself over our wedding planning and at our wedding and she’s the only one that suffered.

      Do what you want and what makes you happy. Some people won’t ever be pleased, so it’s not worth pleasing them. It’s not her wedding, it’s your wedding. She needs to adapt to your needs, not vice versa.

    • Congratulations!

      As others have said, it’s your and your fiance’s day. If you and she don’t want the religious wedding–don’t do it. Do what you want, but do talk to her about it. My advice would be to do what a couple of friends did; took a trip to the local judge in their lunch hour and told everyone about it afterwards, and had a huge party a few months later. Ticked off members of both families, but they’re happily married and said they wouldn’t have done it any differently. Good luck!

  • Rant: being told by a bouncer at the bar that I “should wear pants next time.” It’s 105 degrees outside, toolbox. I’ll wear what I please.

    • Yeah, what’s up with this? DC is actually very casual compared to other cities I’ve lived in, which I appreciate. I hope we don’t become like douchey Boston or Chicago when it comes to having to wear “black or brown shoes” and pants to most bars (even if they’re not nice bars). Who cares?! Dress codes are silly and insulting.

      • What crappy bars did you go to in Chicago, I lived there most of my adult life and other than pretentious clubs, dress codes did not exist.

    • This happened to me once. Of course one of the girls who I was with went in right ahead of me wearing shorts (they weren’t even sexy shorts). Haven’t been back to the Chi-Cha lounge since. There are plenty of other places to go.

      • I encountered a girl Saturday night who was visiting from Texas and complaining that my neighborhood didn’t have any hot clubs. I was feeling a little embarassed for my neighborhood, until I realized she would never get into one of those clubs anyway since was wearing tourist shorts and cheap flip flops.

    • I like having dress codes for certain places. Sometimes I want to make an effort to look good when I go out– it makes the night more special– and be surrounded by likeminded people. There are plenty of bars for those who don’t care.

    • If you’re a guy and you were wearing a skirt or dress, I would have to agree with the bouncer.

  • em

    Revel: The sunflowers at McKee-Beshars Wildlife Management Area are beautiful

    More Revel: My partner and I got engaged this weekend amongst the lovely blooms

  • revel: iced latte and croissant from Paul for breakfast and now it’s lunchtime
    rant: can’t believe i’m back in the same situation with the boy…just as i was getting over any possibility of us being more than hooking up, he calls. do they just know when you’re starting to get over them?

  • Rant: people running/exercising in 100+ deg heat. this isn’t an episode of survivorman. that’s serious stress to your body.

    • Revel: 8-mile run on Saturday afternoon, 8-mile run yesterday afternoon.

      • Are we supposed to be impressed or something?

        • Nope. But don’t be angry either (if you are the same “Anonymous” that posted above.) That post reminded me that I had two really good runs this weekend, so I posted a ‘revel’.

          • Why not? My taxes pay for the emergency services that would have had to come rescue you if you weren’t so lucky.

          • Ah here we go, the old ‘my tax dollars’ argument. Why wouldn’t it be *my* taxes paying for it? Not to mention that I didn’t need it, and not because I was ‘lucky’ either.

            And if we’re putting together a list of ‘risky behavior that burdens society’ I don’t think people exercising in hot weather is very high up there, so I really don’t think this is a big issue.

          • Well it’s pretty nasty when we have to dodge your puke on the sidewalk as well.

    • Diehard runners have a lot in common with anorexics. Under the right conditions, diet and exercise are heathiful, but there is a small percentage of people that become obsessed with it and push their bodies to the limit. Whether it’s starving oneself or running in extreme heat, it’s a sign of a serious problem when someone is that concerned about their weight.

  • RANT (this is long): I went to the beach this weekend with my boyfriend. about 20 minutes after we got there, a 16-17 year old girl started to throw up in a trash barrel near us. that didn’t bother me (people get sick, whatever) – what DID bother me was that her three friends sat on their towel watching as she was clearly in pain. other people sat around and stared. finally after about 3 minutes I went over to make sure she was ok, and she started sobbing… she was sick and hot and didn’t know what to do, and couldn’t walk because she was in so much pain. these dudes in their late 30s were sitting nearby and took out their ear pods and just looked, half-sitting up like they “intended” on helping. I asked if she wanted me to walk her to a shaded area nearby and she responded that she couldn’t walk. all of this was within earshot of the bug guys near me and none of them offered to help. finally her boyfriend came over and gave her a piggy back and I didn’t see them after that.

    it just pisses me off when people don’t want to try to help others. jesus even if you can’t do much, at least make sure they know you’re acknowledging them and will be nearby. ugh.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Got a ton of basil from Star Hollow Farm and made lots of pesto.

    Rant: My basil plants are anemic looking.

    Rave: Pesto for breakie yesterday and lunch today.

  • RANT: Georgia Avenue construction and lane closings during rush hour, who the heck grants these permits? The road is so lumpy, I have to get new tie rods on my car, they were totally battered over 400$ in repairs. Not happy.

    RAVE: I have begun to embrace the heat, and I like my evening sweat as I walk the dog.

  • RANT: While getting a much-needed mani/pedi on Saturday, some 17-yr old dude walks into the nail shop trying to sell a side-kick 4G phone that he more-than-likely stole from someone. I’m pissed (a) the shop owners let him into the shop to peddle his stolen crap (b) no one batted an eye over it (c) I was stuck with wet nails so I couldn’t call anyone or do anything about it. Just awful–people are too damn passive about this crap.

    Rave: Less than 2 weeks from a month-long vacation! Get me out of this humidity and to a Southern Hemisphere winter!

  • Rant: Got a parking ticket today — for $100! Signs are pretty confusing for those that don’t normally drive. And there was even a cop parked in front of me, and saw me. My guess is he was waiting to ticket me.

    • Yeah, it happens. $100 is steep though! What were you doing wrong?

      • parked during rush hour traffic. So it was stupid of me, but I definitely didn’t see the sign. At least I got to the car before they towed it. Silver lining?

        • Parked during rush hour? You have NO sympathy from me. Sry.

          • Unless you know exactly where K parked you have no right to deny sympathy. Sometimes the signs just aren’t clear. I’ve NEVER illegally parked on purpose, and ALWAYS do a visual sweep of the area for signs, but I can’t say I’ve never gotten a parking ticket.

        • You’re lucky they didn’t tow you…happens fast for rush hour violations.

          Sorry about the $100, I bet you won’t miss the sign next time!

  • Rant: My orthopedist. He completely dismisses my concerns regarding issues that still cause me a great amount of pain and that I have to perform multiple times of day to perform my job. He wants to put me back to full duty when I am unable to go down a flight of stairs without pain.

    Anyone have any recommendations for an orthopedist that actually listens?

    • Orthopods can be very clinical and not sympathetic. Have you done physical therapy? After my accident, it was really that that healed me.

      • I am in physical therapy right now and I have made a lot of improvement. The orthopod’s take is that the injury occurred 8 weeks ago and that anything past 9 weeks is an unreasonable amount of time to not be back to full duty. Shouldn’t cases be examined on an individual basis? I understand that some amount of discomfort is going to remain for a good amount of time to come. My concern is that I have a job that requires me to perform motions that are simply painful for me right now. How can I return to full duty where I might show up to an incident where I am unable to perform all functions necessary? I’m not willing to hurt myself again or risk public safety.

        • I have an excellent guy downtown (19th & M). Lou Levitt, 1850 M St #750. 202-835-2222. But…getting an appointment is tricky as he is usually booked up pretty quickly. He’s very direct and had me up walking the day after knee surgery. Same with my husband after hip surgery. He’s really good. Good luck.

  • Question: I believe this has previously been discussed but I couldn’t find the thread–hoping for some help (so if someone can find the thread, thanks!) Which sites, besides Craigslist, are best for looking for rentals? Thanks for any help!

  • Rant:The organization I have volunteer and worked for for the last 4 years got new management about 8 months ago that is RUINING the organization. I used to be a paid employee and left shortly after the new management came on and thought that the mistreatment was due to being part of the “old regime” but no its just that they are incompetent and paranoid.

    This all comes from the fact that I sent an envelope with some receipts and other things (key card/amex) that I no longer needed back to the office with the program coordinator. The outside of the envelope was addressed to the office manager, well the program coordinator just sent me an email asking me about the contents of the envelope. WHICH WAS NOT ADDRESSED TO HER.

    UGH. Working with them makes me so dang twitchy. I cannot wait to find out where I’ll be living next year so I can be well sod of them.

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