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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

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  • Rave: My boss is gone for three weeks, and I couldn’t be happier.

    Rant: I go outside for five seconds and my Mediterranean hair turns into Cher’s of Moonstruck when she gets her hair done. Ugh.

  • Rant: Out-of-town guests who want to go to Pentagon City Mall (again) because they’ve “already seen everything in DC”.

    • I think it’s time for them to go home. Their malls are probably way better than ours.

      • I’ve never been to a mall in India, but they’ve gotta be better than the hellhole that is Pentagon City.

        Nevertheless I’m impressed with their efficiency– I’ve been here almost a decade and still haven’t seen everything in DC.

  • Why did they put that giant flower box in the middle of Connecticut Avenue? To keep all the a-hole cabbies from making illegal u-turns on that block?

    • Yeah, I think that’s pretty much it. Also maybe to stop pedestrians from jaywalking mid-block – a problem that sorta solved itself once the construction started on the NW corner.

  • Rant: Nearly getting hit by a car while running this morning. Drivers – please look BOTH ways before turning on red.

    Rave: My awesome friends that can talk me out a freak out

    • Not claiming the driver wasn’t at fault here, but runners also need to slow down at the end of the block and make sure there aren’t any cars about to turn right. I’ve had runners shoot up the sidewalk and dart out in front of my car, not giving me much time to react. Usually, since pedestrians are slower, I check the right first, then make sure no traffic’s coming from the left, then do a quick final check to the right before turning. That’s enough time for a runner or biker to appear.

      • Turning right on red is a luxury. Crossing the street when a little man is signalling you to is not.

        That being said, runners obviously do need to be careful (for their own sake).

      • Actually I did slow down at the end of the block – the driver was stopped. As I proceeded into the intersection, the driver started forward and didn’t have a turn signal on. I’m glad to hear that you are a safe driver and check both ways before you turn, but unfortunately in this instance the driver didn’t. She was very apologetic and I’m sure just as shook up as I was, but it still scared the crap out of me – I haven’t had a close call like this in 8 years as a pedestrian/runner/biker in DC

        • Fair enough– like I said I wasn’t trying to accuse you of doing anytihng wrong since I wasn’t there to see how it went down. But as a cautious driver I’ve had a lot of close calls with runners and it’s just as unnerving.

    • +1 – I’m a runner and have actually had cars “fast roll” Stop signs and/or speed up to try to beat me thru an intersetion when I’m already in the crosswalk. WTF?

      • Totally.


      • Just give them a nice little love tap on the trunk of the car as they go by…They get frustrated, but get the point and a runner can dissapear faster than a car could turn around and cause further trouble. Drivers see runners as targets…back when i ran CC we had a kid get hit square in the chest by a thrown Cheeseburger once haha.

        • “Drivers see runners as targets”

          Seriously?? That is one of the most moronic comments I’ve ever seen on this site.

          • +1. That is a very stupid comment.

          • Yeah, this is a silly comment. “Paranoid Runner Sees Drivers as Homicidal Maniacs Out to Get Him” more like.

            My wife was actually hit by a car while jogging (this same scenario). Thank god she wasn’t injured, but she was knocked to the ground. The driver was super apologetic and offered to take her to the hospital or home. It was just an accident, not malice or bloodlust.

            It’s very easy to get careless when driving. Look both ways, then do it again!

            As for me, whether on a bike or on foot, I try to cross behind the car that at the crosswalk… it feels safer, whether it is or not.

        • nope. I’ve had two women get out of their car and threaten my life when I slapped their trunks. I only do this to cabbies now.

          • Aww, they shouldn’t do that to immature little babies!

          • I wouldn’t tap a car – it only escalates the situation. I used to knock on cars that hit me or nearly did but after one crazy lady chased me in the snow for a half mile yelling at me and threatening to kill me (it was in that very rough neighborhood of Friendship Heights) I’ve stopped.
            Just smile and wave – irony will fill in the rest.

            To the OP – you are really luck to have only had this happen once in 8 years – though doesn’t make this situation any better – really sorry. I have near misses every couple of months (lots of right on reds and signaled crosswalk right-of-ways). I no longer cross in front of cars and run behind them for this very reason.

          • Nothing worse than having a close call with a pedestrian, only to have your nerves further shot to hell by the sound of someone suddenly slapping your car. If I had a heart condition that would probably kill me.

            Runners/walkers/bikers, I know you’re upset but please find a better way to get out your frustration (hey, isn’t running good for that?).

          • Anonymous @ 11:27

            I can think of something worse: nearly getting creamed by a car!

          • claire

            To Andy(2): Be careful about crossing behind cars instead – that’s how my sister got seriously injured by a car AND got a jaywalking ticket (in Seattle).

        • What Andy(2) said… tapping/hitting/punching the car escalates the situation and is likely to make the driver less sympathetic to runners/bikers/pedestrians, not _more_ sympathetic.

          Not to mention that if the driver is a volatile/combative sort of person, he/she might threaten you or try to harm you.

    • If you go running in this heat you obviously have a death wish anyway.

  • Ok, so, I’ve tried twice now to post a rant here, but each time it doesn’t get posted or is deleted. I think the latter. PoP: what is the policy on posts? Do you delete some of them? And, if so, what is the criteria you use. As far as I can tell, my post wasn’t offensive, but I suppose it’s your call.

  • Rant: Gray issues a press release on the killing of a transgendered person in NE. Ok, that’s potentially a hate crime, but where the f*ck are the press releases on the Parkwood and Spring Rd shootings/homicides? Where’s the press release on the kids who got beaten with a pipe and then robbed not far from the same intersection?

    • saf

      “beaten with a pipe and then robbed ”

      Apparently, they did not report the pipe part when they made a police report.

  • RANT: one week since a former colleague committed suicide. Still so sad for him and his family. He was a wonderful gregarious person.

    RANT 2: Runner crossing right in front of my car at 5:45 am when I had a green light. Just not necessary.

    RAVE: DC inspection station this morning-open early and it took 10 min at 6am. Worth getting up early for!

    • Is that a summer thing? I don’t recall it being open that early before. Since I work nearby I go during 2-3pm and don’t have a wait either.

      • yes, I think because of the extreme heat this week. Garbage collections also bumped back one hour this week so they can hopefully get done and out of the heat sooner.

    • Wow. Really sorry to hear about your former colleague. Terribly sad.

  • Rant: Mother, who is retired and lives with my disabled sister, is not always the most responsible person with money. Lives in a state where unemployment is very bad. Yesterday she asked if she could come live with me for a year if she could get a job in the District. Would pay for her own food, help out with utilities. Couldn’t pay rent (money is tight with me, too), since she’d have to keep paying her mortgage in other state.

    Said I’d think about it, but not wanting her to stay with me for a year. She was disappointed, and laid on something of a guilt trip. Now I’m feeling guilty, and have an awful feeling I’ll end up caving. I hate this.

    • You have my profound sympathy. There is nothing easy or positive about your situation. Then again, I feel bad for your mother too, who is in such dire financial straits that she needs to come out of retirement to work again.

      I have a feeling that more and more of us will be in this situation before long, either moving back in with parents, or having parents move in with us. This is good news for neighborhood bars.

    • You have my sympathies, as well. Familial obligation vs. adult independence is a supremely tough call. If the issue is that the job market in her area is not acceptable, I’m wondering what her ability to telework from her home state might be? I am by no means endorsing this service but I found this on the interwebs and it might be worth looking into for telework opportunities that might not require her relocation: http://www.flexjobs.com/

      • Tough situation – but why not just suggest she secure a job here first? I’m guessing that isn’t such an easy thing – and with no job there wouldn’t be a question of moving or not.

    • Who will be looking out for your sister?

  • SouthwestDC

    Tomato fritters, raspberry ricotta scones, grilled pizzas topped with zucchini and sweet corn… I love cooking this time of year!

  • Rave: Taking care of my mother and step-father’s dog while they’re on vacation. It’s nice to have a doggy in the house!

  • rant: that there are no traffic circles outside of NW. clearly someone was quadrantist when deciding this city

  • Rant: Created a profile on Okcupid and not having that much of a response. Am I ugly?

  • Rant: Had a meeting in the field today, of all days. It is really hard to look professional with when you are sweating through your clothes.

    Rave: The meeting went well, we were all sweaty and the people in the meeting are all nice. And it is over, AC for the rest of the day!

    • I feel sorry for anyone who has to work outside today. I felt silly driving to work this morning but I knew I’d be sweaty and smelly if I did the 25-minute walk.

  • So hot I couldn’t survive the walk to the bus stop without a mocha frappicino. Window units at home are barely keeping up. Looking forward to some mountain time next month. Lows in the 30s sounds good right now.

  • RANT – someone smashed my car AGAIN. How many times can one car get hit before it stops becoming an accident and starts becoming intentional?

    RAVE – I don’t have one today.

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