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Photo of ‘Lotus Festival at the Kenilworth Gardens’ by PoPville flickr user JRoseC

You can talk about whatever is on your mind โ€“ quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. Iโ€™ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

Photo of ‘Lotus Festival at the Kenilworth Gardens’ by PoPville flickr user JRoseC

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  • Rant: annoying kids on the Metro acting like it is a gogo concert.
    Revel: Got a new job!!

  • Love these photos!

  • Rave: Went tubing on the Shenandoah this weekend and had a WONDERFUL time with friends. Being on the water is good for the soul!

    • +1. We were there (South Fork of Shenandoah) too yesterday! It was awesome. Feel truly refreshed and a little sunburned.

  • RANT: I have been procrastinating getting an alarm since I bought my house at 5319 4th ST NW. I got an ADT guy coming out tomorrow to scope things out.

    Around 330pm I got off work and decided I wasn’t in the mood to hit the gym so I headed on home. I parked in front of my house and walked inside. When I got inside I heard the back door slam shut and I noticed glass everywhere and I saw somebody squirming out of my backyard and sprinting down the alley. I ran after him while trying to dial 911. I got out onto the street and heard a car speed away. He was already most likely gone so I got on the phone with the police and when he showed up, we drove around the block a few times and made sure the person wasn’t on foot.

    When I came back I realized that they had been here a while because EVERYTHING worth anything was gone. All the electronics in the house (TVs, iMacs, laptop, jewelry), all gone. They ransacked the entire place- turned every room upside down.

    Later on, after the detective left, we talked to my old neighbor who is home all day and she didn’t see anything because she was most likely napping when it occurred (between 12-3) but she then proceeded to walk around the entire neighborhood and question everyone. After about 15 minutes we had 4 people drop by and ask If we were ok and if they could do anything at all. Then one of the closest neighbors actually saw something.

    Around noon she saw 2 young males hanging out on the stoop of the condos a few doors down. They were hanging out for a long time then the taller one with short dreads walked up to my front door and looked inside and knocked. After awhile he met up with his shorter shaved head buddy and they scoped out the back alley. After that point the neighbor left and zoom a couple hours later and I showed up.

    So I guess I’ll see what the ADT guy says tomorrow! Get me a super spiffy new security system!

    Anyone live in the area and see anything suspicious?

    • Where do you live?

    • thats horrible. i’m sorry.

    • Terrible. Sorry your home was violated like that. Hope they catch the little bastards.

    • Well they live 2 doors down from my house. So it is extremely nerve racking.

      • Seriously? The thieves live that close by? Wow. I’m truly sorry to hear this. Sounds like an intensely uncomfortable and infuriating situation to be in.

    • So sorry. I live just a few blocks from here, and it is definitely unnerving leaving my home every day. However, our neighbors are great, and we set the security system EVERY time we leave, even when going to CH to pick up Chipotle. Best of luck in getting your stuff back/getting your insurance worked out. So sorry this happened, hopefully they catch the guys.

    • Oh god, don’t scare me like that. I procrastinated activating my security system for a couple months, mainly because Comcast was having issues setting up the landline. ADT is finally coming out tomorrow. I’ve been the victim of burglary before and I empathize completely with what happened to you. Fortunately I didn’t have much worth stealing, but it took forever to clean up the mess and it’s unnerving to discover that window bars, deadbolts, and alarms aren’t enough to deter some people.

    • That sucks so much! I’m sure this is of no comfort, but you’ve also inspired me to get off my ass and get a security system. I live around the corner. Let me know if you ever want to meet up for a porch beer.

      • For sure come on down and introduce yourself. We will most likely be hanging out on the porch for the next couple weeks…with no TV and all.

  • Rant: too many uptight comments on PoP
    Rant: too many non-Petworth news on PoP
    Revel: got laid last night

  • Rave: a whole weekend with no PoP “shooting at 14th and Euclid” style updates!

  • me

    Rave: Finally made an appointment with an allergist- hopefully that will help.

    Rant: He will probably want me to get shots, which I already took for 5 years while growing up. Unfortunately, there’s different stuff here than where I grew up, so those shots aren’t effective anymore.

    Double Rant: I can’t take any medicine until my appointment on Friday morning. I’m already in misery.

    Hopeful Rave: Waiting to hear back on a job interview from last week. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  • Rave: Artscape rocked!

    Rant: Sore throat and sneezing at work. So far this hasn’t gotten worse, but I still feel pretty lousy.

  • Rave: Winnie the Pooh movie and the Upshur Pool yesterday with the little guy. He might have had the most fun day ever in his two years.

    Rant: summer cold is kicking my ass (of course, caught from the little guy).

    • Oh how was Winnie the Pooh? I really want to go see it. I do not have kids. haha

      • It was cute, very true to the book in terms of illustration style and plot–a number of scenes actually start off looking like a page in the book. And there were two women sitting behind us without kids!

  • Rant: I keep getting the “Your posting too fast” message when it’s the first post I’m even making.

  • Rant: WEATHER

    Rave: Within 6 hours on Craigslist we had shown our apartment and received a great application–all without bearing the humiliation of being listed as a Home-Depot-flip-job-afternoon-rental-option on PoP. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • J – congrats and send me some of your new job vibes, I’ve been searching fruitlessly for awhile.

    Anyone have any leads for a newly minted LICSW (Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker)?


    • It was a pain in the ass applying to all these places, but don’t worry (too much) one will come. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Congrats on getting your LICSW! Have you looked at government jobs? Walter Reed? the NASW website?

      • Thanks – yeah, I’ve been a USAjobs junkie – too bad the feds are sooooo slow! ๐Ÿ™‚ I haven’t seen anything on DC govt listings lately. NASW doesn’t have many listings in our area. The other problem is that I moved from NYC where there’s always a surplus of social work jobs so the pickings here seem especially slim.

        Final rant: different licensure boards for DC, MD, and VA – there seriously needs to be reciprocity.

    • idealist.org is an awesome place to look for nonprofit leads and I feel like I’ve seen a bunch of social worker postings, particularly for bilingual (English-Spanish) folks. Good luck!

    • I’m a newly minted LMSW, I feel like EVERY job I look at wants an LCSW i’m not sure what you’re looking for though.

  • Rave: Slowly turning my Fairmont St basement apartment into the Best Place Ever.

  • Rave: Nephew’s 3rd birthday party and sister’s baby shower brunch over the weekend. All were a blast.

    Rant: The bicyclists in this town.

    I nearly hit a bicyclist on Friday afternoon driving to work around Dupont Circle. Was sitting at a stop light and went to edge forward behind the car in front, with the cyclist came swerving from my left and in front of my car. I nearly clipped him. I’m not sure how I could’ve done things differently. They don’t teach you to watch for bikes on your left and in front in driver’s ed, and especially not when they they move in front of your car! Shouldn’t they keep to the right of traffic? As a person who’s been hit by a car as a pedestrian, the last thing I want to do is hit another person with my car. This terrified me. And it was my first time driving to work since I moved here.

    I always cross at crosswork (since I’m too terrified to jaywalk) and I’ve been nearly taken out by more bikes not obeying their signal than cars…

    • how long have you lived here? welcome to dc, where bikes unfortunately rule the road and the sidewalk (and this is coming from a cyclist)

      • +1. Most cyclists are courteous and capable of following the rules, but there are a select few who never fail to make things more dangerous for both themselves and everyone around the.

      • A few months, but this is my first time nearly hitting on with my car. Maybe I’m lucky to have gone that long?

    • I hear you, and not saying you did anything wrong, but here’s something you could have done differently: when you stop for a red light, stay stopped until the light turns green. No edging forward, no gentle roll while anticipating the light to change.

      You couldn’t anticipate what the guy on the bike was going to do, but he probably saw you stopped and assumed (if the light was still red) that you had no reason to move.

      • Yeah I’m definitely going to do that next time, or at least look in all of my mirrors and blind spot before I edge forward just in case. Live and learn, I guess. I’m just glad I didn’t hit him. I would feel terrible.

    • was this comment a joke?

  • Rave: Went to NYC for the weekend. Met up with some old friends and had a blast.

    Rant: About to head back to DC.

    Glad most PoP posters point out when somebody tries to compare the two cities, because there is no comparison.

    • move there.

      • Funny you should mention that, because I was just thinking how all the people on this blog would probably move there in a heartbeat if their (oversalaried, government related) jobs allowed them to.

        • In all honesty, you couldn’t pay me enough to live in NYC. DC is not the number one place in the world I’d choose to live (given unlimited funds), but NYC doesn’t even make the list.

          To each his/her own.

          • +1 on Megan. I grew up outside of NYC and likely because of that, I never thought about living in NYC once.

          • I grew up near NYC too and have never had an interest in living there. Nice city to visit, but I’d rather live in a place like DC or Philly that has more of a small town feel.

          • Exactly what Megan said. I can imagine better places to live than DC, but NY ain’t one of them.

  • Rant: USA lost yesterday

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Granny not doing so well health wise.

    Rave: My Grandpa is awesome. They both planned way ahead for health problems so it appears she is in good hands.

    Rant: I wish I could go visit her right now, but I blew all my vacation time on my trip to New Orleans.

    Rave: I did have a good and much needed trip to New Orleans.

    Pondering: Changing my Christmas to see MS family and instead going down to see my Grandparents for Thanksgiving.

  • Got a bike question:
    Let’s say I’m turning right from a street that has a bike lane. Yes, obviously, I should check my right mirror and make sure that there’s no one in the bike lane before I turn. But what’s the responsibility of the straight-riding cyclist? Who has the right-of-way? I’ve had it happen twice recently that I’m inching towards the turn, waiting for pedestrians to clear the crosswalk, and a bike comes barreling down the bike lane and gives me a heart attack by swerving in front of my car mid-turn. Should the cyclist see me in the process of turning (albeit slowly, due to pedestrians or backed up traffic or something) and wait, or does the straight-going cyclist trump the right-turning car?

    • Well, if there is a bike lane and you are turning right, you should be in the bike lane, so the biker should either a) safely merge left and take the lane to continue past you or b) remain in the bike lane and pause behind you until you have completed the turn, and then continue straight.

      • exactly.

      • me

        Hmm….. I’ve done that (turning right from going south on 14th St to one of the lettered streets) and even though I go slowly, put on my turn signal, and look around, I still get cursed at by the cyclist that maybe 10 seconds later has to go around me. Maybe that’s not the way I’m supposed to do it…

        • No, it is the way you are to do it. The cyclist is wrong.

          Cyclists know the law about as well as drivers do, and that is barely.

    • i don’t know what’s “legal” but as a cyclist, i am hyper-aware of vehicles. i watch cars extremely closely and if i think one might turn in front of me, i SLOW DOWN and WAIT. i don’t think some bikers realize that on a bike, you are COMPLETELY exposed. that little dinky helmet isn’t going to help you a whole lot when a toyota corolla sideswipes you because you were being an idiot. the end.

      • I second anonymous. What you’re describing can lead to a collision popularly called “the right hook.” Bikers need to exercise extreme caution when dealing with cars, which can be unpredictable in their actions- especially when they’re not using turn signals. Even when bikers follow all the rules, they should prepare for any scenario. I ride defensively and I expect the unexpected from pedestrians and motorists alike.

    • Well, for starters, check your mirrors. Also, use your turn signals. There is always going to be a small percentage of small, crazy bikers who will always barrel (and as a biker, I’m convinced this population is considerably smaller than what PoPers/drivers believe exist), but if you use your signals, a good biker should adjust accordingly. I can speak for myself when I say that if I see you in mid-turn, I’m gonna slow down and let you complete the turn. And, against greent’s advice, don’t go in the bike lane. It’s a bike lane, not a “I’m gonna turn now” lane.

      • It’s not “advice” MSF, it’s the law.

        A driver is required to move as far to the right as possible when making a right turn, and if this means the car must enter the bike lane to safely turn, then the car is required to enter the bike lane if they are turning right and the bike lane is on the right. The exceptions are for bi-directional cycle-tracks, which is not what WDC posted.

        The phrase “Share the road” is not advice only for auto-drivers. Laws are laws, learn them.

        And share the road.

      • wrong. what’s dangerous is that you don’t know the law.

  • Rave – beautiful photos on this post today
    Rave – treating myself to a movie after work at E St theatre at least once a week
    Rant – cramps

  • Rave: moved in with my awesome girlfriend this weekend

    Rave: winning $40 bucks at a trivia game at a friend of said girlfriend.

    Rave: Good juju

    Rant: The dust kicked up from packing my apartment and helping her roommate move out seems to think that letting me breathe is a bad life choice.

  • Rave: My sister just told me she’s pregnant with her first child!!! I’m beyond excited.

    Rant: I’m not allowed to tell anyone yet and that is making me crazy.

    Rave: I figured this doesn’t count as telling anyone, so I feel a little better.

  • Rant: Watching two ladies (I use that loosely), one talking loudly on her cell phone, walking in the middle of a street with a baby stroller at 10 pm last night!

  • Rave: 3 weeks til Peru!

    Rant: Bugbites, humidity, and a severe lack of motivation at work.

    PS Rant: I second “the posting comments too quickly” rant. Seriously, what the hell is the threshold on that thing?

    • Kalorini, did you check out the condos on the 800 block of Taylor over the weekend? Curious what you thought.

  • Rant – spent the weekend packing up books and everything else from bookshelves, walls and countertops in anticipation of the painters arriving tomorrow. Jeez, we have so much stuff. Memo to self–must re-watch Horders!

    Rave – the whole house is finally getting painted, yay

    Rant – going to have to put all that stuff back when the painters leave…ugh

    Rave – But the house is getting painted, whoo-hoo ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Rant: Knee still not up-to-snuff after random blowout last week 7 months post-surgery.
    Rave: Actually getting in tomorrow to see the doctor (finally!) and see what’s wrong.
    Rave: Horse-back riding tonight regardless of said-bum knee.

  • me

    One more rant: Just learned that Brian Bixler, a friend from high school, has just been optioned from the Nats to go to the minor league. Boo!

  • RANT: So tired of all the cycling/cyclist related content. Two wheels, four wheels, no wheels…I don’t care how you get around. Each have their benefits and frustrations and no one is a special class of citizen for how they choose to navigate around this city. Enough with the whining…

    RAVE: Was anticipating a very tense start to the work week given all that’s afoot but so far, very lo-fi. Nice.

  • Rave: Celebrated Grandad’s 100th birthday
    Rant: Lots of awkward family time
    Rave: All the family was glad to see my mom – stepmonster sulked in the background!

  • Rant: litter
    Rant: teens who pop out babies that they clearly have no interest in raising, as evidenced by letting them roam around the hood at midnight, unsupervised, usually barefoot (while sidewalk is littered with at least a few broken beer bottles and tons of chicken wings) while they (the “parents”) smoke weed, drink, and generally act like a-holes. I just dont understand while people like that keep the kids. Give them up for adoption if you dont believe in abortion. Or, here’s an idea, use a condom. I just feel so bad for those little kids…they dont stand a chance with parents like that.

  • Rave: Went to the beach this weekend.

    Rant: Sliced my finger open on the underside of the beach chair arm. I bled like a pig.

    Rave2: The lifeguard had a ton of medical supplies and the staff at a nearby hotel gave me extra bandages and antiseptic. Next time I won’t travel without a first aid kit.

  • Rant: I work for a rather large federal agency in Southeast DC, and I came into work this morning to find that Prince of Petworth has been blocked! What kind of trash have you guys been posting?

    Rave: T-minus 4 days and counting ’til summer vacation!!!

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