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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

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  • Can you get to that location in the picture via metro and if so how?

    • no, you cant. not by metro rail, at least. maybe in 2 decades…

    • No metro; car or boat (PG County on Potomac just south of 495)

    • Not that it would take less than a day but I’m pretty sure you can either take a water taxi there from Alexandria or a bus from the Metro (Branch Avenue maybe?)

    • It’s The Awakening: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Awakening_%28sculpture%29

      I’m not sure if it’s a good thing they moved it or not.

      • jburka

        I’m sure. It’s an awful thing that it was moved from Hain’s Point. Absolutely awful.

        • Why is that? Is it because other places dont deserve nice things, or just PG?

          • Because it was located in a beautiful natural setting surrounded by grass, trees, and water. Now it’s in the middle of a shopping center.

          • jburka

            It’s so cute that you think it has to be about the space to which the sculpture moved, and not the space from which it was taken.

            This has nothing to do with PG County and everything to do with a major artistic loss for the District.

          • it’s because we all loved it at hains point. nothing to do with pg at all.

          • erin,

            its not rally in the middle of a shopping center. it’s on a teeny tiny beach next to a pier.

    • Yes. Metro and then Metrobus will take you right there, but it takes a while. You can thank the Peterson Companies for taking this beloved sculpture and moving it to the biggest piece-of-shit complex in America.

      • +1 beloved, here-here.

        I miss it too, what a horrible thing to do to move it

      • you can also thank the International Sculpture Foundation for bring it to DC, and thank the DC government or anyone in dc for not buying it.

        • No one knew it was for sale. It was a thank you to a large Republican donor that got it moved from Hanes Point to National Harbor.

        • saf

          That’s NPS land.

          They have a policy forbidding purchases of art.

    • Metro to King Street station, King Street trolley (free) to the waterfront, Water Taxi (costs something) to National Harbor. This could make a fun day trip, but it’s not something you’ll be able to do in a spare hour.

    • I found it very easy via Metrobus – the NH1 from Branch Ave, about 20 minutes, mostly on the Beltway, so very few stops. They honestly should advertise that more, because it does seem like it would be a pain, though it’s not.

      The water taxi is fine for fun or if you want to be in Old Town, but that route is to slow to be useful to me.

      • em

        I’ve taken the NH1 to National Harbor during the week, and it was fairly painless. I don’t know how it works on the weekend, but the bus seemed to the preferred method of transit for all of the workers…

        Another option, if you have the time, is to bike or walk across the Wilson Bridge from Alexandria (about 3 miles each way). There is a walking/biking path along the north side of the bridge – great views back toward the city, complete with telescopes and informational signs about the history of the area. There is also a lovely park on the PG County side of the bridge. Or if you are already on the DC/Maryland side, there are bike paths that go from DC to National Harbor.

    • pennyworth

      just take a cab from southern avenue metro – it’ll be about $12.50

  • Rant: a group of 10-year-old kids ready to brawl in the alley next to the Petworth spray park/playground yesterday afternoon.

    Double rant: the 18- or 20-year-old who was repeatedly telling one of the kids to “pop him in the face!” and egging on the whole thing.

    Triple rant: the kid who cursed me out when I yelled at them to knock it off.

    Rave: they actually did stop fighting AND the kid who cussed me out came back over to apologize AND one of the slightly older other kids told a third kid to stop it when he thought it would be funny to scream “F*ck you!” in my face while I was holding my two-year-old.

    • why do you live there?

      • I agree. I would move.

        Let the savages devour themselves while my kids and I play in a civilized part of town.

        • ha, like there’s actually a part of town that’s civilized.

        • Yeah, moving is so much easier than . . . oh, what do they call it . . . getting involved.

          • Right. The fact that these kids actually stopped fighting–AND APOLOGIZED for cursing–when I yelled at them says a lot to me. They need more people telling them what’s acceptable behavior and what’s not and fewer older kids encouraging them to fight. And fewer people writing them off as savages. Kids learn by example and expectations. I grew up where my neighbors and my friends’ parents could tell me to knock of something just as well as my parents could. I’d rather not have to say something to other people’s kids, but I sure as hell will when their parents aren’t around (or won’t discipline them).

          • The point is: where are their parents? If you live in a neighborhood where parents are cool with letting a dozen kids roam about, fight, curse, and generally act like savages, the problem is endemic. Nothing you do or say will make a long-term difference.

      • Doh. I live right around the corner from there and haven’t seen kids acting like this – it’s not like this scene is a typical neighborhood experience. The neighborhood kids I know are super nice. I suppose even nice kids get in fights sometimes – at least they apologized.

        • Oh, I know… we live several blocks away but go to the spray park pretty frequently and this is the first time I’ve ever seen anything like it. Something over a bike; I couldn’t tell exactly what. Most of the kids there have been really nice. It was the older kid egging them on who upset me most.

    • That SUCKS worse than my DMV rant or rent rant. Keep up the good fight.

    • I was at the Petworth spray park Saturday (1-3 pm) and there was nothing like that going on, it was all happy kids, babies, parents & everybody having fun.
      Bob you really need to watch your “savages devour themselves” attitude because it will rub off on your kids.

    • i think it’s sweet that they apologized.

  • Rave: Mayor Gray emerges from his cocoon.

    Rant: His column in the Informer shows that he is completely out of touch:


    I want to hear about: crime, transit, education, and then some more about crime.

    • When crime is down under his watch, what do you want him to do? Gloat?

      • Crime is down in cities across America, not just ours. Suggesting he has gloating rights is ignorant. Please take a gander at the following reading material:


        • “Crime is down because we have more diversity” is a very shaky theory at best. This article is no better than the research it notes, and casts away. It’s another sociology attempt to make ‘fact’ out of a small correlation without providing any data or follow up for a mechanism of causation.

          Regardless of whether his theory is correct or not, it’s really really poor journalism.

          • His theory is irrelevant to my argument, which is that crime is dropping because of something — an X factor if you will — other than Fenty, Gray, or whomever.

            We can sit here all day and argue as to the whys of crime’s decline. That’s not what I’m trying to get at. I’m trying to show that we can’t think that this decline means Gray (or previously, Fenty) was doing something right. Logically speaking, their stewardships may be neutral in effect or even add to the crime rate, and the overall crime rate would still drop year after year.

      • so it is acceptable to have horrific crimes as long as it is slightly less than the year before?

      • If Gray thought the levels of crime were worth gloating about, you can bet he would do it. He would take credit for inventing wide lapels, bifocals, and vampirism if he could.

        Gray knows that his base could care less about crime and that the people who want him out care considerably about it.

        “One City” = pandering to the interests of people who hated Fenty.

        • “Gray knows that his base could care less about crime and that the people who want him out care considerably about it.”

          Not only is this wrong, it makes no sense. The idea that there is some huge cohort in the City that doesn’t care about crime is an urban myth. The fact of the matter is that no matter how much you hate Gray, you can’t use crime numbers as an indication that things have goten worse in this City since he became Mayor. The fact is that crime hasn’t gotten worse, notwithstanding the parade of shooting reports posted on this and other blogs. That’s not to say that things can’t and should not get better.
          There’s perception and reality. For all the Fenty nostalgia, there were strings of violent crime during his administration where people were calling for his head. He was crticized as a grandstander for showing up at every crime scene. Gray is criticized for not caring because he doesn’t show up at every crime scene. It’s always something.

    • geez….Gray needs a makeover.

      • Or Glamour Shots.

        • Now this I could see… Purple crushed velvet suit with a matching hat, pink striped ascot, and a diamond encrusted gold “ring bar” spelling out “GRAY” on his four fingers.

    • looks like some people are posting some comments to his post expressing the same frustration.

      • HAHA. Nice.

        The Informer is the most biased pro-Gray, pro-Kwame, pro-Barry rag. If their readers are expressing their displeasure, you know Gray’s got issues.

    • How about education, crime, and then transit?

  • Rant: The asshat who tried to steal the front tire off my bike while I went to a movie at Gallery Place on Saturday.

    Rave: The mensch who must have said something/stopped them, because with a little more jiggering they definitely would have had it.

    Moral of the story: Make sure your wheel locks are as tight as they can be.

  • Rant:Another fucking heatwave. Summer in this town sucks my nards. (sorry for being graphic…I hate the heat).

  • Rave: Great weekend with friends at the wedding. Manfriend was a wonderful date. Also, Sunday BBQ at my parents’ house=delicious.

    Rant: Parking ticket.

  • Rant: Coworker with nasty cough that won’t stop should be at home and not here spreading her germs.

    Rave: Nice day at Upshur pool yesterday, 1st time this year. All the kids were quite civilized.

    Rant: Marco Polo.

    • I sometimes join them when I’m in the water – just to throw them off. Some random “Polo”s make the game that much more fun.

  • Rant/Rave: Got an interview for a county job for next week that would not be horrible. Find out if I got an interview for my dream federal job within the next couple of weeks. Hoping I don’t have to make a decision for the county job before I find out if I got the federal interview.

    Rave: All things considered I’ve been feeling pretty good since my surgery. I am not 100% sure that this cured all the issues I’ve been having the last 8 months but I have had more good days then bad. And I am grateful for that.

    • You know what? That first R/R is a good problem to have in an economy like today’s, with so many unemployed. Sounds like things are on the up and up.

      • yes its totally a first world problem and I’m glad to have been getting as many interviews as I have (though its like 5 interviews out of 100 applications) in this economy. I just want my cake and eat it too. Totally aware of that! haha

    • Hoping I don’t have to make a decision for the county job before I find out if I got the federal interview.

      Unless you sign a contract with the county, there’s no reason to wait on the federal interview and results before accepting the county job. Seriously. There’s a probation period that is supposed to work for both the employer and employee. During that first 90 days, you should feel okay to walk. They can’t hold that against you.

      • Yeah, but wouldn’t it look bad on Clearbluewater33’s resume if she (he?) took the job and then left that quickly?

        • Not if you don’t put it on your resume. For a 3 month job, I wouldn’t put it on.

          If for some reason, they ask, you can say (truthfully) the county job did not fit your needs, and as you were in probationary period, you felt it best for both you and the county to allow them to hire someone who would be a better fit.

          I hate the phrase “1st world problem”.

          • If you planned on doing anything with a background check you better put in on your resume, leaving a 3 month stint off is essentially a lie. Also, you could get fired at most places for that (if they hired you based off of that resume). I wouldn’t put myself in that situation, put it on your resume and come up with a good/honest reason.

  • Rave: Time Banks and Aging Improvement Districts

  • Georgia Avenue looks like a war zone. Who did they hire to do the street construction? The Juggernaut?!? They would never have this kind of road mess in Georgetown.

  • GiantSquid

    Major Rant: Found out at 10pm last night that Mr. Squid’s grandmother passed away on Friday. The family had called him and left a message. No one called me. Mr. Squid doesn’t have email or cell reception. Why, if you called someone and didn’t receive a response, would you not call their spouse? I’m super angry because he could have made the funeral today but for folks’ failure to communicate via one of the many ways to contact us.

    Rave: Get to see Mr. Squid Friday.

  • Rant: went to an open house in Ledroit Park on Saturday, only to find out the condo unit I was interested in was already under contract. The only remaining units were in the dark basement–no thanks.

    Seriously, how difficult is it to find an affordable (under $300K) 2BR or 1BR+den condo in this damn city that isn’t in the middle of “shoot-’em-up-ville”?!

    Rave: after tonight’s final exam, I’ll be done with a really difficult, condensed semester that was way more physics-heavy than I expected. So, my summer actually starts at 9 pm tonight!

    • Have you looked at any of the Flats at Taylor St units in Petworth? They’re in a great location for Petworth (800 block of Taylor St NW, close to metro + 1 block from farmer’s market, Yes Organic, and other new developments). I think 2BR units are about $299K. I looked at them (even though I own already I can’t walk past an open house without going in) and thought they looked very nice.

      • Yes, they have open houses on Sunday from 1-4 pm. We’re going next weekend 🙂

        Thanks for the suggestion (and I’d love additional suggestions!) How’s that block? I’m a bit concerned that its across from a park that’s filled with loiters on Google maps..

        • There’s a renovated condo building at 9th and Jefferson–I believe it’s just called Jefferson Condos–that advertises prices in the range you’re seeking.

        • Good location. The park’s had problems in the past but the fairly recent upgrade (within the last couple of years, I think) has brought nothing but good. It’s filled with parents every time I’ve been there.

          More than that though, proximity to Yes! and Metro station can’t be beat.

        • The area is hugely improved since I moved there in 2005 – two drug nuisance properties on the 800 and 700 blocks of Taylor sold and have been renovated and that reduced crime drastically (those 2 houses were the only 2 on that section of Taylor). I do think there is still drug dealing out of the community center – really hoping having that building fill up will fix that (the police really do respond to community feedback). The apartment buildings near there are no problem (market rate rentals, not public housing). The area is very friendly and neighborly – I know most of the people on my block. I’ve also been happily surprised that property crime is low compared to other parts of DC where I’ve lived. Overall crime in Petworth is very block-by-block – there are some problem areas in the neighborhood, but the immediate area around this building is very nice.

        • We take our kids to that park frequently, it’s been renovated and is not a wino druggie park like some you see around town. I was disappointed with one loud mom/guardian lady who was there one evening last year, she was cursing at a little kid in the group she was watching at the top of her lungs, “Get back here before I whoop your behind” that sort of thing, that was like 1 time out of 25.

    • Seriously, how difficult is it to find an affordable (under $300K) 2BR or 1BR+den condo in this damn city that isn’t in the middle of “shoot-’em-up-ville”?!

      Pretty damn impossible. Condos are typically reflective of the future market values, meaning that any unit in a transitional neighborhood will be priced based on what the neighborhood is predicted to look like in five or so years.

      Expect to pay $400/sf for any non-stabby area. That amounts to a 750sf place which is pretty tight for anything other than a one bedroom.

      Good luck!

    • Check out Mannadc.org . They have some new units on 14th and Clifton.

      Or, check out kenyonmanor.com .

      There are income restrictions, but maybe you qualify

  • Rant: My wife lost her engagement ring. It’s a thing, but it was meaningful. She’s so messy and disorganized it was bound to happen but I’m extremely disappointed in her.

    • I’m sorry. She must feel awful too. It is a thing, but a very symbolic and important thing. She might be super busy now that she’s engaged. It’s all kind of overwhelming.

      • Well, we’ve been married for +1 year and she’s just messy and scatterbrained in general. She had a Dr. appointment and a business trip in the same day and left the packing until that day too.

        I just don’t understand.

        • I say this in the nicest way possible: is there any chance she has ADD? Medicine for that can make a huge difference. I speak from experience. Maybe this is the thing that might make her willing to talk to her doctor?

        • Did you understand when you married her? Obviously she has better attributes than being scatterbrained and messy – maybe you could focus on those qualities. It might help get over your “extreme disappointment.”

          • yeah, kinda wondering if you felt it was inevitable why you would burden her w/ an engagement ring (or why the heck she wanted one) only to have your prediction play out. let’s just hope you had it insured!

          • What Victoria said.

            She’s probably feeling bad enough about the ring already. Yes, it’s annoying and frustrating when people are messy and scatterbrained (at least for those of us who aren’t messy or scatterbrained).

            But at the same time… like Anonymous 2:13 said, why would you give her an engagement ring if you knew she was bound to lose it?

            Or did you not realize she was bound to lose it at the time you got engaged?

            I dunno… maybe some couples counseling is in order here.

    • wow. uncool post. even as an anon, respect your woman. don’t diss her on a public forum.

      you married her. suck it up and be a man.

    • forgive her, tell her how much you love her, and then proceed to never criticize your wife on the internet ever again.

  • Rant 1: Rent

    Rant 2: Many City Services — particularly the DC DMV — have reverted to CRAP since Fenty left.

    Welcome to the glory days of incompetence and inefficiency reminiscent of the Barry administration. Honestly, it’s scary how similar it is. I’ve been on the phone for hours this morning going from one machine to the next.

    As I write this I’m waiting. I’m about 12 steps up the ladder of “If you are calling… press…” I wonder if Gray has to do this.

    Fenty made everything more accessible online — which usually helps, thank god, but not everything. These people are retards.

    • jburka

      rant: people who use the word retard even (especially?) when their complaint is valid.

      • (Thanks but no thanks!) When I work with someone else who has special needs, I usually call it what it is — downs syndrome, autism, slow, — or say what caring professionals would say — special needs, etc. These days I would never say the word RETARD about someone with limited mental abilities. It’s out.

      • Ah PoP posters, really, what is your preferred lexicon…? Please let me know
        People Who Use the Word… hubby, merman, doll, liebling, etc…

        Rant: People who use the words “people who use the word’

        • Just couldn’t let that go with one post, could you?

          Regardless of what YOU would call someone with special needs, the fact remains that the term “retard” is inextricably associated in a very negative way with a person who has special needs. You know this. Don’t try to pretend that it’s news to you.

          Don’t turn this into a rant about yuppie control of vocabulary. Not saying retard is about as obvious as not using gay as a slur. It hurts the feelings of people with special needs, who many would view as the most vulnerable of targets. So why not just stow it? Moreover, when someone rightfully calls you on it, why not be man (or woman) enough to admit mea culpa and be done with it?

          • Who uses retard when talking about people with special needs anymore? It’s not appropriate. Look at the specifics of their development. Retard is an old and broad word. Did you even read what I wrote?

            I am woman enough and I just completely disagree with you. Can you take it?

            I do work with others who have special needs so don’t tell me what I’m talking about. I am in the weeds. I NEVER use the word RETARD at work, and I mean NEVER — especially when I’m working with those with limited capacities or slower as to what they can do.

          • ARE you being purposely obtuse? Saying that no one uses retard to describe people with special needs is like saying black people are no longer referred to as n****rs in old Southern documents, so it’s totally cool for me to call my neighbor that!

            It is commonly known by now, but for the uninformed among us: the use of retard to describe someone that you think is really, really stupid is a tremendous insult to people with special needs. You’re not just disagreeing with me here; any thoughtful decent person feels the same way. You weren’t pulling on some archaic definition of the term, you were using it as a slur.

            Don’t offer up as some proof the fact that you don’t call people with special needs retarded when you’re dealing with them. Well for chrissakes, I hope not. These posts have shown that you are ignorant, but that would make you ignorant and cruel.

          • Actually, this discussion is RETARDED!

          • Prince Of Petworth

            Bloom. In 2011 the term Retarded is generally considered a pejorative. You may not think so but many other people do. I personally find it offensive. Whether you personally find it offensive or not – please respect the sensitivities of others.

          • Wow PoP way to step up to the plate with me. I’ve only read about a million pejorative posts on your blog.

            Thank you. As your highness requests. Please remove my name and all these discussions.

        • I work for an international disabilities organization, and I am stunned, just STUNNED. Are you SERIOUS? Are you employed? In the field? Because I believe you would be weeded out in about two seconds at my association, or any other that works for the rights of others, be they people with disabilities or ANYONE.

          Are you even aware of the term “person first language?” You cannot possibly work in direct services. If you do, you need to retire or move on. You’re an insult to PWD and those of who work for our/their rights. Shame.

          • I apologize sincerely for offending you. But, still, I will never call the individuals I work with “retards”. I can’t even imagine using that word professionally.

            People have specific brain/ability developments. I am sad that you took on so much offense.

    • I had a great trip to the DMV last week, but then the parking gods decided to give me another ticket.

      I think some of those online systems worked best for problem solving when fewer people used them. Now, everyone is online and can request services, dial in, tweet problems, etc…

    • If possible, try going to the Georgetown DMV on Friday afternoons around lunch time. The wait is minimal and the staff are all chipper, friendly & helpful. It’s like bizarro DMV.

  • Anyone have a link to a good lease agreement for a single-unit landlord?

    • I just buy the leases at Staples – I think last time it was around $12.00. Don’t waste your time with online offerings – they are generally kind of bait and switch to get you signed up for something or paying more.

  • em

    Rave: Went to the Anacostia Community Museum on Sunday. What a hidden gem in the Smithsonian’s crown. If you haven’t been, definitely check it out (there is even parking, for those who don’t want to Metro + bus, bike, or walk).

    Rant: Biking to the museum from SW DC required lots of uphill treks where I had to get off of my bike and walk because the streets were so steep and my lungs are wimpy.

    Rave: The ride home, which was mostly downhill, was absolutely awesome (and sometimes downright scary because I was able to glide down the hills so fast).

  • Rave: USA USA USA! The USA v. Brasil game yesterday was outstanding. What a match – truly was one for the ages. The game of the Cup, so far. w00t! USA!

    Rant: Asking for a specific deadline from boss. Told to “see what is needed”. Did so and came back with one month deadline. As of friday, that was fine. As of this morning, this is not acceptable. Not given a time-frame that would be acceptable, told again to “see what is needed” but not allowed to change the parameters of the work.

    Rave: Day 11 of not smoking.

  • Rant: The asshole’s lighting off firecrackers under my bedroom window last Friday and then again in the alley last night. We were just getting the dog okay enough to walk down the street without the two of us there to protect him, now he won’t even go down the stairs again.

    Rave: New George RR Martin should be at my door tomorrow afternoon waiting for my hot little hands to rip that box open and read it.

    Rave 2: Already took Wednesday off to read it.

    Rant: The amount of work I have to get through to get that day off.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Red velvet waffles for breakfast! Thank you professional organization for giving me the excuse to take the morning off and have those waffles.

    Rant: It would be nice if my company actually supported my professional development.

  • pablo .raw

    rant: stepped on a broken glass baby bottle on the sidewalk, it still had some milk on it and it was right by the trash can! I would like to think that the father/mother was too busy with the baby to just throw the glass pieces in the trash can before somebody got hurt.
    rave: I did throw the glass pieces in the trash and that made me feel good.

  • Rant: Caught a squirrel trying to break into my bedroom by attempting to chew the plastic sides off the a/c unit. He succeeded two years ago but I had plexiglass cut to fit the sides so he can’t get at them. He just flattened himself on top of the unit, stared at me and dared me to kill him. I’m just not fast enough.

    Question: PoP how do you walk around for any length of time in this weather? I wanted to die just taking out the trash.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      I’m not gonna sugar coat it, it’s brutal. I just got home and feel like I just ran a marathon. A friend of mine gave me a camelbak and I’m fairly certain she saved my life. And tomorrow’s supposed to be even hotter…

  • We’re all counting on your slogging PoP! Thanks! As for camelbaks – how do people keep those tubes from getting all moldy? I flushed them with bleach, but they are always so damp that it just gets nasty so fast. I gave up and just stick with water bottles.

  • My mom died very suddenly and unexpectedly, and I had to scramble home to be with my dad and help arrange the funeral. This is the worst day I’ve had in a long time.

  • So sorry Anon 12:47.

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