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  • Believe it or not, there are a lot of reasons for gettin’ out of the District for a day or night and traveling to Balto. One of them is this kind of sandwich.

    • You can get that same sandwich at MGM Roast Beef on Brentwood Rd NE next to the auto auction. In fact, add a little raw onion and I HAVE got that same sandwich there.

      But there are lots of other reasons to head to Balmer for a day or two.

      • I don’t know. MGM usually cuts their beef a little thicker. It’s fantastic, but it’s not the same sandwich as deli cut.

  • Love the fruity flag!

  • andy

    Is pit beef always kind of dry? It seems that way whenever I get it.

  • If you’re having dry pit beef around here, you need to head up to the best pit beef place and see how it’s done. Chaps Pit Beef on Pulaski. If you’re having trouble finding it, it shares a parking lot with the Gold Club. Yeah, that’s right. It’s so good that nobody cares that it shares a parking lot with a strip club.

    Try the Raven – pit beef, roasted turkey, and corned beef.

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