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  • How is that any different from what was there already? They had an America and a Verizon store.

  • Union Station really needs to have a drugstore now that the Tschiffely Pharmacy closed!

    I know they are shuffling around a lot of their current tenants – I wish they’d be more open about their future plans.

  • I think this is mostly about reorganization, rather than new stores. It seems like one or more fronts should be opening up, though, in different spaces — I’m curious to see what those will be.

  • A bit underwhelmed over Einstein Bros bagels, thats soooooo 1998, there’s a Panera there already as well as many bakeries and a pizza shop… They need a Dunkin Donuts, and a CVS. More utilitarian things that you can grab before getting on a train.

    • you just broke my heart, jack5. i go to union station every day and i thought somehow i missed my beloved panera. so i excitedly checked their locations. WRONG. THERE IS NO PANERA AT UNION STATION D: D: D:

  • never really liked the “mall” feeling of that part of union station. they could’ve done better? however, that pan-asian restaurant that’s been around forever on the second floor is da bomb.

  • andy

    Einstein Brothers (reverse Chris Rock edition) “Grand Closing, Grand Opening!”

  • America!! Finally I’ll be able to replace my old worn-out FBI t-shirt.

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