New PoP Series – Contrasting Neighborhood Listservs Vol. 1

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I’ve been flirting with doing a series like this for quite a while. I’m subscribed to a lot of neighborhood listservs and it always cracks me up how different the subjects are. I almost started this series a few weeks ago when unopened pretzels were offered on the Cleveland Park listserv. But the contrast from yesterday was too great to resist. In Columbia Heights we were discussing multiple shootings and in the 5D listserv there was talk about a Barricade situation (which was peacefully resolved) and on the Cleveland Park listserv:

“This is a longshot: Could anyone recommend a reasonably priced, but good, place for a woman’s haircut in Paris, especially if it is near the Latin Quarter. Thanks so much.”

In fairness some listservs are specifically focused on crime issues but that message gave me a much needed smile. And if anyone hears of any unopened pretzels for the taking, please let me know!

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  • Ha! We were *just* talking about that pretzel-bag post at lunch today! Man, some people have real problems, huh? Haircuts in Paris? My, oh my!

    Sample Columbia Heights concern (on the mild end of the spectrum): How do I keep people from sh-tting in the alley next to my house?

  • Can anyone tell me where I can find a Columbia Heights listserv? Just moved to the area a little while ago and would like to join. Thank you!

  • Sample Mt P forum concern:

    Our businesses suck!
    Who wants to share my nanny?
    Our ANC sucks!
    Haydee is a b-tch!
    Why does everyone hate us?

    • It’s better than the olden days, when every post could have been titled “Point-Counterpoint: Laurie Collins Sucks vs. Laurie Collins is a Hero”

  • The Petworth listserv is in need of some kind of reform. Personal agendas, petty sniping and bickering, pointless tirades–it’s a PITA to slog through all that to find useful information and topics of interest. I think there’d be much broader involvement if there were stronger ground rules about content and an active moderator.

    I’d take posts about snackfood over some of the BS on our listserv any day.

    • Reading above posts, maybe our BS is normal.

      • Unfortunately, I think it is. I know a lot of folks who just had to quit reading the Mt. P Forum because of all the vitriol. It was really quite embarrassing. I found PoP to be such a relief, but now I’m seeing that kind of nastiness slither in here as well.

        BTW, does 16th st. Heights have one?

    • Can someone please post a link to the Petworth listserv? Is it hosted on Yahoo?

    • saf

      It’s controlled by a guy who no longer lives in the neighborhood and obviously doesn’t give a shit but won’t hand it over to anyone else.

      Makes me nuts.

  • I read the Chevy Chase listserv for laughs all the time. And the moderator is stricter than the nuns at my Catholic school.

  • Cleveland Park has many of the regions wealthiest living within, and not new money, but old money which makes a difference.

    There are frequently request for multi-lingual nannies, I’ve seen people looking for the best Bentley mechanic in town. I even remember a long discussion about 10 years ago where people were looking for yacht club recommendations in Belize.

    Kinda ridiculous, then again that relatively small enclave is responsible for a outsized portion of income and property tax revenue for the city, so if discussing the best hair stylist in Paris, or yacht club in Belize is how they wanna spend their time, have at it.

    • huh. usually don’t agree with you Joker, but that is the wisest thing anyone has said on here in a long while…

      “if discussing the best hair stylist in Paris, or yacht club in Belize is how they wanna spend their time, have at it.”

      Applies to many many things. Thanks, Joker!

      • Love the bloomingdale blog – though I’d love it if people would stop complaining about the church parking and start getting more involved in actual community – which believe it or not had churches wayyy before it had condos! 😉

        • I tell you, though, if DCPD ever went out on a Sunday morning and ticketed all of the illegally parked cars near churches, they could probably make up half of their annual budget shortfall. Possibly more. Heck, limit it to just Maryland tagged cars and you’d still be good.

          • +1

          • Actually, I think there’s a special allowance for church parking on Sundays. It happens all over the city.

          • If they just went around each day on my street we’d be in good shape. We all know that parking enforcement comes at 9:15am every day. After about 9:30 it’s free reign.

            The City also ignores morning rush hour parking rules (i.e., no parking until 9:30am) on major thoroughfares like Florida Ave in DuPont.

          • Still don’t understand why churches get that exemption. When my gym fills up, why can’t we double park out front?!

          • It’s all thanks to Jeebus!

          • true. and there is definitely no exemption for church parkers to park in other people’s alleys, blocking in everyone’s cars! i once pointed out to a guy who was blocking my alley on a sunday morning that it was illegal, and he threatened me. very christ-like!

          • All good points – but seriously, as long as there’s still drugs on our streets, drunks pissing/shitting in the alleys and people’s houses/cars getting broken into – don’t you think we gotta focus our attention elsewhere (especially considering the church offenses only occur between the hours of 10am-2pm on Sundays)?

          • There is NO repeat NO NO NO NO NO exemption for those godfolks to break the law and park the way they do. NONE whatsoever.

            “but seriously, as long as there’s still drugs on our streets, drunks pissing/shitting in the alleys and people’s houses/cars getting broken into – don’t you think we gotta focus our attention elsewhere (especially considering the church offenses only occur between the hours of 10am-2pm on Sundays)?”

            No, I do not. There will always be issues. Creating more issues simply becuase you can is a disgrace. If you move out of DC, go to church out of DC. If you cannot legally park, then you cannot park.

            Simple solution to a complex problem: key their cars and slash their tires. Petty crime deserves petty crime. You block me in, I’ll make sure you pay for it.

          • greent – so happy to have you in the neighborhood……

            Now please leave.

          • +10000000000000

    • First World problems. Must be nice.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Hmm sounds like the Cleveland Park email list could be both educational AND entertaining.

    • ‘then again that relatively small enclave is responsible for a outsized portion of income and property tax revenue for the city,”

      No deark joker, they are not. They are responsible for the amount they are responsible for. The idea that the rich pay more than the middle class in taxes is a rich persons lie.

      But they can have at whatever they want. Freedom is free.

      • Greent, off your meds?

        Listen, wasn’t authoring a thesis on DC demographic disparity, just the casual and correct observation that the DC Treasury collects more revenue from the high six figure incomes and 7 figure house property assesments 20008 zip code than most others combined.

        In the 80’s before your current DC of wall to wall hipsters, cupcake shops and 7 dollar “craft” beers, Ward 3 was responsible for nearly 30% of all the personal income tax the city collected every year and more than a 1/3rd of all the residential property tax.

        In other words, per capita, they pay more than you. Hence “outsized”.

        Clearer now? I kinda doubt it.

        • Joker: I am not a hispter, you cranky old rich bat. We are probably the same age. I am just not an entitled little whinger.

          Did someone take your metamucil away today? Did you have to walk 4 feet to your limo?

          The rich do not pay more – they pay their fair share based upon their income and the current tax rates. You can’t complain you pay 1/3 of the taxes, when you are 1/3 of the tax base.

          With the fancy richboy loopholes you crackers get, you pay far far less than the middle class.

          Clearer now? I kinda doubt it.

  • Mt P,
    My sentiments exactly.
    Don’t even get me started with a thread on the Chevy Chase Listserv comparing their area to a Third World Country earlier this year.
    It was the biggest joke.

    • me

      How does one get on this listserv to look at the messages? I’ve seen messages on DC Urban Moms and Dads that say that people have had problems registering for it even when they DO put in their (real) address as being in Chevy Chase. So, if you live in DC, are you just lying about your name/address to get approved to read some stupid listserv?

  • bloomingdale blog is great! well-moderated with only pertinent info on there.
    keep up the good work

  • I regularly read the CP listserve and not just because its amusing (and no hatin’, I would love to have a life that required me to find a hairstylist in Paris. Seriously). The CP Listserve is great for finding recommendations on handymen, dentists, doctors etc. I think if you are a member they even have archives you can go through. This is a fairly discerning bunch of folks so the recommendations are well vetted.

  • I live in Columbia Heights, but my guilty pleasure is the New Hill East listserv ( I think because the mismatch between expectation and reality for that neighborhood can be highest.

  • I second the comments about the Bloomingdale listserve being great! It is an amazing resource and really helps the community.

  • This post really made me smile – priceless 🙂

  • Is there an active Park View listserve?

  • the bloomingdale blog and listserv emails are fantastic. most of the posts in the emails are indeed about bringing the community together, all the different generations and demographics. my favorite headline from today’s:

    Seeking Witty, Droll, Clever Quotations Pertaining to Bloomingdale, Rustik or Bars in General for Rustik Apparel

  • Maybe I should subscribe to some more listservs– the Capitol Hill one is not nearly as entertaining as these others sound.

  • So where can I get my haircut in Paris? Supercuts?

  • Just clicked on the link for the CH listserv.

    Recent post: “All About Us photo shoot This photo shoot is aimed at women age 40 and over. Â Ladies, it’s finally All About Us! Let’s start ego walls and update FaceBook”

    baahahahaha! Mid-life Crises Unite!

  • As Cleveland Park Listserv co-owner I just want to note a couple of things about that pretzel giveaway. 1. There were SIX unopened bags of pretzels, and 2. The person who got them took them over to Walter Reed Army Hospital for the patients to enjoy. And yes, we do discuss crime on the Cleveland Park listserv. There’s a vicious flower thief on the loose right now, beheading peonies and hydrangeas. The horror!

  • As the moderator for the CH yahoo group, welcome to those who signed up from this piece. Please participate!

  • NEW ISSUE: The Takoma and Wilson community pools are the only Olympic-sized indoor pools in the city and are wonderful amenities for all D.C. residents. Unfortunately, the Wilson pool is currently set up to accommodate one set of users – 50-meter lap swimmers. Those who are not strong swimmers, those who would like to sometimes use the pool for water aerobics or children swim classes are unable to do so. A contingent of ardent lap swimmers believe those people should just go to another facility, or use the much smaller,20-yard leisure pool that maxes out at 4 or 5 feet in depth. Public, neighborhood pools are meant to serve the entire community. A group of residents believe there is a possibility to set up a schedule to co-exist with the lap swimmers so that no group is excluded. To support that effort, please visit The lap swimmers also have a petition with 1,100 signatures. About half of the signatories, however, live outside of the District of Columbia.

    • if these are the only two facilities that provide an olympic size pool for the entire city, why take that away from them?

      seems like if there is enough demand for lap usage 100% of the time, then it should remain lap usage.

      if there were two soccer fields in the city and they were used for soccer 100% of the time, i’m sure not going to go fly my kite there.

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