Looks Like Florida Coffee House Closed at 220 Florida Ave, NW

Thanks to a reader for sending the heads up. I stopped by Sat. afternoon and indeed they were closed. Anyone know if it is a permanent closing. I always thought this was gonna be a tough location to survive because it didn’t have great visibility in the basement of a mostly residential block. I’ll be sure to update if they or someone else opens in the space.

Florida Coffee House (220 Florida Ave, NW) opened in Jan. 11 and we judged them in April ’11.

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  • It wasn’t the friendlist place in the world. Maybe some little old lady who has lived here 50 years and loves telling stories about DC back in the day to newbies can run it. That would awesome! Or something like AZI’s would be great! SLoppy Janes.. mmm.

    • That giant trash can out front makes me think of Coffee. It looks like a basement apartment where people get lured in to be murdered. Business 101. No offense.

  • I know the barrista who used to work there and he told me that they have closed down. In the Spring they had switched to a weekends only business and didn’t even manage to put a sign on the door telling customers when they were open. It was a nice space with a little courtyard out back and I liked the coffee. I think they needed to do more marketing because most people weren’t even aware of the place.

  • foolish location. at least they had the sense to cut their losses.

    • agreed.
      but worse was them not getting the word around and not being consistant with their hours.

  • They were basically competing with Big Bear which was right around the corner.

  • Hmmm sad to see a place close down but reminds me of the lazy/random hours of the coffee shops in the neighborhood. No one opens before 7am and Windows sometimes doesn’t get rolling til 10!

    I go to work at around 6:30 and see A LOT of people up going to work, walking dogs, etc. Used to be a ghost town at that hour a few years ago. Hope one of these places (or a new one) catches on to this.

  • Sad to see it go, it was nice to have an alternative to BB when looking for a simple cup of coffee.

    One has to admit that its owners didn’t really try bery hard, its hours were random and they never carried a decent selection of baked goods. Not surprised it closed.

  • I never could go in this place when I’d walk by. It was very inaccessible with the kids in a stroller.

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