Judging Bars – Off the Record

Off the Record is located in the Hay Adams Hotel at the corner of 16th and H St, NW. Their Web site says:

“Selected by Forbes.com as one of the “World’s Best Hotel Bars,” Off the Record is well known as Washington’s best place to be seen and not heard. Your host, John Boswell, 4-time winner of the Washingtonian’s “Best Bartender Award,” takes pleasure in mixing his classic specialties for your enjoyment. Favored by locals for its relaxing environment, creative menu and exceptional wine selection, Off the Record is a popular choice for dining and entertainment.”

Any fans?

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  • Great bartenders, great drinks, great atmosphere, and very expensive. You’ll see a lot of important-for-Washington types there, along with a fair amount of tourists and folks who work nearby.

  • Old men, young women, and wasabi peas.

  • Great, quiet, after work place for a classic cocktail. Makes you feel like you’re in Old DC for reals.

  • best AC in the world. and a pretty penny for a drink.

  • Quintessential DC bar. Love the caricatures on the wall, and you never know who you may see here in a booth.

    Great service, great food, great drinks, great ambiance – and you will pay for it.

  • love. this. bar.

  • Oh I love this place. Haven’t been in years but it was always the place where you could see a mix of big names in politics and media. I hope it’s still an Old School Washington establishment but I have a feeling the environment in this town is irrevocably changed. Too many lines in the sand for everyone to play in the same box.

  • Really great place. Agreed with the comments that its expensive, but relatively quiet, and relaxing place. Molton Brown bathroom soap is a nice touch.

    Heard some time ago that Clinton used to walk through the park and have a drink or two down there late at night and close the place out. Maybe a rumor, but maybe not.

    • yeah, bill wasnt much of a drinker. but i could totally see him hanging out. like the krispy kreme scene in primary colors.

  • Never been…but speaking of the Hay Adams, I remember as a kid my Aunt and Uncle used to take me to high tea on the weekend for special occasions in their beautiful dining room. Has anyone else ever been? Is it still a big production/do they do it at all anymore?

  • After the untimely death of “Town and Country” at the Mayflower, this is the only authentic and classically old fashioned bar I know of in DC. It’s pretty, it’s dark, the drinks are good.

  • Great bar with lots of DC atmosphere. Good place to go for drinks after an event at the Blair House or a winter walk around Lafayette Park.

  • great bar and definitely old school DC.

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