Fri. Afternoon Rental Option – Dupont

This rental is located at 21st Street at P St, NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Available immediately, very large studio (681 Square Feet) with private patio.

Located in the heart of Dupont Circle (21st and P Street), a few feet from the P Street restaurants and a few minutes walk to the metro.

Includes a full size washer and dryer in the unit, full kitchen with dishwasher, working fireplace, huge walk-in closet, upgraded lighting, and renovated bath.

Rent includes water, can be furnished upon request.

Small pets considered.”

$1900 sound right?

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  • Seriously though, why hasn’t the owner turned this into a 1 bdr????! It’s called drywall.

  • What the?!?! We pay $300 more for a nicely renovated 3 bedroom house one block from petworth metro… yard and all. Last year I paid the same amount as this post for a large, upgraded, one bedroom one block from U street metro with a parking space.

    Is location really worth that much? And it sorta looks like a basement unit.

    • Gen Y puts location above all. Enjoy your yard, though.

    • I’m with you. I pay the same on a 2 BR in Columbia Heights on Euclid.

      DuPont is not worth it, but it is DC, and there is no lack of people willing to pay to be in one of the “safe” neighborhoods.

  • Dupont is so passe’, i don’t know why anyone would spend that much to live there. The nightlife scene has moved to U St area. $1900 is $200 more than my mortgage for a 2-level place with parking and 860 sq ft in Columbia Hts.

    And yeah, 680 feet allows for a couple of rooms.

    • Agreed– aside from Kramerbooks and a few museums I can’t think of a single thing in the neighborhood worth going to. But it wasn’t long ago that Dupont used to be the hottest place to live. I guess landlords are banking on that reputation lingering for a little longer.

      • There are still a couple of very worthwhile bars, restaurants, and takeout joints. Not to mention that Dupont is easily the most walkable neighborhood in DC – for the nightlife, both Adams Morgan and U Street are a 15 minute walk, and Farragut Square is about the same if you work in the area, not to mention that it is very well connected in terms of transit.

        Dupont doesn’t have the hottest nightlife in town anymore, but that certainly doesn’t diminish its appeal to young professionals.

        • Which ones?

          • Um, ok, I’ll bite. Just off the top of my head:

            Restaurants: Komi, Obelisk, Sushi Taro, Hank’s Oyster Bar, Urbana, Tabard Inn, Pizzaria Paradiso, Agora

            Bars: The Big Hunt, Townhouse, St Arnold’s, Firefly, Kramerbooks

            Takeout: Sweetgreen, Kabob house, Julia’s Empanadas, Rogue States, Shake Shack.

            And I’m sure I’m missing a ton.

          • lauriol plaza

          • JDS: Sorry, I didn’t mean to sound like I was challenging you. I was just wondering because I took a visitor to Dupont recently, and we walked around and admired the houses but didn’t see a bar/restaurant we were enthusiastic about. That area’s changed so much since I used to frequent it and there are a lot more chains now.

          • Eighteenth Street Lounge.

            The clientele is not what it used to be, but the music remains great.

          • Bistro du Coin, Maurio, la Tomate… fantastic

        • Agree with JDS: Dupont’s central location and access to public transportation (Metro and numerous bus lines) trumps any qualms that its days as a nightlife/dining/retail hub are in the past.

          • Dupont *is* becoming passe. It’s experiencing Georgetown-ification — the final rite of passage for a gentrifying neighborhood. That said, I love Dupont — I just don’t think it’s still going to be thought of as hip in 5 – 10 years. They fucking got rid of patio seating late at night! Clearly a sign that aging boomers are taking things over, slowly but surely.

        • walk around 17th street-area at night on any given. easily one of the most desirable neighborhoods in the city.

    • Lots of reasons to live in Dupont. Established area, straight shot to downtown for work, next to Rock Creek Park, pleasant walk to Georgetown, beautiful neighborhood blocks of old townhomes, blah blah… And it’s less necessary to be “street smart” than an up-and-coming area.

      • I guess if you work downtown I can see the appeal. Personally I’ve always found this location to be somewhat inconvenient. But the blocks of beautiful old townhouses, you can find those all over the city.

        • the townhouses in Dupont are nicer than elsewhere in the city. same in Kalorama. more money went into this area originally; thus, you have better structures.

    • …..because some people like to live near where they work?

      • Are there really that many office buildings around there? It takes me nearly an hour to get to Dupont from where I work.

    • you honestly can’t think of any reasons why anyone would want to live in dupont? that’s crazy. come on, stretch your mind a bit.

  • let’s be honest, Dupont is really two separate neighborhoods. Dupont EAST and Dupont WEST. Dupont WEST probably appeals to the tourists, World Bank, want to be close to Georgetown crowd whereas Dupont EAST is still a very desirable place to live, albeit not as edgy as it once was.

  • I didn’t say there was no nightlife left–I meant that it isn’t the cool, uber-edgy scene that it used to be. Chaos and Apex are gone; there are a lot more BABY BUGGIES where hardly any existed 15 years ago; no movie theaters where there used to be 3; hardly a drag queen in sight; the zaniness that used to reign by the circle fountain has died down…shall I go on? Yes, I like nice bars and restaurants too, but that’s all there is now.

    • I do miss Visions, but I don’t think the departure of the Janus or the Dupont Circle 5 counts as much of a loss. Tiny screens, columns in random places, noise of popping popcorn coming into the theater? No thanks.


  • PoP you should have a post discussing what people think is the hotest place they would love to live… is it U street area, Petworth, Columbia Heights, capital hill, dupon, adams morgan, moutn plesant, etc… and Why?

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