French Sandwich Shop, Possibly Pret A Manger, Coming to Union Station – Post Office Moving Downstairs

Last week we learned that Union Station Wine & Liquor had closed. A twitter follower mentioned that they heard it was going to move downstairs in the former pharmacy space. So I’ve got a bit more info to share. The former Pharmacy space downstairs is going to become the Post Office. The Post Office space upstairs is slated to close (next to the already closed Wine & Liquor space.)

Soon to be a “French Sandwich Shop”

I asked a guy who worked nearby and he said it was going to be a French sandwich shop. I asked if he was referring to Pret a Manger but all he could say was a French restaurant with lots of sandwiches. There is already an Au Bon Pain so I couldn’t think of any other French sounding options. So stay tuned for who will fill the space. Back to Wine & Liquor he said, he also heard it would be moving downstairs but he didn’t know the exact location.

Former Pharmacy downstairs, future Post Office

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  • Pret will be nice to have in Union Station. Even better if they come in and blow Au Bon Pain to smithereens (with the employees not there, of course. They’re nice).

    • I like Au Bon Pain. Where else can you get brie on a sandwich? It would be nice if they still had smoked turkey. Last time I went they only had regular turkey.

  • La Madeleine would be nice…

  • The Post Office and liquor store are both in the way of the (hopefully coming soon) new expanded North entrance to the Metro. There will be new escalators coming up next to this, and the corridor will shift into these retail spaces.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they just removed both and turned it into additional space for temporary kiosks until they get funding for that new project.

  • Could also be an LPQ?

    • em

      +1 – Le pain Quotidien is French and has a lot of sandwiches.

      • Prince Of Petworth

        Ah, I can’t believe I didn’t think of that one, since we just spoke of a Le pain coming to 10th and F St, NW on Monday…

  • It’s p-a-m. Definitely.

  • andy

    Who needs fancy French sandwiches when you’ve got Sbarro, the greatest eatery of all time?

  • Do we really need another “America!” gift shop? Put in a new pharmacy. That’s what I want! Why doesn’t Union Station, a travel hub, have a pharmacy?

  • Super pedantic point coming… Pret is actually a British chain though the original name, Pret a Manger is a French term. And I think they just go by ‘Pret’ now. Not a correction, I know you were just passing on the scuttlebutt, PoP.

  • They need to bring back a pharmacy/drugstore. I miss the Tschiffely, but would take a chain store at this point as the nearest pharmacy is more than a mile away!

  • The other thing desperately needed in this neighborhood (well, by me anyway 🙂 )is a Bank of America. It doesn’t have to be in Union Station, but somewhere within walking distance of the Union Station metro…

    • There’s a Bank of America ATM in the lobby of the American Psychology Building (750 First St, NE). It doesn’t accept deposits, but you can at least get cash.

  • It could be a Paul, which is French (as in, actual French company and not French-inspired) bakery/sandwich shop that just opened its first DC location in Penn Quarter. They have plans to expand in the area:

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